8 Cheapest Cars In Kenya 2023 (Most Affordable Car Brands)

8 Cheapest Cars In Kenya 2023 (Most Affordable Car Brands)

Gone are the days when you had to be a millionaire to own a car in Kenya. Nowadays, civil servants, small-scale business persons, and even students can drive, given that the cheapest cars in Kenya cost under Ksh 500,000.

We’ll look at some of these cars, their engine capacity, fuel consumption, and best features. My goal is to help you buy an affordable car and one that you can maintain easily.  

If you are going for a cheaper car, it also has to be economical in fuel consumption. More importantly, it has to be reliable as you wouldn’t want a car that breaks down every week. And if you are buying it for your family, it has to be roomy enough.    

I also cannot forget to mention the brand. Brand names like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are pretty popular, making their spare parts readily available.

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Without taking much time, let’s get into our most affordable cars in Kenya and their prices.

new cars under 500k in Kenya

Best Cheapest Cars in Kenya and Their Prices

1. Nissan March (Nissan Micra) (Cheapest Nissan Car in Kenya)

Price Range: Ksh 300,000-700,000

Engine Capacity: 997-1,597cc

Mileage per Liter: 18-23Km

A product of Japan manufacturer, Nissan, Nissan March is the cheapest Nissan car in Kenya that targets Nissan fans who cannot afford the high-end models.

This car comes with a 1.2-1.5 liter engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission system and is generally economical in fuel consumption. On average, the vehicle consumes a liter per 18-23 Km, which is not bad.

Not only does Nissan March saves on fuel but also on space, given that its rear seat folds flat to offer you more storage room.

This car has a 5-seater capacity, making it a fantastic family car. Meanwhile, its maintenance costs are lower as its spare parts are readily available.

Depending on the generation and the condition of the car, you can get a Nissan March for Ksh 300K-700K. But still, you can get some used options under cars under 300k in Kenya.

2. Toyota Probox

Price Range: Ksh 400,000-800,000

Engine Capacity: 1,298-1,496cc

Mileage per Liter: 13-19Km

The Toyota Probox is quite trendy in Kenya, notably among small business people, because of its economical fuel consumption and ample storage and load capacity.

With a 1.5-litre engine and fuel consumption of a liter per 13-19Km, not many can complain about the Probox.

This five-seater hatchback has an impressive interior, characterized by power windows, power steering, and air conditioning. Its maintenance costs are another top-seller, as the costs are lower.

Even better, the spare parts are readily available on all Toyota outlets countrywide.

Depending on the generation of the car and where you buy it, a Probox costs Ksh 400K-800,000.

3. Toyota Vitz

Price Range: Ksh 400,000-800,000

Engine Capacity: 1,000-1,500cc

Mileage per Liter: 18-26Km

Popularized by Maina Kageni during the Classic morning show, Toyota Vitz is pretty trendy in Kenya. The car dates back to 1999.

This car is pretty popular in Kenya among students, learners, and new drivers, owing to its automatic transmission system and simplicity. A Vitz is also an economical car, given that it consumes a liter per 18-26Km.

Its best features include quality sound with Bluetooth integration, speed and light control, and power locks for easy locking and unlocking.

The original models are front-wheel drive, but newer versions come as all-wheel-drive, showing the model’s milestone over the years.

It’s available in 3-door and 5-door options and generally enjoys a sporty exterior. Like most Toyota cars on this list, its maintenance costs are cheaper, and its replacement parts are available at Toyota outlets.

Depending on the generation, you can get a Toyota Vitz for Ksh 400K-800K in Kenya.

4. Subaru Impreza

Price Range: Ksh 400,000-2,000,000

Engine Capacity: 1,493-1,995cc

Mileage per Liter: 15-20Km

A product of Japanese manufacturer Subaru, the Subaru Impreza dates to 1992 and is presently on its 5th generation.

Overall, Subaru Impreza is a reliable, low-cost car for Kenyans on a budget. Though the high-end models cost up to Ksh 2 million, you can get decent options starting from Ksh 400K.

This car comes as a 4-door or 5-door sedan and is generally all-wheel-drive (AWD).

The newest models now feature a rear vision camera and turbocharger to promise maximum power out.

They are also equipped with driver-assist technology and allow multimedia integration, making them a joy to ride.

And with the car consuming a liter after every 15-20Km, you cannot ask for more.

cheapest cars in kenya and their prices

5. Toyota Auris

Price Range: Ksh 400,000-800,000

Engine Capacity: 1,196-1,797cc

Mileage per Liter: 14-19Km

Auris is a Latin word for gold, and the Toyota Auris is a predecessor of the 2006 Toyota Allex. This car enjoys a 5-speed automatic transmission system that makes it drive-friendly, especially for beginners.

