8 Pace-Setting Land Buying and Selling Companies In Kenya.

8 Pace-Setting Land Buying and Selling Companies In Kenya.

Today, land buying and selling companies in Kenya are reaping big out of desperate Kenyans who want to own a piece of Mother Nature.  

For some, it’s an opportunity to have and possibly pass down some lands to their kids, something they didn’t have the privilege to receive from their parents as customary in Kenya.  

For others, getting land in prime locations is what matters. So, they are least interested in the portions they inherited in their villages.     

But for land investors and especially developers, it’s business as usual. They recognize that nothing appreciates continually as land, more so in Nairobi and its environs and prime locations like the coastal region and along the Standard Gauge Railway (popularly known as the SGR).

But what’s in for land brokers?

According to one report by Standard Media, some land brokers receive up to 10% commissions from some land sales. As a result, some pocket up to Ksh 1 million.

For big-time property market companies, Kenya’s prime and yet-to-be-fully-developed locations provide them with an opportunity to buy low and sell high before or after development.

Let’s look at 8 of these pace-setting land buying and selling companies causing waves in the Kenyan land market.

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Top 8 Land Buying And Selling Companies In Kenya

1. Optiven

Since its launching in 2008, Optiven has scooped over 13 different awards, which proves its dominance in the Kenyan real estate sector.

Among them are the Most Admired Real Estate Company of the Year Award (2021), Best Real Estate Mobile App in Kenya (2019), Winner Land Agent of the Year (2021), Best Value Added Land Selling Company (2018 and 2019), Best Real Estate Developer in Kenya (2014), among many others.

Currently, the company has land development projects at Armani Ridge Kiambu, Victory Gardens and Happy Gardens Kitengela, and Garden of Joy Machakos.

So far, Optiven has disbursed over 6,259 title deeds and completed 52 mega development projects in different parts of the country.

Location – Wing A, 4th Floor, Barclays Plaza, Loita Street, Nairobi

Phone – 0790 300 300/0790 667 799

2. Lloyd Masika Limited

Lloyd Masika Limited is a top land buying and selling business in Kenya, which takes pride in its team of professional property valuators and real estate agents.

Since its establishment in 1979, Lloyd Masika Ltd has changed the dynamics of the Kenya property market. The company has a broad clientele base, comprising government agencies, private companies, and individuals.

Today, Lloyd Masika has land listings in Githunguri, Kiwaroga, Kiambu, Karatina, Nyandarua, Nakuru, Karen, and Kwale.

Location – The Arch Place 8th Floor, Nyangumi Road, Nairobi

Phone – 0722 481 504/0733 597 050

3. Hass Consult

Since gracing the Kenyan real estate sector, Hass Consult has owned it as one of the best paying real estate companies in Kenya.

Hass Consult runs on the pillars of integrity, market transparency, and professionalism, things that land buyers and investors want in a property broker.

The real estate company focuses more on properties around Nairobi and its environs. Currently, they have standalone plots for sale in Gigiri, Karen, Lang’ata, Lavington, New Kitisuru, Old Muthaiga, and Runda.

Overall, Hass Consult is widely recognized for its innovation in property development. Just recently, Hass Consult developed Kenya’s first-ever botanical garden, which shows its industrial dominance.

Location – ABC Place 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, Nairobi

Phone – 0709 479 000/0709 479 479

4. My Space

Recently appeared on KPMG Top 100 in 2018 and 2019, My Space is one of Kenya’s fastest-rising real estate companies.

The company buys and sells lands and helps develop them to ensure the projects meet their housing needs.

Today, My Space stocks trade at the Nairobi Securities Stock Exchange Ibuka, and it’s one of the first companies to go that route.

The company has developed many projects in Nairobi and Mombasa, and they are also looking to explore other parts of the country.

Location – Nairobi 6 Parklands Avenue, Valley View Park Towers B

Phone – 0734 555 556/0722 442 077

5. Username Properties

Username Properties may only be eight years old, but very few people can tell that, judging by its recent accomplishment.

2018 saw it earn the Best Land and Investment Company Award at the Kenya Homes Expo.

Other recognitions include the Best Diaspora Market Land Selling Company Award, the Best SME Affordable Housing Agenda Award, and the Best Land Company in Using Digital Tech Solutions Award.

