A Guide To MCheza Login And How To Win MCheza Jackpot.

This is your ultimate mCheza login guide. I’ll help you through the registration process, how to place your bets and win mCheza jackpot and help you sort out some mCheza issues and how to withdraw from MCheza and enjoy your cash.

Online betting platforms require that you login first before trying your luck. For mCheza, you will need to create an mCheza login account before you can access the system.mCheza jackpot

Of course, you will also need lots of luck to walk away with the mCheza jackpot.

The good thing about mCheza Kenya is that it has a highly interactive user interface and is also quite easy to play.

Now, we decided to use our experience playing m cheza to show how you can register for and place bets on the mCheza website.

Here we go.

What Is MCheza?

MCheza is one of the newest kids on online sports betting arena in East Africa.

Despite being launched long after sportpesa, mCheza.co.ke has quickly won over betting enthusiasts and is now considered one of the leading internet betting platforms.

One of the reasons for its huge popularity is that it offers more options. For instance, you can bet while the match is still going on (live-bet), play your favourite virtual sport or live casino games.

It also provides you with hundreds of games to bet on across almost all Olympic sports including rugby, football, soccer, golf, netball, motor bike racing, and more.

Who Is Eligible To Play On MCheza Lottery Platform?

As with other betting systems, you must be 18+ to place bets on www.mCheza.co.ke. That is a deliberate legal requirement set by governments around east Africa.

How To Register On MCheza (Steps)

As I mentioned, you start by creating an account on mCheza so as to get your mCheza login account. So, how do you create/register a new mCheza account?

Here are the steps:

Option 1: From the Website

Visit the website (mcheza.co.ke). You will need to provide your phone number (username), create a password, and then choose a currency.

Also, remember to agree to all the terms.Register On MCheza

You will be registered immediately.

You can now deposit money (steps later) and play even the www.mCheza.co.ke jackpot.

Clicking your personal tab takes you to your profile so that you can add other crucial details such as your email (optional)

From here, you can also change your password, verify your account, set deposit limits and more.www.mCheza.co.ke jackpot

Always remember to log out of the system after your are done.

Suffice to say that you don’t have to use a computer to access the website. A phone is enough provided you have data bundles.

Option 2: From your Phone (SMS)

SMS the word “Cheza” to 29888. You will promptly receive a confirmation SMS bearing a 4-digit PIN/password.

You will then proceed to the www.mCheza.co.ke registration and log in for the first time here .

Click sign in on the right top side of your screen..mCheza.co.ke registration

Enter your phone number in the space for username while your password is the 4-digit PIN code previously sent to in the confirmation SMS.

We already saw above that clicking your personal tab allows you to edit some of the personal information.

How To Deposit Cash Into Your MCheza Account From Mpesa.

Obviously, while there are other payment options, the easiest way to start participating on mCheza is by loading some money via mpesa

  1. Go to your MPESAMenu (on the phone).
  2. Pick Lipa na M-PESA
  3. select Paybill

4.      Enter the current mCheza business number, 295525 (MCheza paybill)

  1. Enter the Account name as MCHEZA
  2. Type the amount you want to deposit to your MCHEZA fund.
  3. Enter your MPESA password/PIN
  4. Confirm every detail and if right, click send.
  5. An Mpesa SMS confirming the Transaction will arrive shortly.

How To Place Bets On MCheza

After your mCheza sign up and subsequently loading your MCHEZA account, you are now set for a thrilling betting adventure.

You can choose to place your bets on any of the hundreds of games including the mCheza jackpot games through SMS or on the website.


There are 3 options to pick from when placing a bet.

For purposes of this guide, I shall show you how to set a simple bet predicting which team will win an upcoming match.

Take note of the symbols first:

1 – Home Team wins
X – Draw result
2 – Away Team wins


Visit the site (www.mCheza.co.ke) and Login.

You can now view the available games. Go through them and click those you feel have your lucky stars smiling.

You will notice the various odds per each game.

For a single bet, enter the stake on the provided space next to each game.

The system will display potential winning amounts per bet.Bets On MCheza

All your bets will henceforth be displayed on your screen’s right hand side.


