Betin Kenya Login: How To Register, Bet and Win Jackpot.

Betin Kenya Login: A Guide To Betin Registration, Placing Bets, Betin Mobile, Betin Jackpot, Betin Paybill etc.

The only requirement before you can access your Betin Kenya account and play is a betin kenya login registration and access.

And the best bit is that you can even use your mobile phone not only to create the all-important Betin Kenya account but also to place a bet.Betin Kenya Login

If you haven’t registered or have had challenges with your betin kenya log in, this guide is for you.

I will be showing you the betin registration (steps) including betin registration via sms.

Plus how to wager on the betin jackpot games.


Let’s do this.

What Is Betin?

Betin, owned by the giant Logispin Group, is a mammoth and hugely successful betting and gaming company operating across Africa and Europe.

Because of its international affiliation, Betin Kenya follows the best practices of the mother company in Europe and elsewhere to manage the platform and is surely one of best-run gambling site in east Africa.

Betinkenya directors have a combined experience exceeding 150 years in the burgeoning gaming industry and have drawn on this incredible expertise to design excellent gambling products.

Betin Kenya runs a fully-fledged online and offline gaming system and is well on the path to become a huge success story in Kenya.

What Are Betin Offers?

With the company’s advanced technology centre hosted in Europe, covers every major sporting event including football, horse and dog racing, tennis, baseball and more from across the world.

For each tournament, you get great odds and creative combinations of bet options including First Goalscorer and predictions such as Half-Time results.

Others include live betting where the odds change up to the moment (90th minute).

On a busy Saturday, you can have up to 10,000 varying bets on offer, not forgetting a complete selection of virtual bets.

Betin Kenya Winnings

The company guarantees instant payouts on all your winnings to your MPESA- no question asked apart from the usual verification of your identity.

There are thousands of players withdrawing their winnings daily and Betin Kenya pays everything immediately. The maximum payout is Ksh. 10, 000,000.

Advantages of Betin Kenya

  • Live betting is available for the full 90 minutes.
  • The betin Kenya jackpot is Ksh 20 million.
  • It has one of the highest payouts in Kenya.
  • It allows super-fast withdrawals.
  • You can enjoy a full casino experience.
  • Betin also offers the unique Betin-League mobile game.
  • It offers plenty of loyalty bonuses.
  • You enjoy a 24/7 customer support.
  • Betin Kenya avails lots of user-friendly “How To” guides showing beginners how to use the system on their website.

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Betin Registration (Steps)

Registering on Betin Kenya is free. You can register online, through the betin Kenya app, or complete the betin registration via sms

You need to enter correct details because the company doesn’t allow future editing of personal details.

Here are the steps:

Through The Website

  1. Visit the betin Kenya website and click the register now button
  2. Enter your telephone number and type a good password. You have to confirm the password by typing it again.Betin Registration

Password rules:

The password should have a minimum of 8 characters and be a mix of letters and numbers. You can also include underscores but not spaces. Your password cannot contain your official name, username, surname, or even the date of your birth.

  1. You also have to enter all the other requested information including your email address, name, surname, date of birth, and also indicate how you knew about betin e.g. via a billboard.
  2. If you’ve a promotional code, tick yes in the space provided.
  3. Lastly, tick the box for terms and conditions (T & C) to confirm that you agree with the company’s T & C.
  4. Click register.Betin Kenya Winnings

That’s all. The website registers and automatically logs you in.

If lucky, you get a handsome bonus which you receive on your first MPESA top-up (Watch out for an email with the details on how to claim your bonus).

Through Your Mobile Phone

  1. SMS “Join” to 29456.
  2. You will instantly receive a reply SMS from betin Kenya mobile.

Thank you for joining Betin. Username is your mobile telephone no. Password is your PIN ****. Paybill is 997270. Log in & play.

You should then head over to the betin Kenya log in website and login with the your mobile number (username) and PIN (password)

  • Through the App.

Another option is to go to Google Play store (Android users) on your phone and download the betin app.

Immediately you open the app. for the first time, you are asked for some personal details after which you are automatically registered on mobile

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Betin Kenya Login : Logging in To Your Betin Kenya Account.

  1. Go to the website and choose the login button on the right hand side.
  2. Input your username(mobile number) and the PIN/passwprd

Recovering Your Password

To recover your password, click on “Forgotten Password” tab near the login area.

Recovering Your Username

If you forgot your username, you have to contact the Customer Services through their e-mail:

How To Deposit Funds.

Next step is to add funds to your betin league account using MPESA betin paybill number 997270.

It’s also good to know that depositing cash to Betin Kenya account is free and so for example if you are sending 300/- to betin, the charges will be Kshs. 22 hence you will actually receive kshs. 322 on your new Betin account (kshs. 300+ kshs. 22 deposit charge refund.

Something else:

While you can deposit any amount, the deposit charge (charge back) refund is only for deposits starting from kshs. 250 and above.

The deposit charge refund back is given to both Airtel and Mpesa Customers.

Mpesa Steps

  1. Go to the M-Pesa menu on your phone.
  2. Select Lipa Na M-Pesa
  3. Paybill
  4. Enter business number 997270
  5. Account number enter “Betin Kenya”
  6. Type the amount
  7. Enter your MPESA Pin and click ok
  8. Confirm the details then send.
  9. Your account will be credited with the deposited amount
  10. A confirmation message for the deposit will land soon.

Airtel Money Steps

Airtel customers can fund their betin accounts via Airtel Money.

  1. Access your Airtel Menu.
  2. Select “Make Payments”
  3. Click on Paybill
  4. Now select the “Other” option.
  5. Enter Airtel Betin Kenya Paybill no. 997270.
  6. Input the amount and press ok.
  7. You will get a prompt displaying the details.
  8. Enter your PIN
  9. In the reference, enter “Betin”
  10. A confirmation message for the deposit will land soon.

