Viusasa Kenya : How To Make Money Like A Pro Using Viusasa App.

Viusasa App Kenya- How To Use Viusasa Videos To Make Money

This is all you need to know about viusasa kenya :  I’ll guide you through the process of accessing and downloading viusasa app, how to register for an account and start making money from the comfort of your sofa.

viusasa kenyaRMS (Royal media services) connected Viusasa has slowly but surely penetrated the Kenyan entertainment scene with its huge collection of top-notch TV and video content.

And one of the reasons for viusasa Kenya popularity is the aggressive marketing and ease of accessibility thanks to the viusasa app.

The best part is that users are fully in charge of their entertainment menu…That is, unlike traditional TV, you choose what you want to watch, when you want to.

From your favorite comedians, soaps, naija movies, sports shows, music, and even live TV coverage, you have it all.

In other words, viusasa videos have potential to take your TV enjoyment to a whole new level and viusasa citizen tv could soon prove to be the biggest thing to happen in this country after pay TV.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to register and maximize fully on Viusasa.

Let’s go.

What Is Viusasa?

Viusasa is a revolutionary subscription-based video-on-demand service offering a variety of content via the Viusasa app.

There’s live TV, video, music, soaps, sports, comedy, gospel shows, talk shows, fashion, and more in Swahili, English, and a number of vernacular languages.

Unlike Netflix or showmax, Viusasa’s mission is to promote local content.

The system is owned by CAL (Content Aggregation Limited),a Kenyan incorporated content aggregation company.

How Do You Access Viusasa?

To enjoy the service, start with a viusasa download from Google play store (Android) or AppStore (iPhone).

Then, as we said, the platform isn’t open meaning you can only watch the thrilling content on Viusasa after registering (opening an account) and then subscribing (paying) for your best package.

So, how do you register for

How To Join Viusasa

Remember we said you have to start with the Viusasa app download.

After this, it’s registration.

This is how you register:

Step 1: Provide details about Your Phone number

Immediately after downloading the app., open it. Remember to select one app language as you open the application for the first time.

Then click register.How To Join Viusasa

You will be asked for your mobile phone number, mobile number, email, and a password (4-16 characters)

Then click create your Viusasa account.

Step 2: OTP Verification

To verify your account, now enter the password in the provided spacecreate your Viusasa account.Step 3: Choose and Subscribe to your favorite package

The app. has a number of packages to choose from; daily, weekly or monthly-based.

You pick one and choose subscribe.

Step 4: Pay for Your Subscription

Viusasa provides you with a plethora of payment options- mpesa, credit card, or debit card (visa or mastercard).

Let’s look at the payment steps.

For Android/iPhone Users:

Click the ‘pay’ button (option) on your viusasa app and select the package you’re interested in.

Voila! Start enjoying viusasa.

On the Website:

You can also visit the website and select the package from there and your preferred mode of payment.

From MPESA Toolkit directly:

  • Choose lipa na mpesa,
  • Then paybill
  • Then click enter business number.
  • Enter paybill no 724177.
  • Then choose account no. – the account number is your phone number (the one you registered on viusasa)
  • Now enter the amount.
  • Then enter your mpesa pin.
  • Confirm the transaction details and say ok.

Once your payment has been received, your package is activated for the chosen duration.

Please note that the normal data charge applies when using viusasa so ensure you have adequate doubles.

How To Download Viusasa App – Steps

You download the app. from Google play store (Android) or appstore (iPhone).

Generally, the viusasa download app steps are very easy;

Downloading Viusasa from Android

  1. Open your Google Play Store application on your phone.
  2. Search for viusasa and select it.
  3. Tap to install.
  4. The app is not that big so it should install in a few moments.

Downloading Viusasa from iPhone

  1. Launch your App Store.
  2. Tap the usual magnifying glass near the bottom right hand of your screen.
  3. Search for viusasa.
  4. Tap the app to install.

Viusasa Package Rates

Package Videos Music Both Videos & Music
Daily Kshs. 20 Kshs.  15 Kshs.  30
Weekly Kshs.  100 Kshs.  75 Kshs.  150
Monthly Kshs.  300 Kshs.  200 Kshs.  450

Who Is Viusasa Meant For?

Since 2015, the government of Kenya, through the CAK (Communication Authority of Kenya)   has been trying to implement the 60% local content policy as a way of creating a vibrant market for locally-produced TV shows.

Now, the main aim of viusasa is to promote local content and so we can say they came at the right time.

Indeed, it’s expected that in a few years’ time, they will have grown to be a big platform where local content creators can showcase their prowess while earning a decent income from their productions.

Here is how the advantages of viusasa to Kenyan content producers;

  • It’s another content distribution channels.
  • Producers will benefit from the aggressive marketing of on the mainstream media without paying a penny.
  • Local artists can monetize their shows without investing a single coin in customized content channels.
  • Viusasa offers a number of related support services to local video artists including customer billing.
  • The system is secure so the videos are protected against unauthorized access
  • Viusasa has an analytics data from where users can view detailed reports on consumer viewership trends to help them make informed product decisions.

Is Viusasa The Future Kenya Youtube?

A few observers have suggested that Viusasa could be Kenya’s answer to YouTube.

Maybe, first, you need to understand that the 2 have quite some significant differences;

  1. Viusasa is a video-on-demand app (content aggregator) where users must subscribe before use while YouTube is free video sharing app.
  2. Viusasa makes money from collecting subscriptions from its audience while YouTube makes money from advertisements while remaining free for its huge audience.
  3. Viusasa focuses on promoting local content while YouTube has no limitation. It captures content from both the local and the global market.

So, is Viusasa going to lock out YouTube from the local market? Well, I would say not really- at least at this point in time. Not only do they run on different models but also seem to have very distinct missions- one is for building anything on video (YouTube)  while the other one is for locals only.

In any case, it’s still early days for to start comparing it with YouTube.


Since its launch, Viusasa has continued to confound critics with a strong showing among the target audience.

Already, it has had more than 1 million downloads which is quite an achievement for a local app.

And since everything about it is super-easy, viewers and local entertainment producers have a reason to smile.

Yu Team

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