Best Online Writing Jobs In Kenya 2023 (10 Legit Websites)

Best Online Writing Jobs In Kenya 2023 (10 Legit Websites)

If you’re looking for an online writing job to cover your bills, I’ll share ten best websites where you can find online writing jobs in Kenya and great tips to get you started with your side hustle.

Having started as a freelance writer but now running several blogs and YouTube channels, I’m living proof that the future for online writing jobs in Kenya is bright.

From academic writing, where you earn from doing assignments to content writing, where you create web-tailored content, there are so many earning opportunities.

While so many Kenyans, especially those in college, take online jobs as a part-time hustle, you could comfortably do it full-time. That means you can pay rent and every other bill and support your family as a full-time online writer.

You need to know where to get legit writing gigs, and that’s where I come in. I’ll point you in the direction of legitimate online writing websites in a few.

online writing jobs in Kenya

Here are the best places to find online writing jobs in Kenya after which I’ll give you some tips to get started as an online writer in Kenya

10 Legit Websites: Online Writing Jobs In Kenya

1.  Upwork

Upwork is generally the best freelance writing platform for Kenyan writers and the global community.

The clients pay very well, especially when you are skilled and with good feedback.

During my college time, I started as a freelancer on Upwork and could make $10-$30 an hour. This is the side hustle that gave me some cash to support my college lifestyle. Nowadays, I hear that it’s possible to earn as much as $50 an hour.

The best part is that Upwork now pays via M-PESA and not just PayPal as it used to be back then.

And when it comes to compensation, they have an escrow system that protects your earnings, and you can withdraw any time once the money matures.

It usually takes five days for money released by the client to reflect on your Upwork account.

2.  Fiverr

Many Kenyan writers have an account on Fiver or had it at some point. There, you sell your writing services to an international community of well-paying clients.

You can set your rates for as little as $5 per project, but no one stops you from asking more.

The good thing about this freelance writing site is that you don’t need a degree to sign up and accept freelancers from all around the globe.

Generally, Fiverr takes 20% of your earnings, as you keep the rest. The money matures after 14 days.

3.  PayPerContent

PayPerContent is a writing platform that requires you to sign up as a member before you can start receiving writing jobs.

Unlike Upwork, you don’t have to bid for work. That means the jobs are more regular.

You can write web pages, blog posts, reports, and articles on PayPerContent.

Once you get accepted (after passing the skill test), PayPerContent offers you editorial guides that you can use to deliver top-notch content.

The compensation is decent, and you can take as many orders as you can handle.

Though you pick your orders and work time, you are expected to deliver your tasks on time.

The sign-up is free, and the pay is twice a month via PayPal.

4.  PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour allows you to apply to just about any online job. So, it’s not just about online writing but also jobs like web design, programming, graphic design, translation, to name a few.

PeoplePerHour is strict when it comes to the content you create. Your submission is reviewed and rated by the administrator. That means the more impressive the rating, the likelier you will land more well-paying jobs.

If you are a speedier and efficient writer, you could make some serious cash on PeoplePerHour. The company takes 20% of your first £500 earnings.

Payments are through an Escrow system, thus safe. So, you are guaranteed payment for work done.

5.  Guru

Guru is more like PeoplePerHour and Upwork. You need to sign up for a freelancer account and apply for the writing jobs that interest you.

When a client likes your proposal, they’ll interview you before awarding you the contract.

Besides online writing jobs, you can find jobs in translation, web design, sales, among many other disciplines.

You don’t need a degree to sign up on Guru, and you have the option of sending an hourly, fixed, or task-based quote to the client.

Guru pays via PayPal or direct deposit within 24 hours of processing your earnings.

However, you must create an appealing profile and send a persuasive proposal to win clients.

2. What are online writing jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa?

6.  Falcon Writers

Falcon Writers is a Kenyan-based freelance writing platform known to attract the international community. You can find legitimate academic and content writing jobs on the platform, and the pay is decent.

