Safaricom Postpay Package 2022 (Data, Minutes, SMS & Cost!)

Kenyan telecommunication giant Safaricom now offers Postpay packages to its Prepay customers. Unlike Prepay, Postpay allows you to pay for data, minutes, and SMSs after usage and not before it. But what does a Safaricom Postpay package entails?

Safaricom Postpay 1050 goes for Ksh 1,050 and offers 5GB worry-free data, 400 worry-free minutes, and 1,000 worry-free SMS, while the package above it (Postpay 2100) goes for Ksh 2,100 and offers 15GB data, 1000 minutes, and 2,000 free SMS.

But still, there are other packages such as the Postpay 3150, Postpay 5200, and Postpay 10430, which promise more mobile data, free minutes, and worry-free SMSs. They, however, cost more, which is understandable.

Let’s dig deeper into all the five packages to help you choose between the Postpay packages.

How to Join Postpay Safaricom

Safaricom Postpay Package Options

Essentially, Safaricom offers five Postpay packages to its prepaid customers. Let’s discuss them next:

1. Postpay 1050

At a monthly subscription of Ksh 1,050, you enjoy the following offers under Postpay 1050:

  • 5GB worry-free mobile data
  • 400 worry-free minutes
  • 1,000 worry-free SMSs

2. Postpay 2100

At Ksh 2,100 per month, you enjoy these offers under Postpay 2100:

  • 15GB worry-free mobile data
  • 1,000 worry-free minutes
  • 2,000 worry-free SMs

3. Postpay 3150

At a monthly subscription of Ksh 3,150, Safaricom offers you the following under the Postpay 3150 package:

  • 25GB worry-free mobile data
  • 1,500 worry-free minutes
  • 5,000 worry-free SMSs

4. Postpay 5200

At Ksh 5,200 per month, Postpay 5200 offers you these benefits:

  • 50GB worry-free mobile data
  • 2,500 worry-free minutes
  • 5,000 worry-free SMS

5. Postpay 10430

The pinnacle is Postpay 10430, where you pay Ksh 10,430 per month and gets to enjoy the following:

  • 100GB worry-free mobile data
  • 10,000 worry-free talk-time minutes
  • 10,000 worry-free SMSs

Now, below is a table summary showing the various Safaricom Postpay packages, their offers, and monthly charges:

Postpay PackageWorry-Free Mobile DataWorry-Free Minutes Worry-Free SMSMonthly Cost 
Postpay 10505 GB4001,000Ksh 1,050
Postpay 210015 GB1,0002,000Ksh 2,100
Postpay 315025 GB1,5005,000Ksh 3,150
Postpay 520050 GB2,5005,000Ksh 5,200
Postpay 10430100 GB10,00010,000Ksh 10,430

How to Join Postpay Safaricom

Joining Safaricom Postpay service is straightforward. You can register using MySafaricom App or by  USSD.

How to Join Safaricom Postpay by USSD

Here is the process to follow:

  • Dial *544# on your phone 
  • Select Postpay (once you do, you will be allocated with a credit limit. If not, you will have to set a limit that you prefer)
  • Pay for your subscription using MPESA
  • Provide an email address which is essential for billing
  • Choose a Postpay package you prefer
  • Accept Safaricom terms and conditions
  • Wait to receive a confirmation message stating that you have successfully entered the Postpay.

How to Subscribe to Postpay Safaricom Via MySafaricom App

Below is the process to follow:

  • Download MySafaricom app
  • Install and launch the app on your phone
  • Open the app and register using your phone number
  • Select Postpay
  • You will see a predefined limit you qualify for, and if not, set your preferred limit and pay through MPESA
  • Enter personal and valid email address
  • Select your bundle Postpay plan
  • Accept to the terms and conditions
  • Wait to receive a confirmation message
How to Subscribe to Postpay Safaricom

How to Pay for Safaricom Post Pay

You can pay for your Postpay service using business number 200200, and here are the steps to follow:

  • On your SIM Toolkit, select MPESA
  • Go to Lipa na MPESA 
  • Select Paybill
  • Enter the Safaricom Postpay Paybill number 200200
  • Enter your phone number as the account number followed by the amount you wish to pay
  • Input your pin and confirm the details before pressing ok

Once you complete the above steps, you will receive an SMS confirming your Postpay package payment. You will also have to wait an hour or so for your payment to be updated.

Why a Safaricom Postpay Package?

You probably are wondering if a Postpay package is worth it. If so, here are the benefits that come with the package:

Below are the benefits attached to the Postpay plan:

a. Value for Your Money

A little saving can go a long way with the current economy, more so when it’s about phone usage. Luckily, Safaricom Postpay offers you that.

Safaricom Postpay bundles, for example, save you on bundle costs. You don’t have to buy bundles every time you want to access the phone, and you’ve lots of them to use.

