Oppo A93 Price In Kenya 2022 (By Leading Online Stores!)

For most Kenyans, no phone looks like an iPhone more than an Oppo, and one of the finest Oppo smartphones today is the Oppo A93. Having heard that, the chances are that you are wondering what’s the Oppo A93 price in Kenya.

Well, Oppo A93 goes for Ksh 26,000 – Ksh 29,900 on Jumia, depending on the seller on the platform. You’ll, however, get it for Ksh 26,000 – Ksh 31,000 in other stores, including Pigiame, Jiji, and Kilimall.

So, Oppo A93 is a mid-range smartphone that targets the middle-class in Kenya. And as you probably know, having a phone that costs close to Ksh 30K is a big deal in Kenya.

So, the obvious question is, ‘is this smartphone worth it?’     

I’ll help you answer this question by looking at its specs. But first, let’s compare its price on leading stores, starting with Jumia.

How Much Is Oppo A93 in Kenya

Oppo A93 Price in Kenya Jumia

Oppo A93 price range in Jumia is Ksh 26,000 – Ksh 29,900. The range primarily depends on the phone seller on the platform.

From experience, this phone keeps going in and out of stock. So, you’ve to keep tabs on the Jumia if you want to buy it there.

Oppo A93 Price in Kenya Jiji

On Jiji, Oppo A93 goes for Ksh 26,000 – Ksh 31,000, depending on the seller. Note that there are more sellers on Jiji than on Jumia or other stores. So, the price gap between them is likely to be broad.

It’s, however, vital that you buy from a verified seller as there are many untrusted sellers on Jiji.  

One thing that differentiates the price of Oppo A93 on Jiji is the color.

The black option is the cheapest as its price starts from Ksh 26,000. However, you’ll pay Ksh 29,000 – Ksh 31,000 for the Aurora blue or Aurora silver, as they are more elegant than the black option.

Oppo A93 Price in Kenya Jiji

Oppo A93 Price in Kenya Safaricom Shop

In Safaricom shop, Oppo A93 goes for Ksh 27,999. The good news is that Safaricom allows you to redeem some of your Bonga points for this phone. In that case, you are likely to pay less.

Oppo A93 Current Price in Kenya on Other Stores

You are also likely to find Oppo A93 on these stores:

  • Kilimall – Ksh 27,999
  • Pigiame – Ksh 26,599
  • Phone Place Kenya – Ksh 27,000
  • Phonestablet.co.ke – Ksh 26,499

Here’s a table summary of how much Oppo A93 goes for on all the leading stores in Kenya.

StorePrice in Ksh
JumiaKsh 26,000 – Ksh 29,900
JijiKsh 26,000 – Ksh 31,000
Safaricom storeKsh 27,999
KilimallKsh 27,999
PigiameKsh 26,599
Phones Place KenyaKsh 27,000
Phonestablet.co.keKsh 26,499

Oppo A93 Specs

It’s worth understanding what you pay for when a phone costs as much as Oppo A93. In that case, here are Oppo A93’s best specs:

1. Phone Display

Oppo A93 features a 6.4-inch Super-AMOLED screen. Its display is pretty vibrant, and you have a wide-angle view, something you want when streaming or gaming using your smartphone.

Overall, the display makes objects look more natural and lively. AMOLED display rarely disappoints, and Oppo A93 proves that.  

Oppo A93 Price in Kenya Jumia

2. Phone Processor

Oppo A93 enjoys a 2.2GHz Octa-Core MediaTek Helio P95 processor that promises speed and efficiency. The processor allows you to shoot videos and pictures smoothly.

Moreover, it allows you to enjoy smooth gaming and streaming.

The processor is part of why this smartphone is pretty fast. When using it, you won’t have lagging issues, as the response is pretty good.     

3. Rear Camera

Oppo A93 comes with a 48MP (main camera), and the other rear cameras are 8MP (ultra-wide) and two 2MP (depth).  

Thanks to AI technology, the rear cameras allow you to take clearer, crisper, and brighter photos than most of the A93’s competitors. And owing to the screen’s ultra-wide display, your images appear natural.

So, if you are looking to take photos of broad objects, you cannot go wrong with Oppo A93. To stay that the images are stunning could be an understatement.

Even better, its depth cameras let you take better-quality portrait cameras while blurring out the background to focus on the image.

As for videos, the cameras allow you to take them in slow motion while enjoying other advantages such as video zooming and video stabilization.

