Betika Jackpot: Betika Registration, Login, Paybill & Placing a Winning Bet.

I don’t remember any betting guru in my circles and, probably beyond, who hasn’t tried their luck on different betting sites. It is what an ordinary Kenyan would refer to as diversification.

And Betika Kenya has stood to be one of the most fancied hunting grounds. How Do I Register on BetikaIt is not news nowadays – people have won thousands to millions on this strengthening bookmarker. Just by investing a few coins for the stakes.

Whether it’s just placing an ordinary bet for the day’s catch, or a betika jackpot for the week, this site is a true partner in the industry.  Think about huge bonuses on jackpots, and particularly on multi-bets – this is simply special.

Well. Out of options which sports betting account to open? Don’t fret. This article is tailored to help you understand Betika left, right and center.

Let’s jump right into this.

What is Betika Kenya?

Some people often think that it’s embarrassing to ask a question like, ‘what is betika?’ The truth is you need to know where you’re just about to start putting your investments, however much small these could be.

To that end, Betika is a sports betting platform and one of Kenya’s leading sites in the betting industry. The Betika site comes with a simple user interface that one can easily navigate through to access the different markets on board.

There are two different Betika sites; this for computer access and another lower version for phone access. If you won’t be able to access their site on the computer, you’ll be prompted or rather redirected to visit the phone version.

This is a convenience feature.

Betika offers betting options in different sports ranging from football, rugby, basketball, tennis, volleyball, netball etc. in several leagues worldwide. From the best leagues in Europe to Asia and to America and Africa.

There is a whole bunch of interesting features you want to explore on Betika. Other than what I have just mentioned, virtual bets or betika league, shikisha bet, betika points, pre-match bets, live bets etc. are among some of the things you could thank betika for introducing on their site.

You definitely want to join betika for such a potentially exhilarating experience.

Betika Registration: How Do I Register on Betika?

It’s pretty easy to dream about winning the easy-make jackpots on Betika. But you have to start somewhere – register an account with them.

In that regard, three different ways exist of registering on Betika. The first and arguably the fastest is through sending a quick SMS with the word “BETIKA” to 29090.

You will receive a confirmation message to notify you that registration is successful. This is an extremely easy-peasy process.betika kenya

The second, is by using Betika’s USSD code *644#. Dial the code on your phone – and you will receive a confirmation message from 29090 again for successful registration. Another stress-free process.

The last one requires that you visit Betika website online at This could be on your phone or computer, whichever of the two.

There is a small contrast between using the phone and the computer.

With the phone, while at the site, select the ‘Profile’ icon. And select ‘Register’ if it’s a computer you’re using.

You will then enter your phone number before you click ‘Send Code’. A verification code will be sent to your phone number, key the code in and click, ‘Verify Code’.

The next thing is to create a new password, confirm the new password and crown the process by accepting Betika’s Terms and Conditions. Then finally, click ‘Register’ and your account will be ready for login.

For betika login, you will need to enter your phone number and then password. Boom! Ready for the next steps to glory.

This is if you are logging in using the computer

How to Deposit Money into Your Betika Account: Betika Paybill

The process is quite simple:

Deposit using Mpesa;-

  • Go to your Mpesa Menu
  • Open Lipa na Mpesa
  • Go to paybill number and enter the business number as 290290 (betika paybill)
  • Enter Account Number as BETIKA
  • The enter the amount you want to have in the account:
  • Enter your Mpesa Pin and send
  • Wait for the Mpesa confirmation validating the transaction you have just done
  • You can also confirm if the money is reflecting on your account

Deposit using Airtel Money:

  • Go to the Airtel Money Menu
  • Select ‘make payments’ option
  • Choose ‘others’
  • Select pay bill and enter BETIKA as the business number
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter your Airtel Money pin
  • Write the reference as BETIKA
  • You will then receive a confirmation message from Airtel Money and also from Betika, confirming that the transaction was successful.

