Kazi Mtaani Application Online (Eligibility, Duties & Application)

Kazi Mtaani Application Online (Eligibility, Duties & Application)

Are you interested in forwarding your Kazi Mtaani application online? The process just got easier, and so much has changed since its first rollout in 2020.

Applicants interested in the Kazi Mtaani programs should visit the Kazi Mtaani Management (KMS) portal and fill out an application form. You then have to wait for an SMS notification once shortlisted.

Honestly, the Covid 19 epidemic hit Kenya and the world hard, and the youths are probably the most hit. That saw the government establish the National Hygiene Program (NHP), famously known as Kazi Mtaani, whose primary objective is to financially cushion vulnerable youths in informal settings. 

Though the pay is not much, enlisted youths can earn from their hard work and get to avoid perilous traps like drugs and crime. Now in its 4th phase, the program offers Kenyan youths in informal settlements a genuine and sustainable way to make ends meet.

Let’s talk more about the Kazi Mtaani application, what it’s all about (the nature of the job), eligibility, and expected pay.  

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Kazi Mtaani application online

What’s Kazi Mtaani?

Kazi Mtaani, a local name for the National Hygiene Program (NHP), is a government program intended to provide work and pay to the most vulnerable Kenyan youths.

Phase 1 saw the government employ about 26,148 youths, but once more countries were added in the 2nd phase, the number rose to 200,000. 

The program achieves its objectives by using labor-intensive approaches and local markets, employing many youths, and promoting the public good.

Kazi Mtaani Duties

The Kazi Mtaani program promises a variety of manual work to Kenyan youths, which includes:

  • Construction projects such as building markets and public toilets
  • Repair jobs such as refurbishing community halls, public offices, and schools
  • Gardening and landscaping jobs such as maintenance of community gardens and creating green spaces for kids to play
  • Town beautification projects such as paving walkways and planting trees
  • Cleaning jobs such as garbage collection and drain clogging

Kazi Mtaani Pay 

During phase 1, Kazi Mtaani recruits earned Ksh 600 – Ksh 65 daily. The earnings dropped to Ksh 455 per day during the second phase and Ksh 455 – Ksh 505 in phase 3.

Now, the program is in its fourth phase, where the expected earnings could level that of phase 3.

Eligibility Requirements for Kazi Mtaani

Applicants generally have to meet these requirements before applying for the Kazi Mtaani program:

  • Be a youth aged 18 – 35 years
  • Be a Kenyan citizen (must provide an ID as proof)
  • Obtain a Good Conduct certificate
  • Have an MPESA-registered phone number (for receiving the pay)
  • Not be a beneficiary of any government subsidy/transfer program
  • Be a resident of where you are applying from
  • A KCPE or KCSE certificate could be an added advantage though it’s not mandatory
  • Be willing to work from 8 am to 4 pm
Kazi Mtaani management system portal

How to Apply Kazi Mtaani Online

Kenyan youths that meet the above requirements can visit the Kazi Mtaani Management System portal to make an online application. 

The Kazi Mtaani phase 3 application form requires you to feed these details:

Step 1 (Personal Details) – This step requires you to provide your name, gender, date of birth, and phone number. You also need to specify if you have a disability or not. 

Step 2 (National ID Information) – This sound step requires you to specify if you have a Kenyan ID and feed its identification and serial numbers if that’s the case. Additionally, you’ll need to provide your birth district.

Step 3 (Location Details) – The third step requires you to indicate your county, sub-county, village, ward, and residence. 

Step 4 (Education & Skill) – This last phase requires you to select your highest level of education, skill level, and preferred job. After that, you can agree with the terms and click submit.

The Recruitment Process

After completing the Kazi Mtaani application online, a grass-root selection committee convenes to shortlist the candidates. The committee will then notify the successful candidate by SMS.

Generally, the selection committee comprises of:

  • ‘Nyumba Kumi local leaders 
  • Community youth leaders
  • Informal settlement leaders
  • National government administration officers (NGAO)
how to apply Kazi Mtaani online

People Also Ask

1.  How Do I Apply Online Kazi Mtaani?

You can apply for Kazi Mtaani online by visiting the Kazi Mtaani management system portal, where you’ll access an application form that you should feed. 

The application requires you to feed personal ID and location information and get to specify your education level and skill.

2. How Do You Know If Selected for Kazi Mtaani?

The Kazi Mtaani selection committee has to convene to select successful candidates they inform via SMS. You must meet all the application requirements to be among the selected candidates.

3. How Can I Check Kazi Mtaani Shortlisted Candidates?

The Kazi Mtaani selection committee usually notifies shortlisted candidates via SMS. So you only need to sit and wait for the notification after completing the online application. 

But if you don’t receive the SMS, you can visit to check the list of shortlisted candidates.

4. How Do I Register Kazi Mtaani Phase 3?

Well, the Kazi Mtaani phase 3 application ended in June 2022. It’s now in its 4th phase, where you can visit the Kazi Mtaani Management System to fill out an online application form.

You’ll need to be 18 – 35 years, have an ID and good conduct certificate and be a resident of the town you are applying from. 

5. How Much Do Kazi Mtaani Supervisors Make?

Kazi Mtaani supervisors earn slightly more than workers. While workers in phase 2 earned Ksh 455 daily, supervisors pocketed Ksh 505.

6. Is Kazi Mtaani Phase 4?

Yes, Kazi Mtaani is now in its fourth phase. Phase 3 recruitment was completed in June 2022. So, the government is now taking in youths for phase 4, which is expected to be mega. 

7. How Do I Change My Details On Kazi Mtaani?

You can change your details on Kazi Mtaani by following these steps:

  • Visit  and click verify registration
  • Enter your ID and click submit
  • Change the details you want to change and submit
  • Wait for a notification to show a successful update

8. Who Is Eligible for Kazi Mtaani?

Kenyan youths aged 18 – 35, especially those from informal settlements, are eligible for Kazi Mtaani. You, however, must be provided an ID and Good Conduct certificate and be a resident of the town you are applying from. 

9. How Do I Register KMS Go Ke Sign Up?

You can register for KMS online through the Kazi Mtaani management system portal, where you’ll need to provide your personal, ID, and location details. Once you complete the online application form, you only need to wait for SMS notification if you are successful. 

10. What Is the Salary of Kazi Mtaani?

The Kazi Mtaani phase 3 saw workers make Ksh 455 – Ksh 505 in different counties, slightly lower than phase 1 (Ksh 600 – Ksh 653).

Closing Thought on Kazi Mtaani Application Online

Now you know the steps for a Kazi Mtaani online application. Just visit the Kazi Mtaani management system portal to fill out an application form. Ensure, however, that you meet all the eligibility requirements. After that, wait for an SMS notification if you are successful. 

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