4. Front Camera

Oppo A93 comes with 16MP + 2MP (depth) dual front cameras for taking selfies. Overall, these quality cameras allow you to bring out your beauty and spark when shooting for social media.

Using AI Beautification 2.0, you can customize all your selfies to give them an identity. Even better, you can take brighter images at night, thanks to the phone’s AI Super-Night mode.

Oppo A93 Price in Kenya Safaricom Shop

5. 128GB ROM + 8GB RAM

The phone offers you an inbuilt storage capacity of 128GB, which is more that’s enough for your videos, music files, and photos. Plus, it comes with 8GB RAM that improves its processing and response time.

6. Battery

While most smartphones of that price range come with a 5000mAh battery, Oppo A93 features a 4000mAh battery.

According to Oppo Kenya, the battery enjoys fast-charging capability and doesn’t run out fast as most smartphones. Thus, you can count on it for your day-to-day use. It’s pretty efficient.

7. Connectivity

Oppo A93 enjoys the following connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Wi-Fi Direct
  • hotspot
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • GPS
  • FM radio
  • USB 2.0, Type-C, & USB On-The-Go

8. Sensors

Oppo A93 also comes with the following sensor features:

  • Fingerprint sensor for phone privacy and phone security
  • Accelerometer for tracking phone motions
  • Gyro for detecting phone orientation
  • Proximity sensor that detects closer objects
  • Compass sensor for that tells the phone what direction you are when auto rotating
Oppo A93 Current Price in Kenya

Is the Price of Oppo A93 in Kenya Worth It?

Before I can conclude if Oppo A93 is worth it, I must mention a few concerns about the phone. For one, this phone lacks wireless charging. Ordinarily, phones of such a price range have wireless charging.

Two, the phone’s back is plastic and not aluminum or even glass. So, it makes the phone look cheap when in actuality, it’s not.

On a positive note, Oppo A93 has many unique features that make it worth it. The cameras are excellent in quality and offer you ample storage for starters. In particular, its 48MP rear camera and 128GB storage are more than you can ask for at such a price.

The screen also enjoys excellent display and is wide enough to offer you a clear and wide-angle view.

Other impressive specs include its battery, sensors, and connectivity. So, undoubtedly, this phone is worth it and worth every shilling you pay.

People Also Ask

1. How Much Is Oppo A93 in Kenya?

Currently, Oppo A93 retails at Ksh 26,000 – Ksh 29,900 in Jumia and up to Ksh 31,000 in some online stores in Kenya. Usually, the prices vary from store to store.

2. Where Can I Buy Oppo A93 in Kenya?

You can get Oppo A93 on Jumia, where you will likely spend Ksh 26,000 – Ksh 29,900. But still, you can get this fantastic Oppo smartphone on Jiji, Phone Place Kenya, Pigiame, to name a few online stores.

3. Are Oppo Mobiles Phones Good?

Oppo is a decent phone brand that targets mid-income earners. It’s for those who cannot afford a high-end Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone but want a phone that can shoot wow pictures and has excellent storage.

Every time a new Oppo phone graces the market, there is always something special about it. It could be better specs, more storage, or just incredible speed. So, yes, Oppo mobile phones are good.

4. When Was Oppo A93 Released?

Oppo A93 was released on October 1st, 2020.

5. How Long Does it take to Charge Oppo A93?

Oppo A93 has a fast-charging capability, where you can charge it for 5 minutes and enjoy 2 hours of talk time. But if you want to charge it 100%, you may have to do it for a couple of hours.

6. Is Oppo A93 Type C?

Oppo A93 allows you to use Type-C USB. So, yes, Oppo A93 is Type C.

7. What is the RAM of Oppo A93?

Oppo A93 comes with 8GB RAM, which is enough to guarantee fast processing and response.

8. Does Oppo A93 Have 5G?

Oppo A93 is 5G-enabled, making it best for those looking to use a 5G SIM card or planning to use 5G internet.

9. How Long Does Oppo A93 Battery Last?

The battery runtime of Oppo A93 depends on how much you use the phone. During active usage, the battery will last you half a day. But if you only use the phone for calls and SMS, the battery may last you a day or two.


Closing Remarks on Oppo A93 Price in Kenya!

Oppo A93 promises so much, making its price worth it. From the stunning images it shoots to the amount of storage it promises, it’s hard to fault the manufacturer.

Being a mid-range phone, it’s just what you want from a phone of such a budget. So, if you fancy this smartphone and its specs, rush to the stores and claim yours today!