Withdrawing Funds From Betin Kenya.

If you won betin today games, Betin credits your account with the cash within a few hours. You can opt to retain the money in the account or withdraw.

Here is how to with draw your winnings:

Betin Kenya Online Withdrawal

  1. Log into your betin accountWithdrawing Funds From Betin Kenya.
  2. Point to the my account tab and from the drop-down list, choose withdraw
  3. From the subsequent screen, enter the amount to withdrawal than the withdrawal method (safaricom Mpesa or Airtel Money)
  4. Then click withdraw funds.Betin Jackpots

The money will be sent to your mpesa/airtel number.

Unlike deposits where you are refunded the due charges, this time you have to cater the withdrawal charges

Also, daily MPESA/Airtel money withdrawal limits apply.

Finally, you can also add and check for bonus funds or pending withdrawals from the same window.

  • Betin Kenya SMS Withdrawal- Steps
  1. Compose a text message in the format “WD#amount#secretpin” E.g. WD#6000#5638.
  2. Send this SMS to 29456.
  3. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile money account.

How to Place Bets

Provided you know how to get your betin wins which needs some luck and ability to analyse the statistics, playing is easy.

Remember that the minimum stake on Betin Kenya is Ksh 50 per bet while the Maximum is Ksh 500,000.

  •     Placing bets online- steps
  1. Login to your account and click Sport then soccer from the left hand side menu.
  2. Select tournaments then click on “Display” – lots of matches are shown on the screen.
  3. Choose the matches you wish to bet on and select your odds by clicking them.
  4. Your selections are automatically added to your betting slip.
  5. Now type the amount you want to bet then click on “Bet”.
  6. Confirm your bet by clicking “OK”
  7. A message confirming that you’ve successfully placed a new bet is displayed.
  • Placing bets Via SMS- steps

Single bet

  1. Compose an SMS in the format “MatchID#Result#Stake” e.g. “6446#X#150
  2. Send it to 29456. You will soon after receive a message from Betin confirming the bet:

Multi Bet

  1. Compose an SMS in the format “Match_ID#Result#Match_ID#Result#Match_ID#Result#Stake” e.g. “6446#X#1295#1#1150#2#500”
  2. Send it to 29456. You will soon after receive a message from Betin confirming the bet:

Betin Jackpots

The company offers as much as KES 20,000,000 super-13 jackpot where you predict the outcome for 13 handpicked matches.

Players who predict 12 and 11 outcomes correctly are also awarded and the Jackpot costs Kshs. 99 to enter.

       I.            Single Super 13 Betin Jackpot Bet
  1. Compose an SMS in the format “Jp#Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result” e.g. “JP#X*1*2*1*2*X*1*X*1* X*1*X*1
  2. Send it to 29456. You will soon after receive a message from Betin confirming the bet:
      II.            A multi-line Jackpot Betin Kenya:
  1. Compose an SMS in the format “Jp#Result Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result*Result” E.g. “JP#12*1X*2* X*1*X*1* X* X*1*2*1*2*1*2.
  2. Send it to 29456. You will soon after receive a message from Betin confirming the bet:
  • If Playing the Super 13 Jackpot from Online:

Click the Jackpot Button while logged then proceed to place predictions for all the 13 matches.betin registration, betin jackpot

Finally, enter the amount and confirm the bet.
Checking Your Account Balance

From online:

To see how much your account has remaining, log into your account then click on ‘My Account’ and finally ‘Account Statement’

Using SMS

  1. Compose a message in this format “Balance#secretpin” e.g. Balance#1234
  2. Send the SMS to 29456. Betin sends a message confirming your balance.

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Terms And Explanations

  • Void Bet

“Void Bet” simply means that the affected bet is invalid. This occurs when a game or an event is postponed.

It can also happen when a match starts but doesn’t finish within the stated period as per Betin Kenya’s policy.
The company allows a 48-hour waiting period (from the time the event is halted) before declaring a match void.

Once a match is set as void (with odds 1.00), the remainder of the winning ticket is paid out.

  • Live Betting

Live Betting is a truly exciting mode of wagering allowing you to bet on matches that are ongoing.

The odds are very dynamic and can change numerous times as events unfold offering double the fun as you keenly monitor the game’s progress.

Betin Kenya: FAQs

Q: Can I modify my username?
A: Unfortunately not. Betin Kenya doesn’t allow you to edit your account details after registration.

Q: How do I modify my password?
Login into your Betin Kenya account, look for and click my account then click the “Change Password” option and follow the straightforward steps.

Q: Can I open and operate more than 1 account with Betin?
A: No. The company doesn’t allow multiple accounts.

Q: How many matches can I add to my betting slip?
A: The maximum is 40.

Q: Am I charged to withdraw funds?
A: Yes, carrier charges apply.

Q: What is the processing time for withdrawals?
A: Allow about 24 hrs to facilitate auditing before your winnings are credited.

Q: Can I cancel my bet?
A: No. Once confirmed, a bet can’t be cancelled.

Q The game ended, but my bet hasn’t been updated.
A: Once a game is completed, the official results have to be verified before updating the results and settling the bets so please be patient.


A betin kenya login is all you need to start betting on the friendly Betin Kenya platform.

And it’s a very good site considering that it offers one of the largest pay-outs in Kenya not forgetting better odds.

Just note that when creating your registering, you must provide accurate details because the system doesn’t allow editing.

Otherwise, everything else is very simple.

So, why not test the Betin Kenya betting website? You could be the next big winner!

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