For a multibet, scroll to the bottom. You will meet all the selected games.

You will then be required to type the amount you are betting for all the games before Clicking on the button (image) to confirm your multibet.

You can explore the website further to access various markets each with its own odds. The only thing to note is that odds differ in various markets but there’s no limitation into where you can bet.

Playing MCheza Via SMS

Conveniently, you can also bet on mCheza.co.ke using SMS.

For Single Bet:

Look up the Game ID (online or in the newspaper), then SMS it plus the amount (separate with #) you are betting to 29888.

That’s all. You can now start praying for the gods of luck to hear your prayers!

MCheza Multibet:

Again, it’s simple:

Look up the Game ID’s then SMS your selections each separated by a # then the bet amount to 29888

Live betting

For live bets, you need to go via the website..


  1. Log in to www.mCheza.co.ke
  2. Choose live betting and place your wager.

Something else:

The minimum bet is Kshs 50 while the maximum is determined by the website.

mCheza Jackpot Games!

Playing MCHEZA’S Daily Millionaire Jackpot

There are 7 matches to forecast on daily (on condition there are matches to offer).

You have to predict the set Combo 1 X 2 plus U/O (under/over), i.e a combination of the predicted final result in the format 1X2 and also foretell if each game will exceed or fall below 2.5 goals.

Daily Millionaire Jackpot Winner.

The Jackpot Prize currently Kshs 1 million shall be shared amongst the players who had correctly predicted the final results of the included 7 matches and also specified their Under/Over 2.5 goals bet.

The 1 Million grows daily throughout the week and if no winner, it reverts back to the original kshs.1 Million shillings each Monday.

Checking Your MCheza Account Balance.

We already know how to join mCheza and even how to try luck on the lottery. Now let’s focus on how to confirm whether you have enough cash to play…

You can always check your mCheza online betting balance from your personal online profile window on the website.

This is what you do:

Login to your existing mCheza profile then click the tab on the left side of your window labeled ‘check balance’.


You can also check via SMS by sending the word ‘balance’ to 29888.

Withdrawing Your Earnings From The MCheza Account.

You may find your name on the winners’ list after the mCheza jackpot results have been announced and you want to access your ‘hard-earned’ cash.

This is how to withdraw:

Go to your phone and send a new SMS to 29888. Start with the word “CASHOUT” then # and lastly the amount you want to move out. Note that there should no spacing anywhere in the SMS.

Example of a withdrawal SMS:

 “cashout#10000” to 29888.

How To Exit MCheza

If for one reason or the other you feel that it’s time to leave the platform, the process is quite straightforward.

Just send an email requesting to be exited to exclusion@mCheza.co.ke.

Your account will be deleted in a few hours.

You can also go to your personal profile page and choose self-exclusion where you also specify for how long you want to be out of the systemHow To Exit MCheza

MCheza says that you will be unable to access their betting website for 3 years after leaving.

MCheza Betting: FAQs- MCheza Login Issues Solved.

Q: How can I cancel my mCheza bet?

A: You can cancel a bet only within the first 10 minutes of acceptance by the system and before the concerned match(es) commence.

Just send an sms “cancel#BetId” to 29888

Q: How many times can I play the mCheza lottery in a day?

A: There is no limit. You can play the many times you desire so long as you remain within the daily bet value and pay-outs limits as specified in the mCheza terms and conditions

Q: How many sports does the mCheza lottery avail?

A: As I said, one advantage of mCheza is the high number of sports you can bet on. Currently, we have over 45 different sports

Q: How will I know if i won on mCheza?

A: You check your gaming account balance (see steps above) . MCheza usually deposits all earning there some moments after a game ends.

The results are also posted on the website www.mCheza.co.ke. So if you triumphed, you can easily know if you won.

The outcome will remain on the platform for at least 1 month.

Q: Does mCheza has an App?

Now, you can play, explore, and basically access everything on mCheza from the new mCheza app. Download it from Google play store.

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Final Word

In gaming, diversification is the new game. By registering for a mCheza login, you will have an opportunity to test your luck on yet another betting platform and who knows, it could be your time!

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