Once you deposit money into your account, you may want to check if it’s been reflected on betika. Just SMS the word ‘Balance’ to 29090. Or also, check your bonus balance by sending BONUS to the same number.

Alternatively, if you are operating online, then view your balance by simply logging into your account. Another method is dialing *644# and follow instructions.

How to Place a Winning Bet on Betika.

It’s paramount that you plan your bets really well. Because you want to win and win – if you keep losing over and again, there is something wrong with the decisions you make over the bets.

Whether this is a betika jackpot or a shirikisha bet, undertaking a worthwhile study into the teams you fancy for a win or whatever result is an absolute must.

That said, here is the process on how to place a bet on betika:

On using SMS

  • The bet format is here GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT for a single bet e.g. GAMEID 123 Arsenal vs Liverpool ODDS (1=2.54, X=3.47 2=3.10), GAMEID 456 Man U vs Chelsea ODDS (1=2.87 X=4.13 2=3.90). Bet on this match by sending SMS with 123#1#200 to 29090. This means you fancy an arsenal win and the amount is Kshs. 200.
  • Multi-bet format is GAMEID#PICK#GAMEID#PICK#AMOUNT: Using the same odds from the same two matches above, here is the bet: 123#1#456#X#200. Send this as SMS to 29090.

Obviously the two examples above are not the only markets. There are tens and tens of market options you can bet on including the Double Chance or DC, Correct Score, CS among others.

The best place to place your stakes effortlessly is on the betika website. Here, you can do any market you want without any issues as opposed to the long, tedious SMS method.

Remember that you these betting methods can be applied both on pre-match and betika live betting.

How to Win the Betika Jackpot.

The Betika weekly jackpot comes with some great rewards for lucky punters. The ultimate prize adds to 2.5 million shillings.Betika Jackpot

The Betika Jackpot has 15 scheduled fixtures. You will need to use a bet amount of 100 betika points + Ksh.10 or just 33 bob to stake for this jackpot.

As a punter, you’re expected to select and bet on only 12 matches on The jackpot winner is the one who predicts all the 12 outcomes correct.

Make sure that you place your bet 5 minutes earlier than kick-off of the first jackpot match.

The jackpot amount is usually divided equally amongst all winners if they are more than one.

All winners of the jackpot are notified through an SMS of their winnings. The money is deposited into their betika accounts.

Match Cancellations, Postponement and Abandonments.

  • In case one or more Betika Jackpot games are cancelled, a draw will be done but after 48 hours from the time of cancellation. This would give the result of the missing game outcome.
  • A postponed or abandoned match that is rescheduled to be played not later than the advertised kick-off time of the last match on the jackpot will not affect the selections on the jackpot.
  • It is also important to note that only Betika’s new published match days (of course, these are as a result of new dates or time rescheduled by the respective leagues) will be considered valid kick-off time of the cancelled, postponed or abandoned match.
  • There is no going back i.e. cancelling of the jackpot bets placed once you submit them.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings

The easiest method is by using SMS, send WITHDRAW#AMOUNT to 29090. However, you can withdraw the money on

  • Just login using your details
  • Click withdraw and enter the amount you wish to have withdrawn
  • Click on the ‘Withdraw Now’ option
  • Your money will be deposited in your Mpesa number

An alternative withdrawal route is by dialing the *644# code on your phone.

Note that the minimum amount you can withdraw is 50 bob and the maximum is Ksh.50000.

How Do I Use My Betika Bonus?

Among all bonuses you will receive, only the jackpot bonuses can be withdrawn. The rest are not withdrawable but you can use the money to place more bets.

In Conclusion

Betika has emerged to be one of the most exciting betting companies in the country. There is every reason to have an account with this bookmarker.

Their marketplace is loaded with some great odds. Great user interface of the site and the convenience of a mobile-tailored betika site called lite – all give you something to smile about as you place your stakes.

The betika jackpot offers something special too; just with 33 bob and you send your bet. Then wait for good luck to happen.