How To Fuliza MPESA In 2022 (Limit, Application & Repayment!)

MPESA Fuliza is the new trend for paying bills when you don’t have enough money on your phone. So, this post will cover everything to know about how to Fuliza MPESA.

Imagine the cashier at the supermarket just informed you that your bill is Ksh 2,000, and you only have Ksh 1,500 on your phone.     

What do you do at such a time?    

If you are like me, you will try to discreetly Fuliza Ksh 500 if you qualify. That’s it, and you are off the store!

Not only can you pay with Fuliza at the supermarket but everywhere else where there’s a Paybill or business number. That includes restaurants and gas stations, and you can even pay for TV subscriptions, water, and electricity with Fuliza.    

Even better, you can Fuliza to a friend or family in financial need.

What is Fuliza?

Fuliza is a Swahili name for ‘to continue’. So, Fuliza MPESA is an overdraft service between Safaricom and NCBA bank that allows you to complete MPESA transactions when you don’t have enough money in your MPESA account.

That includes bill payments, sending money, and buying airtime.

How Does Fuliza MPESA Work?

Fuliza is simply an overdraft like I mentioned that allows you to transact with your MPESA normally when you don’t have enough money in your MPESA account.

Overall, there is no minimum amount for Fuliza, but the maximum usually is Ksh 70,000.

Once you receive or deposit money into your MPESA account, the amount you borrowed plus a small fee, which could be Ksh 6-36 per day, is deducted. That’s how you pay for the overdraft.

Note, however, that you can still Fuliza even after paying but not in full. Moreover, you can Fuliza multiple times as long as you don’t go past your limit.

How to Qualify Fuliza MPESA

Like every other overdraft service, Fuliza has specific terms and conditions that you’ve to meet to qualify for the service. For example, you must be an active MPESA user and must have activated/registered for MPESA Fuliza

Get a detailed list of Fuliza terms and conditions here.

Remember, you’ll need to pay the loan within 90 days, but it’ll attract a service charge every day.

How to Register Fuliza MPESA (How to Activate Fuliza MPESA)

There are two ways to register or activate Fuliza. 

Option 1:

  • Dial *234# on your Safaricom line 
  • Then press 0 to select Fuliza 
  • Press 1 to select yes
  • Reply with 1 to accept the terms

Once you complete the above steps, you will need to wait for a confirmation message indicating your Fuliza limit.

Option 2:

You need to download MySafaricom App and use it to activate Fuliza MPESA. Once you activate the service, the app will allocate your limit, and you can go ahead and Fuliza.

How to Check Fuliza MPESA Limit

Follow these steps to check your Fuliza MPESA limit.

  • Press *234*0#
  • Opt for option 1 (Check My Limit)
  • Wait for a confirmation message from MPESA indicating your MPESA limit.

How to Fuliza MPESA to Another Number

For starters, you’ve to register for Fuliza using MySafaricom App or by dialing *234# before you can Fuliza to another number.

Once you register and receive a confirmation message, you can go ahead and send money as you usually do. That’s by going to MPESA then sending money.

You’ll then need to enter the phone number you want to send to and wait for a pop-up requesting you to confirm using Fuliza.

Once you do and enter your MPESA pin, money will be sent, and you’ll receive a confirmation message for the same.

How To Fuliza To My MPESA Account

Currently, Safaricom doesn’t allow you to Fuliza to your MPESA account unless you do it to your other Safaricom line.

In that case, you need to send money to that number and then opt to use Fuliza to complete the transaction when the message pops up.

How To Buy Airtime From Fuliza MPESA

Buying airtime is easy with Fuliza. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to MPESA and then select Paybill
  • Enter 220220 as the business number
  • Enter the mobile number you want to top up under the account section
  • Confirm to use Fuliza 
  • Enter your pin and press okay

How To Increase Fuliza MPESA Limit

Usually, you are likely to increase your Fuliza limit if you continuously use the service and Safaricom services in general. But more importantly, you have to be prompt with the payment.

But even after doing all that and still cannot get an increase, you should try opting out and then opt-in. I have heard a few guys claim that it works.