So far, Username Properties has issued over 8,230 title deeds and completed over 43 projects. The land buying and selling business boasts affordable lands, which start from Ksh 199,000 and offer installment plans of up to one year.

Location – Le-Mac Towers, 4th Floor, Church Road, Westlands, Nairobi

Phone – 0725 000 222

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6. Fanaka

Fanaka positions itself as more of an investment partner than a land broker. The company offers affordable land for sale in Kenya to mid-level Kenyans in Nairobi and its surrounding counties.

Most of its listings are on Kangundo Road, Kamulu, Malaa, Ruai, and Joska.

In recent years, Fanaka has earned several real estate recognitions that put it above its competitors. For example, in 2018, 2019, and 2020, Fanaka was recognized as the Most Preferred Land Selling Company.

Location – Dune Plaza, Kangundo Road

Phone – 0711 125 555/0799 001 188

7. AMG Realtors

AMG Realtors is a young real estate company that promises a one-stop solution to property buyers, developers, and investors.

The company buys large acreages and subdivides them into affordable plots. Currently, they have lots of land projects in Nakuru, Naivasha, Aberdares, Juja, Kang’udo, Emali, and Nanyuki.

AMG Realtors promise a 60 Day Money Guarantee on title deeds. That has seen them attract a lot of buyers. And with most ploys costing under $500, the company is a target for the Kenyan middle class.

Location – AMG Center 3rd Floor, Thika Super Highway

Phone – 0709 789 000

8. Angaza Real Estate Limited

Since its founding in 2007, Angaza Real Estate Limited has empowered the middle class to own land in different parts.

The company runs on its core values which include professionalism, integrity, honesty, and God-fearing.

According to Angaza, all of its lands are affordable to their middle-income earners. That’s understandable, given that most go for under Ksh 1 million, but you can get a few parcels for less than Ksh 100,000.

Even better, the company allows installment buying of up to 3 years.

Location – Angaza Plaza Opposite Total Bonjour, Kenyatta Highway, Thika

Phone – 0723 200 200/0792 948 881

People Also Ask (About Land Buying And Selling Companies In Kenya)

1. What Is The Fastest Way To Sell Land In Kenya?

The fastest way to sell land in Kenya is through a broker or a real estate company. You can also do it faster by advertising it on land listing sites.

It’s essential, however, that you research the price and prepare the necessary documents before listing.

2. How Much Does An Acre Of Land Cost In Kenya?

Land prices differ in Kenya depending on location. In Nairobi, for example, a 1/8 of an acre starts from Ksh 7 million, according to Optiven. You may, however, spend under Ksh 1.5 million on a 1/8 acre outside Nairobi.

3. How Many Ploys Make An Acre In Kenya?

An acre contains eight plots in Kenya.

4. How Do I Buy Land In Kenya?

Generally, here are the keys for buying land safely and legally in Kenya:

  • Search and inspect the title deed at the land’s registry
  • Prepare an offer and negotiate a better price depending on the property market
  • Receive the sales agreement and study it carefully, preferably with the help of an advocate
  • Deposit the land’s asking price and pay the necessary land dates
  • Request for the transfer of the documents
  • Pay the stamp duty for tax-levied lands
  • Be a part of the registration transfer
  • Receive a receipt that finalizes the documents transfer

5. How Long Does It Take To Sell Land In Kenya?

Changing a title deed’s ownership typically takes up to two weeks. It may, however, take more time if there are complications.

6. How Much Are Land Brokers Paid In Kenya?

Ordinarily, land brokers get up to 3% of the property’s sale. Some crafty land selling agents in Kenya, however, earn up to 10%.

7. Is Buying Land In Kenya A Good Investment?

Land ownership is historically significant in Kenya since land is passed down as an inheritance. But with so many people moving to urban areas, owners of land in those areas have the option of building rental properties and earning passive income.

So, yes, buying land in Kenya is a good investment.  

8. Why Is Land So Expensive In Kenya?

Lands are becoming expensive in Kenya because of the nation’s fast-rising population and desperate Kenyan’s who buy out of speculation. Since they hope to sell high in the future, they rush to buy them. But still, many greedy land brokers reap innocent Kenyans with their exorbitant fees and commissions.

In Conclusion

You now know the eight land buying and selling companies in Kenya that are setting the pace in the real estate sector. These companies are the go for when you want to buy or sell land. On the flip side, they are the ones to beat if you plan to get into land brokerage in Kenya.

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