Its 1.3-1.8-liter engine makes it fuel-efficient. On average, this car consumes a liter of petrol every 14-19Km, which is quite economical.

It comes with 3 or 5 doors and generally enjoys an intuitive interior and a bold exterior. Plus, it offers you a more dynamic space.

Since it’s a Toyota brand, its spare parts are readily available on Toyota outlets, and it’s generally cheaper to service.

Depending on the generation and where you buy it, you’ll get this car for Ksh 400K-800K.

6. Toyota IST

Price Range: Ksh 400,000-1,000,000

Engine Capacity: 1,298-1,797cc

Mileage per Liter: 16-18Km

Famously known as the Urban Cruiser, the Toyota IST is a fantastic subcompact vehicle for budget buyers in Kenya. Depending on the generation, you can get this car for Ksh 400K-1Million.

Since gracing the Kenyan market in 2002, Toyota IST has impressed in features and performance. Some of its impressive features include power steering, power windows, and a collapsible rear seat, which offer you more cabin space.

It also has some impressive safety features, including brake assist, ABS brakes, and SRS bags. Moreover, it’s fitted with bright headlamps to offer you extra visibility at night.

Performance-wise, Toyota IST is economical in fuel performance. You can count on it to consume a liter every 16-18Km.

7. Nissan Tiida

Price Range: Ksh 450,000-700,000

Engine Capacity: 1,498-1,797cc

Mileage per Liter: 16-20Km

Tiida is a Japanese name for the sun. So, the Nissan Tiida is a continuation of the 1996 Nissan Sunny. The model itself dates to 2004.

Nissan Tiida comes in a small-medium compact size that makes it suitable for families. It has a smooth-running engine that doesn’t consume a lot of fuel. On average, the car runs on a liter for every 16-20Km.

 It has a small-medium size that is suitable for small families.

The car also has a great interior and offers you spacious cabin space. Depending on the generation, you can get this car for Ksh 450,000-700,000.

8. Mazda Demio (Cheapest Mazda Car in Kenya)

Price Range: Ksh 500,000-700,000

Engine Capacity: 1,298-1,498cc

Mileage per Liter: 16-30Km

Having graced the Kenyan car market in 1996, Mazda Demio is currently on its 5th generation. The most popular generations, however, are the third and fourth.

The 3rd generation earned the 2008 World Car of the Year Award, while the 4th generation received the 2014-2018 Japanese Car of the Year Award.

Mazda Demio is generally a family car, thanks to its 5-seater capacity. Meanwhile, its rear seats are collapsible flat to offer you more cabin storage space.

This family car is pretty economical in fuel consumption, given that it consumes a liter after every 16-30Km, depending on generation.

It comes with excellent ride controls and safety features like ABS brakes and is available in many colors.

Depending on the generation and condition, you can get a Mazda Demio for Ksh 500K-700K.

cars under 300k in Kenya

People Also Ask (About the Cheapest Cars in Kenya)

How Much Does A Toyota Probox Cost In Kenya?

Depending on the generation, the condition of the car, and where you buy it, a Toyota Probox cost Ksh 400,000-800,000.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car In Kenya?

The best time to buy a car in Kenya is at the end of the year, between mid-November and December. That’s when most dealers are wiping out old stock.

Which Is The Best Car Brand In Kenya?

While there are so many reliable car brands in Kenya, topping the list is Toyota. Toyota has some of the most affordable and hardy cars, and the parts are readily available as there are Toyota outlets nationwide.  

Which Is The Cheapest Car In Kenya?

Currently, here are the best new cars under 500k in Kenya:

  1. Nissan March 
  2. Toyota Probox
  3. Toyota Vitz
  4. Subaru Impreza
  5. Toyota Auris
  6. Toyota IST
  7. Nissan Tiida
  8. Mazda Demio

How Much Is A Noah In Kenya?

The latest Noah model goes for Ksh 3.8-4.2 million depending on the dealer and where you buy it. However, you can get a used option in good condition for Ksh 770,000–Ksh 1 million.

Is Toyota Probox A Good Car?

Toyota Probox is generally a low-cost car. Not only can you get for Ksh 4,000K-8,000K, but it’s also economical in fuel consumption.

Moreover, it has a massive storage capacity and is generally cheaper to service. Plus, you can get its replacement parts on virtually all Toyota outlets and service centers.    

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Closing Thought on Cheapest Cars in Kenya:

Now you know what car models to go for when you want the cheapest car in Kenya. It’s essential, however, that you do your homework well to ensure that you buy a reliable vehicle.

The purchase price is not the only cost that comes with getting a new car. There is the maintenance and fuel cost, which you have to factor in when making a choice.

I hope this guide will give you a better head start.

Yu Team

Our mission is to educate, inspire and make your life easier by providing well researched authentic information. Cheers!

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