Jumia Kenya Online Shopping 2023 (All You Need to Know!)

When Jumia started its operations in an apartment in Nairobi, Ngong’ area in March 2013, little was known about its future.

What started as a small retailer business with just 5 employees and using a modem for Wi-Fi hotspot is now, after 16 years committed service delivery, one of the leading online shopping stores in Africa.

Jumia Kenya e-commerce company has come to the rescue of many. Apart from the availability of specific products one may need and yet possibly not available in the physical stores, Jumia also offers the best prices for these products.

Utilizing the exponentially growing internet user population in Africa, this online store is now leading in six regions: Egypt, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Morocco.

Jumia Kenya: Leading Online Shopping Hub

What is Jumia?

Jumia is the largest internet player in Africa when it comes to e-commerce. It’s found a foothold in 23 countries and even outdone some of the early e-commerce entrants such as Konga and Kilimall.

It is an e-commerce platform that comprises of a marketplace connecting sellers with consumers. Basically, it has a logistics service for the shipment and delivery of goods from the sellers to reach the consumers.

Also, there is a clearly defined payment service to enable transactions among the market participants. Jumia owns a part of the products sold on their website; although the largest fraction belongs to the more than 81,000 local African companies it’s partnering with.

Because a huge percentage of the African internet user population depends on the smartphones, Jumia developed a mobile app, Jumia One app. The app combines all services Jumia offers in one place.

The Jumia app enables customers to shop online, order food and even pay bills including electricity and cable bills. You can even use the app to buy airline tickets.

Jumia Black Friday.

Following the US holiday of Thanksgiving, the next day Black Friday is considered as the shopping day for the Christmas season ahead. This event is an act of service where retailers opt to offer their products on great discounts.

Therefore, on this day (which extends to the next weekend), retailers including Jumia, offer awesome discounted deals to their customers.

And it happens every year.

For instance, this year’s Jumia Black Friday 2021 comes on November 26. It will last and exceed through the following weekend; which means more time for great deals for the shoppers.

Jumia will be preparing special discounts on a number of products for their customers. And each day will have a specific type of products for sale say electronics or women’s fashion etc.

The date mentioned above is not a fixed one for all Black Fridays. It keeps changing depending on the shifting of the American Thanksgiving Day which normally happens on the fourth Thursday of November.

To demonstrate that, for example, in 2015, Black Friday was organized on 27th November. In 2018, it was 13th November and now the next for 2019 comes on 29th.

Jumia Black Fridays may come a bit earlier than the exact scheduled dates.

Jumia Kenya Smartphones.

With the growing demand for smartphones in the country, Jumia Kenya comes with lots of amazing mobile phone offers to satisfy the users.

It is not unknown that the Jumia store is currently the leading online smartphone retailer in Kenya. The marketplace provides a wide array of great deals and discounts on phone sales.

In fact, you will be able to get a really nice smartphone with striking features at the cheap at Jumia thanks to their partnership with thousands of retailers across the country.

The good news is that you get the phone type, brand and within the price, you can afford. Which is why the shop has a catalog showing the buyer clearly the price ranges for the smartphone they want.

Click here for some of the best deals on the latest smartphone at Jumia. There thousands of smartphone brands that are likely not going to disappoint.

Some of the commonest ones include Nokia, Oppo, Tecno, Samsung, Infinix, Apple, Huawei, Cubot, Lenovo, HTC, Blackberry, Sony, X-TIGI, etc.

How to Place an Order on Jumia Kenya.

Note that you don’t necessarily need to create an account with Jumia Kenya first. You can simply start shopping for the goods and when it’s time to buy, you just create your account on the spot and (boom!) get your items.

Actually, the process of placing an order is quite a breeze. Check the steps below once you are contented that the item you have researched is the best and definitely the one you want:

  • Click on ‘buy now’ to add the product to your cart
  • Click on the ‘Cart’ in the top right corner
  • Login to your account by feeding in the email and password.
  • Enter your shipping or billing information
  • Choose your preferred payment option
  • Click on ‘Confirm order’ and proceed to the payment portal and complete your order.

Once you are done, you will either receive a confirmation email from Jumia or sometimes, you may be called to confirm a few more details if need be.

The confirmation step is mandatory for any successful order to be shipped to the customer. So make sure that you follow the procedure to these details.

Payment for the products can be done using different methods available on Jumia. For example, the cash on delivery method, the use of credit/debit card, or mobile money (mpesa,  airtel money among others).

These payment methods come at the final step of checkout. Make sure that you use the one which is the most convenient and comfortable for you.

How to Cancel an Order on Jumia Kenya.

If you want to cancel your order at Jumia Kenya, you’ve got to inform them early enough to avoid inconveniences. This is also what they emphasize on their return policy.

There are different ways to go about this.

You can send a request on [email protected]. Alternatively, call Jumia Kenya contacts 0205230600 or 0700000990.

When you call the Jumia customer care, ensure that you are doing this on a weekday from Monday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm to Friday. And on the weekends and holidays from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The other route to cancel your order involves filling the order cancellation form available online and then submit it. Find the form here.

You will be required to fill the form with your details such as your full names, email address, the order number. While on the subject section, select, I want to cancel my order option.

Also, provide a brief description of the reason for canceling this particular order. Submit the form and wait for a notification for the same within 24 hours.

After you cancel the order, expect a speedy process from Jumia. They really have a very active customer care team which means that you don’t have to be too much worried about whether your canceled order will be effected or not.

Canceling The Order On Time.

Jumia understands and has no problem with a customer canceling an order. However, the emphasis is placed on timeliness when a customer intends to cancel an order they made before.

