A Guide to MKU Student Portal Registration, Login and Services

MKU Student Portal Registration, Login and Services

Mount Kenya University is one of the most established private universities in the country and beyond the borders. This post looks into the MKU student portal.

It informs you what you need to do to create an account, how to operate it and obtain services from the portal without hurdles. You don’t need to keep frequenting the finance offices, for example, to find out how much you owe the institution in terms of fees.mku portal

Today, as opposed to the past, course registration occurs on the portal, hostel booking and much much more can be done right from the comfort of your computer on the portal.

Are you a new student looking for some guidance into the usage of the portal? Well.

Let’s get to know more about the portal.

MKU Portal Registration: How to Create a Student Account

Here is a quick process on how to create a student’s account:

  1. Go to the university website
  2. Click on the student menu
  3. Select the student portal
  4. While on this page, you will be directed to the Mount Kenya University Student Portal page.
  5. Look for the Student Log in section
  6. Use your admission number as the user name and the ID number as password to create your account.

Once you are done with this application process, you can generate a letter of offer. This is great because, for some other institutions, you will need to travel physically in order to get this letter.

Here are the Services You Get on Mount Kenya Student Portal.

The good thing about the online portal is that it enables one to get almost all important services condensed in the same place. You don’t have to visit an office to be attended to.

This efficiency and quick service access will definitely improve your experience in this institution.

The MKU portal allows you to enjoy the following services as a student:

  1. Real-time, updated information. Forget about the paper brochures and flyers provided by most universities.
  2. Fee statements: You can also obtain fee statements through this portal. Whether you want the fee structure for a diploma program, a degree program or a doctorate, come to the portal.

This fee will be matched to its courses so that things are clear.

  1. Get the Learner Identification Card. The ID is key for accessing most of the university services. You can’t go to the library, or to the exam room.

But the good news is that the ID can be obtained on the portal.

  1. Semester Timetables; you can also access the courses that are offered in a particular semester, which lecturer has been assigned the units, and the time of the day.
  2. Course Registration: You can also register on the portal.
  3. Inquiry of Exams results
  4. You can also inquire for results slips
  5. Hostel booking

Mount Kenya University Student Portal Login.

The login procedure into the student portal is a pretty simple one. Once you access the website follow these straightforward steps to log in and access the various services.

  1. After landing on the MKU student online portal, enter your registration number or admission number as the username. The registration should be written in full.
  2. The national ID number is the password you are going to use to log in. ensure that you don’t leave any spaces between the numbers.
  3. Click login and you will be directed to the student portal page. That’s if you entered the details correctly.
  4. In case you forget your password, you can recover it. Just click on the change password section.

Then key in your registration number and the password will be reset.

How to Download Admission Letters from MKU Student Portal.

If you won’t be able to visit the main campus or nearest branches, the easy thing is to download the admission letter and the registration documents from this portal. Just ensure that you are in a cyber café where you can download and print all the related stuff.

This is how to download or obtain the letters of offer from the MKU student portal:

  • Visit the student portal that’s
  • Look for the applicants or new students
  • Fill in the application reference or the index number
  • Then, click “Generate applicant letter of offer”

MKU Student Email Addresses.

Once you become a student of the MKU, you can generate an email using the University Corporate Student Email Addresses. Visit the Lab 4 and Lab 5 in the campus to get your student email which is created in the format

Expect to receive your email in the following week or so. Just keep in mind that the email is necessary because most of the notices, updates, event calendar and all other communications shall be sent through those emails.

Mount Kenya University Campuses.

Mount Kenya University has its main campus at Thika. This is where the University started as the Thika Institute of Technology.

Other branches include:

  1. Nairobi campus at the MKU towers
  2. Parklands law campus
  3. Mombasa campus
  4. Nakuru campus
  5. Meru campus
  6. Kakamega campus
  7. Kisii Campus
  8. Eldoret Campus
  9. Old Center Nyeri

The university has other campuses outside the country. For example, the Kigali campus in Rwanda.

MKU Application Forms.

The MKU student portal allows you to access the application forms. To apply online, you will need to visit this page and fill the fields accurately.

Be honest with your information.

The paper version can also be obtained. Just download from this link on the university website. You will see a PDF format application form – download and fill it physically.

Pay the application fee using one of the following methods:

  • The Mpesa Lipa na Mpesa Method – pay bill number is 270988
  • The account number is your admission number
  • Make the payment
  • You will receive a confirmation message with a unique code

The second method involves making the payment online:

  • You can visit the and select LipaNaGTBank or
  • New students ought to enter their reference number and click VALIDATE
  • The continuing students should use their admission numbers and click VALIDATE
  • For new applicants, you will need to enter the ID number or Passport number.
  • Enter the unique Mpesa code
  • Choose the reason for payment e.g. admission or tuition etc.
  • Fill in your phone number or email address of the student/parent. You will receive a payment confirmation.
  • Click the submit button and the fees account will be automatically updated
  • Then the last step is to check your statements through the student portal

How to Register for Supplementary Exams on MKU Student Portal.

Sometimes things do not turn out well in terms of the exams. You end up failing a certain unit or you were not just available; you were sick, you had an issue to attend to.

You can register on the MT Kenya university student portal for a special or supplementary exam. You will generate an exam card.


  • Select the course registration on the student portal.
  • Then choose special registration
  • Select the Oct special and proceed with the registration
  • You will see the affected units appearing as either special or supplementary
  • You will have ensured that you did your coursework CATs. These must never miss; otherwise, you will never be eligible for the exams.

Mount Kenya University Contacts

Mount Kenya University Student Portal

Postal Adress: P.O.Box 342-01000 Thika, General Kago Road.
Telephone: (+254 20) 2088310, 2338148, 2338146.
Cell: +254 720 790 796, 789 126 571. Fax: +254 20 2050315.

Mount Kenya University Student Portal In Mombasa
Postal Address: Mombasa Trade Centre, Nkurumah Road,
P.O.Box 42702-80100, Mombasa.
Telephone: 020 8002096/7/8.

Mount Kenya University Student Portal : Nairobi campus – Mku Towers 
Postal Address: P.O.Box 13495 – 00100 GPO Nairobi.
Telephone: +254 20 2528803, 0202667731/2/3/4.
Cell: 0729256979, 0734667731.
Fax: +254 20 2667596.

Mount Kenya University Virtual Campus Contacts – Union Towers 
Postal Address: P.O.Box 13495-00100 GPO Nairobi.
Telephone/Fax: (+25420)2102963.
Cell: 0700 912 353, 0702 041 042.

In Conclusion

There is no doubt that Mount Kenya University has placed a huge preference in the ICT department. The university wants to ensure that learner experience is maintained on the topmost levels.

With the MKU student portal, you are able to access so many key university services online. As long as you have a device such as a computer or an android-powered internet phone, the services can be transacted at the comfort of your chair or bed!

Whether it’s a hostel booking you are chasing, or you are a new applicant looking to get an offer letter, just input the necessary login requirements.

Distance learners can also benefit from the students’ portal much more than any other individual. It is obvious that they are not going to access university premises any time soon.

Therefore, the site is going to be an absolute saver. The learners can interact with their lecturers and the university from wherever they will be.

To that end, the university itself is on a mission to improve its entire e-service delivery. Because that’s where the future lies.

Yu Team

Our mission is to educate, inspire and make your life easier by providing well researched authentic information. Cheers!

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