They pay promptly via PayPal, and you can make about $10 per page. They even offer bonuses to exceptional writers.

The Falcon Writers team is entirely professional, and they promise live support. Impressively, the company has an online course for less experienced writers.

With Falcon Writers, you can take on as many jobs as you want, especially in a high season. You’ll however, need to pass a small entry test before joining the platform.

7.  ProWritersTime

ProWritersTime is another reputable Kenyan-based online writing platform. They mostly hire academic writers in various disciplines such as English, Law, Business, Finance, History, Statistics, and Medicine.

The content writing company is always looking for talented Kenyan writers who want to earn decently.

In addition to receiving a payment from the jobs you deliver, you can also get bonuses for high ratings.

ProWritersTime also promises timely payment and a mentoring program for writers who need self-development lessons.

Your grammar must be flawless, and you should be able to produce plagiarize-free work to continue earning on ProWritersTime.

8.  Nerdy Turtlez

Nerdy Turtles is a Kolkata-based online writing one-stop solution. Though it originally began as an online education platform, Nerdy Turtlez now hires skilled writers to join their team.

The agency accepts mainly academic writers in statistics, business, engineering, education, computer science, and accounting, to name a few.

Nerdy Turtlez pays Ksh 200-Ksh 500 per 250 words, depending on your writing skill. They pay promptly and offer you the freedom to pick your jobs. So, you work conveniently from home.

The sign-up is free. So, you’ve no reason not to give Nerdy Turtlez a try.

9. Kuhustle

Like Falcon Writers, Kuhustle is Kenyan-based but attracts the best-paying clients worldwide.

That means they only hire top freelancers. However, you don’t have to be very experienced to join the platform as it is beginner-friendly. You have to be impeccable at research and have flawless grammar.

Overall, Kuhustle is an excellent platform to build your writing profile. The best part is that you don’t sit for any skill test, making the application less troublesome.

So far, the platform has over 32,000 freelancers who tackle various projects.

You need to send your bid in response to the jobs published. Kuhustle limits the bids per job to five, making the jobs very competitive.

10. is irrefutably one of the largest freelancing platforms. It has writers from all around the globe.

Though the clients don’t pay the best and the jobs have a lot of competition, the opportunities are legit.

Besides, once you get your first job and an excellent review to show for it, the next one will come. Before you know it, you’ll be having long-term clients.

You can write eBooks, blog posts, articles, reports, or even scripts on Like any other freelancing platform, you’ve to bid, indicate your quote, and wait for the client’s response.

You can expect to earn $2 per 500 words as a beginner freelancer on

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Tips To Get Started As An Online Writer in Kenya

Now that you know where to get legit online writing jobs in Kenya, it’s time I give you a few first-hand tips to land your first or next writing gig.

Here’s what to remember:

  • Get some online training to learn the basics. You can learn on YouTube or sign up for an online writing course.
  • Sign up for two or more freelance writing accounts to boost your chances of landing some freelance writing jobs.
  • Don’t forget to network with other Kenyan online writers, especially social media. You can try Awesome Transcribers Kenya on Facebook.
  • It doesn’t hurt to cold pitch. Send out cold emails to prospective clients and companies, convincing them why they should buy your writing services.
  • Build an online portfolio. Preferably, start a blog to showcase your work to clients.
  • Keep reading and learning from the best writers. Though I’ve been writing for years, I still read articles and newsletters by more experienced writers to understand where I can polish on my blogs.
  • Please stay away from plagiarism, don’t miss deadlines, and proofread your work before submitting it.
  • Stay unique and always give your best to win your clients with creativity and originality.
  • Only take up projects that you can deliver and don’t sell low just because you are desperate. It destroys our credibility as Kenyan writers.

In Conclusion

There are unlimited opportunities for online writing jobs in Kenya. With this guide, you should land a legit online writing job. All the best, mate!

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