Which implies for all who are Jumia shoppers to keenly read their terms and conditions. These guidelines give proper direction on how to go about order cancellation in case you decide otherwise.

When you follow these terms to the latter, there should be no issues with your order cancelation. No charges for canceling it either – just cancel at the click of a button.

The converse is also true: fail to do it in good time and Jumia will make it look difficult a bit. Because you will likely meet some challenges and costs in doing this.

An example of costs you could incur includes the product price and the delivery charges to your location.

The Return Option.

Sometimes the above two are not just perhaps going to work out. So, in this scenario, you have got to return the product yourself.

The return has to adhere to the Jumia Return Policy Kenya. Here, things like proof of purchase should be provided, the item should be in its original packaging and the promotional items it came to you with and lastly providing the valid return reason.

You will also be required to fill in a Jumia return form Kenya.

Once these conditions are found to be okay, your returned item will be accepted. And you will be cleared to receive your refund via your requested refund method within the next 10 days of submitting the return request from.

How to Sell on Jumia Kenya.

Perhaps you are planning to start or expand your business online to tap the market potential there. If you are wondering how to start selling your products through Jumia, I will help you with this.

First, you are reminded that Jumia partners with business-minded people like you. They will allow you to join their platform to sell your items. But, of course, they generate commissions from product sales.

Here is the quick process to start selling on Jumia:

1.   Sign Up on the Platform

Start by providing your company information

  • Provide your company information including your name, mobile number, address, postal code, and email.
  • Give the name of your store which will appear as the shop name on Jumia website
  • Answer to questions that ask whether you’ll be dropping off all your items in Nairobi
  • State whether your business is individual-based or a registered company (and provide a business registration number for a registered company)

Provide your product information

  • Select your product category – for example, Kids and Baby if you are selling kids items.
  • State whether you do sell on other platforms too.

Agree to the terms and conditions

  • Read all the terms and conditions of Jumia Kenya properly and agree if this something you want to try out.
  • Then after that register as a seller

The entire process takes less than 10 minutes and you are done.

2.   Take an Online Training Course

As long as you are a new seller on Jumia Kenya, an online training course is vital. You need to learn some basics about the Kenyan E-commerce market before immersing into the game on Jumia’s website.

Again, the course also orientates the first-time sellers to know Jumia better and how to sell products on their platform.

Once this is completed, a Jumia seller account will be created for the seller of course after verification of seller’s documentation. Just a few hours and this is done.

  1. Start Selling Online

The Jumia seller center will send you an email notification regarding the activation of your seller account. Now, you are ready to start listing your products on their website for selling.

The advantage of selling on Jumia is the huge customer base the marketplace comes with. Talking about over 3 million customers!

How to Become a Jumia Affiliate Partner.

Before you sign up for the Jumia Kenya sales affiliate program, these things are a must:

  • A website or blog
  • Bank account/Mpesa mobile number
  • Email address

Here is the process of joining the Jumia Affiliate Program:

  • Go to the Jumia Kenya sales affiliate program signup page
  • Fill the form provided
  • Select your account type; and fill in details of your names, email address, mobile number, country of residence, and your website.
  • Ensure that you read the terms and conditions and understand them clearly before you agree to them
  • Click on the start earning button.
  • A confirmation email with a link will be sent to you. Log in your email and clink this link.

After sending your application/submitting the form, Jumia may take about 4-5 days reviewing. After which they will get back to you.

Some of the things the Jumia Affiliate team will be looking at on your blog is whether it has enough traffic for promotion of their products.

They will reject if this is not satisfying; although you could appeal the decision by writing to them through their affiliate email contact: [email protected] explaining how you would break the duck and promote their products.

Otherwise, if you get approved, you will start promoting their products on your blog and earn commissions.

Other Jumia Kenya Subsidiaries.

1.   Jumia Travel Kenya

Besides Jumia online shopping Kenya, another product offered by Jumia is Jumia Travel Kenya. This concerns hotel booking services in Africa – with a variety of listed hotels, beach resorts, luxurious camps, and cottages.

In numbers, Jumia Travel Kenya booking portal has over 18,000 hotels. All these are located in different parts across the country.

This is a stunning service from Jumia given the ease, simplicity, and convenience of the entire process which one can use to book for a hotel anywhere within the country.

This service was founded back in 2012.

2.   Jumia Food Kenya

Jumia Food Kenya enables you to order for food and foodstuffs wherever you are and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Jumia Food ordering process can be summarized in the following steps:

  • Install a Jumia app on your smartphone
  • Select your food or grocery by browsing through restaurants that are closer to you
  • Make your order
  • What you have ordered will be delivered to you fast

You may want to reach the Jumia Foodservice in case you have any questions. This email line [email protected] or the contact number 020 523 9999.

3.   Jumia House Kenya

Jumia House Kenya, on the other hand, connects tenants to landlords. That is if you are looking for a house to rent or buy anywhere in Kenya or you are renting houses.

Choose a city you’re vacating to and find the house in your area of choice.


It is not a fluke that Jumia Kenya has revolutionized the online marketplace. This has not just affected the buyers but also the sellers with businesses working hard to thumb their online presence.

Many people or customers in the country and Africa at large are flocking the internet to look for products and services. No wonder a Jumia executive sees a great future in e-commerce in Kenya.

The increase in the number of smartphones in the country has even made access to Jumia platform quite convenient.

The good thing with Jumia is that it’s already been in this game for long. Has gained the trust of many shoppers and sellers.

The process of buying a product on this website is easy. And you can pay in advance or wait until the package is delivered and pay for it.

The same for sellers: as long as you meet their requirements to become a seller, the rest is simple.

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