Unlike those using expensive prepaid plans, subscribers on Postpay usually enjoy lower rates.

Let’s do some math here:

With only Ksh 1,050, you enjoy 400 minutes to call across all networks. Speaking of minutes alone, it means you pay Ksh 2.625 per minute even without mentioning the 5 GB and 1,000 SMS. That is almost half the charge per minute on the prepaid plan, Ksh 4.87. 

Indeed, if this is not a good deal, I don’t know what is!

b. Easy Signup

Joining Postpay is straightforward. All you need is to download the MySafaricom app or dial *544#

Once you opt in, all you need is a valid email address for billing purposes, choose the plan you prefer, and that’s it.

Safaricom Postpay Bundles

c. Convenience

Convenience is the best word that comes to mind every time I think about Safaricom Postpay. You wonder why? It’s because you don’t have to worry about topping your credit or running out of phone credit.

You will agree that it feels annoying when making an important call, and suddenly, your credit depletes.

Well, that can be a thing of the past if you subscribe to Safaricom Postpay. You get the convenience of surfing the internet while still connecting to your friends and family all over the world.

d. Flexibility 

You don’t have to break your neck for you to subscribe to this tariff. Safaricom offers you five packages that you can choose from. So, you can go for the package you can comfortably afford and one which caters to your needs.

e. Bonga Points

Postpay allows you to earn Bonga Points each time you pay for the package. In that case, you can quickly accumulate enough Bonga Points that you can redeem for purchases or Safaricom deals.

f. No Bundle Expiry

Safaricom Postpay bundles don’t expire. In fact, the bundles auto-renew. So, you don’t waste your bundles if you don’t use everything.

Any issues with Safaricom Postpay Packages?

Unfortunately, Safaricom Postpay comes with a few concerns, which include:

  • You cannot transfer) No Sambaza) – Postpay doesn’t offer you the convenience of transferring data or free minutes to friends. There is no ‘Sambaza’ advantage. So, you may end up not using everything and not sharing the bundle with friends.
  • You cannot buy more than once – In case your bundle runs out before the end of the month, you cannot buy another bundle under the same plan. You’ll have to incur regular rates like every other Safaricom customer outside the Postpay plan.
  • Limited international calls – While Postpay allows you to make free calls to the U.S, Canada, India, and China, you cannot do that to other countries without incurring additional costs.
  • You cannot roam with it – You cannot use Postpay for roaming.
How to Pay for Safaricom Post Pay

How to Change from Postpaid to Prepaid Safaricom?

If you would like to change from Postpay to prepay, you should visit unsubscribe from the service by following the simple steps below:

  • Dial *200# on your phone.
  • Select Advantage Plus
  • Select unsubscribe, and you are out of the service.

However, you should note that if you fail to pay for the plan for three months in a row, Safaricom will automatically terminate you from the Postpay service, and you will automatically transfer back to the prepaid plan.

How to Check Safaricom Postpay Balance?

All it takes to check Postpay balance is to dial *544# on your phone and then select ‘check balance.’ You then need to wait for an SMS indicating your Postpay balance.

People Also Ask

1. What Is Postpay?

Postpay is mobile traffic by Safaricom that allows subscribers to enjoy worry-free SMS, mobile data, and voice calls and get to pay at the end of the month.

2. Who Is Eligible for Safaricom Postpay?

Only existing Safaricom Prepay customers are eligible for Safaricom Postpay. You can, however, check by visiting the Safaricom website using your phone. 

3. Do Postpay Bundles Expire?

No, Postpay bundles don’t expire. So, so long as you pay on time, the bundles roll over.

4. What Can I Use Safaricom Postpay Bundles for?

You can use a Postpay bundle to text, call, and browse the internet. And as far as making calls is concerned, you can make free calls to the United States, Canada, China, and India.

5. Can I Buy Postpay Bundles More Than Once a Month?

Regrettably No, you cannot buy Postpay bundles more than once a month. If you deplete your bundle before the end month, you’ll have to subscribe to regular offers like every other Safaricom customer.

6. What If I Exhaust My Postpay Bundle?

Once you exhaust your Postpay bundle, you’ll incur regular charges like other Safaricom customers outside the plan. That should continue until your package auto renews.

7.  Do I Earn Bonga Points from Safaricom Postpay?

Yes, you can earn Bonga Points on a Postpay plan. It usually happens when you buy the plan.

8. Can I Sambaza Minutes or Data On Postpay?

Sadly, you cannot Sambaza minutes or data on a Postpay plan. That’s one of its drawbacks, and it’s quite a shame, especially when you cannot exhaust everything.

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Closing Remarks On Safaricom Postpay Package!

Above is everything you need to know about Safaricom Postpay packages. Once you subscribe to the service, you enjoy the convenience of worry-free data, minutes, and SMS.

Unfortunately, you cannot Sambaza to anyone, which could be frustrating.