However, note that your limit may also go down or remain as it was. So, there is no guarantee, and it’s a risk that you’ve to take.

How To Check Fuliza MPESA Balance

You can check your Fuliza balance by following these steps:

  • Press *234*0# on your phone
  • Select My Fuliza balance (option 2)
  • Wait to receive a confirmation message from Safaricom indicating your outstanding balance

How To Lipa Na MPESA Using Fuliza

The first step is to ensure you are an active Fuliza user. If not, quickly register by dialing *234# or through the Safaricom app.

If you are a registered Fuliza customer with a particular limit, you can go to ‘Lipa na MPESA’ as you do when you’ve some money in your MPESA account.

You need to follow the same steps until a message pops up on your phone screen requesting you to continue with Fuliza.

Once you select agree, you’ll need to key in your MPESA pin and wait for a confirmation message indicating your Fuliza amount payable and applicable fee.

How to Pay Fuliza MPESA loan

Usually, the loan repayment is the most seamless process since you don’t have to do anything. Once you receive the money in your MPESA line and have a Fuliza debt, the amount is automatically dedicated.

Here are the applicable Fuliza charges:

Fuliza Amount (Ksh)Charges (Ksh) Per Day
0-100Ksh 2.4 (one-time fee)
101-500Ksh 6 
501-1,000Ksh 12
1,001-1,500Ksh 24
1,501-2,500Ksh 30
2,501-70,000Ksh 36

How To Deactivate Fuliza MPESA

You can deactivate (opt-out) Fuliza using any of these options.

Option 1

  • Dial *234*0# to select Fuliza
  • Select Option 98
  • Then reply with Option 7 to opt-out

Option 2

Use my Safaricom app to select MPESA, then Fuliza, and follow the subsequent steps to opt out. 

People Also Ask

1. How Do I Withdraw Money From Fuliza MPESA?

It’s currently impossible to withdraw money from your Fuliza MPESA line. However, you can Fuliza to your other Safaricom line and then use it to withdraw the money from a local MPESA agent.

2. Can You Send Fuliza Money To Someone?

Yes, it’s possible to Fuliza money to someone provided you don’t send more than your limit, and you are a registered Fuliza MPESA user. You’ll need to go to MPESA, select send money, and follow the subsequent steps.

3. Can I Fuliza Paybill Number?

Yes, you can Fuliza to any Paybill number provided you don’t exceed your limit and can pay the transaction fee. The process is the same as the one you follow when you’ve some money in your MPESA account.

The only difference is that a message will pop up asking you to confirm to use Fuliza for the Paybill transaction.

4. How Do I Start Fuliza?

You can start using Fuliza by first registering, which you can do by dialing *234*0# or through the MySafaricom App. Once you are opt-in, you can go ahead to pay bills, buy airtime or send money within your Fuliza limit.

5. How Do You Use Safaricom Fuliza?

You can access Fuliza through the MySafaricom app or the MPESA tool kit (once you register by dialing *234#). Upon successful registration and the confirmation of your Fuliza limit, you can go ahead and transact normally.

A Fuliza message will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to use Fuliza to complete the transaction. You’ll then enter your MPESA pin, and that’s it.

6. How Do You Fuliza For The First Time?

If you have never used Fuliza, you need to first register for the service by dialing *234*0# and following the subsequent steps.

Alternatively, you can use the MySafaricom app to opt-in and then wait for a confirmation message indicating your Fuliza limit.

Depending on your limit, you can pay the bills, buy airtime and send money as you usually do. The only difference is that you’ll have to confirm that you want to Fuliza before entering your pin.

7. How Can I Increase The Amount To Fuliza?

You can increase your Fuliza amount limit by regularly using MPESA and Safaricom services and paying your loans on time.  

8. How Much Can I Fuliza?

There’s no minimum Fuliza amount, but depending on your pattern of using Safaricom and MPESA and your history, the maximum you can Fuliza is Ksh 70,000. Most people, however, start with a limit of Ksh 300-Ksh 500.


Closing Thought:

Now you know how to Fuliza MPESA to other phone numbers, Paybill numbers, and your number and even buy credit. You can therefore take advantage of the overdraft to complete MPESA transactions.