How to Transfer Money From Mpesa to KCB Account [2023]

How to Transfer Money From Mpesa to KCB Account [2023]

In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to transfer money from Mpesa to KCB account. Whether you’re far from a KCB branch or you need a more convenient way to transfer money, this post is for you.

Transferring money from M-pesa to KCB allows you to have up to Ksh. 300,000 in your account. The deposit is instant, and you do get a confirmation message about the transaction.  This means of money transfer is convenient and less time-consuming. 

One thing I love about the M-pesa to KCB money transfer protocol is the zero risk benefit that come with it. Not only is the process fast, but the transaction is secure, so your money as well as personal information is always safe.

how to transfer money from mpesa to kcb account

Mpesa to KCB: 7 Easy Steps to Transfer Money from Mpesa to KCB

Sending money from M-pesa to a KCB account is easy. It takes me just 60 seconds to complete a transaction, with an additional 60 seconds to wait for the confirmation message.

Here’s how to do this: 

1. Use the Android or iOS App

If you own an Android or iPhone smartphone, you can use the M-pesa app to transfer money from your M-pesa account to any KCB bank account.

safaricom mpesa app

Download the app and setup your M-pesa account. The process is easy. Just follow the instructions on the screen and you’ll be ready to start using the app in no time.

Once you have an account:

  • Open the app on and enter your PIN to login.
  • Tap on “Transact”, an option below the screen just adjacent to the Home and Services link.
  • Select Paybill under the “Pay” option.
  • Tap on “Enter Paybill Number”, enter 522522, and tap “Continue”.

What I love about the app is that it lets you know who owns the Paybill number, a feature that makes the app easy and equally interesting to use.

  • Go ahead and type the account number to which you’d like to deposit the money
  • Enter amount and tap on “Continue”.

A screen will appear with the details of the transaction that you wish to complete.

  • Review the details and if they’re correct click the “Pay Bill” button.
  • Complete the transaction by entering your M-pesa pin.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully deposited money from your M-pesa account to yours or another person’s KCB account via the mobile app. 

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2. Use the USSD Code

Since not everyone has a smartphone or prefers using apps for transaction, it possible to use the USSD code to transfer money from Mpesa to a KCB account.

ussd code
  • Open the money transfer process by dialing *522#.
  • Choose Send Money.
  • Select Mpesa.
  • Choose KCB to be your source of funds.
  • Choose whether you want to transfer cash to Own Number or Other Number.
  • Choose the KCB account you want to send the money to.
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer.
  • Input your KCB mobile banking PIN.
  • Counter check the transaction details you’ve just provided are correct and then complete the transaction.

You should get a confirmation for the transaction within 60 seconds.

The transaction or confirmation message when transferring funds from M-pesa to a KCB bank account may delay sometimes. So patience can go a long way.

Alternatively, consider checking your M-pesa account balance to see if M-pesa deducted money from your account.

If M-pesa didn’t deduct any amount from your account, it means that the transaction never went through. Thus, you’ll have to repeat the process again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Sending Money from Mpesa to KCB Free?

KCB does not charge any amount on the deposits made to your account through Mpesa. You can deposit up to Ksh. 300,000 a day without incurring any transaction cost.

However, you’ll spend some amount on carrier credit if you use the USSD code.

2. How Long for Money in a KCB Account?

I’ve transferred money from M-pesa to KCB accounts multiple times. From my experience, it takes a minute or two for the money to reflect in a bank account.

There are may be occasional delays, but they aren’t quite as common.

3. Is KCB M-PESA Related to KCB Bank?

KCB Mpesa is a mobile banking service offered by KCB Bank Kenya Ltd to KCB bank account owners who have Safaricom lines with activate M-pesa accounts.

Those who use the service can save, request loans, as well as earn attractive interest per year.

4. Do You Earn Interest If You Save With KCB M-pesa?

Yes, saving in KCB Mpesa can earn you an interest of up to 6.3% per year. You will earn the interests until the day you opt to withdraw the money.

5. Does KCB Have Any Other Paybill Number?

No. The Kenya Commercial Bank doesn’t have any other Paybill number. Since its partnership with M-pesa, KCB has always made it clear that you should use only 522522 to transfer money from M-pesa to any KCB bank account – including your own.

6. How Do I Check My M-PESA Transaction?

Safaricom customers can now validate their Mpesa transaction by dialing a unique USSD code (*334#), which is free.

  • Dial the code and select option 7.
  • Under the “My Account”, select option 3 for Mpesa Statement.
  • Select 1 for Mpesa Statement and 1 for Request Statement.

Next, you can choose 0 for the Last 5 Transactions, 1 for the Full Mpesa Statement, and 2 for the Summary Mpesa Statement to confirm your recent Mpesa transactions.

Final Thoughts

Mobile banking has become a popular banking alternative for most Kenyans.

That smartphones and ordinary phone owners can now transfer money from their M-pesa to KCB bank accounts is a smart move to enhance security and guarantee convenience.

The KCB Bank does not charge you for transferring funds from M-pesa to your KCB account.

Safaricom may end up charging you for the service in the future, but we still don’t know when such changes might come into effect.

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