Zuku Paybill Number: How to pay Zuku via Mpesa.

Zuku Paybill Number: How to Pay Zuku Digital TV & Zuku Fiber Internet.

Most of the time it is the small things that make our life hard. Yet, what the difference they can bring in our daily lives!

In that respect, this article handles Zuku pay bill number, which is just one of those. Whether you are an existing customer or you are planning to enjoy TV and internet services on Zuku, it goes without a doubt that you will need a pay bill number to sort the bills.

This number not only enables the choice-conscious customers to subscribe to the right services but also ensure that they don’t put money in the wrong accounts.

That said, Zuku comes with a variety of services. It offers entertainment services thanks to digital TV.

Besides, the Wananchi Group satellite-powered platform gives customers both internet and telephone services. In principle, you get three very vital services fused into a Zuku device.

It is due to these different services that Zuku has customized all its payments for the services to specific pay bill numbers.

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This article covers all zuku paybill numbers and you will know which one comes in for what service.

zuku paybill number

Different Zuku Paybill Numbers According to Services Offered.

As introduced earlier, Zuku offers three various services. Digital TV, internet connection, and calls.

Don’t make any payment before you are sure that the paybill for making the deposit is the correct one. Here are the Zuku pay bill numbers.

  • Paybill number 220220 for Zuku Satellite
  • Paybill number 320321 for Zuku fiber phone airtime
  • Paybill number 320320 for Zuku fiber internet

Zuku Digital TV Paybill Number.

If you want to pay for your TV subscription, 220220 is the Zuku official pay bill number.

Here is a quick procedure on how to use this number for your Zuku mpesa payment.

  • Visit Mpesa on your phone
  • Select the paybill option
  • Enter the Business Number as 220220
  • Feed in the Zuku account number
  • Proceed to fill in the amount of money you wish to pay for
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN, confirm details, and send

After the transaction, you will receive a confirmation SMS within 15 minutes of making the payment.  So you can be patient a tad bit after making a payment for this to reflect.

Zuku Fiber Internet Paybill Number.

Follow this procedure to pay for your internet connection services on your Zuku:

  • Go to the phone mpesa menu
  • Click on the Pay Bill option
  • Enter Business Number as 320320
  • In the Account Number section, enter the Zuku account number e.g. zuku222
  • Enter amount depending on which package or plan you are subscribing to
  • Enter Mpesa PIN
  • Confirm the details and send

As usual, a payment confirmation SMS will be sent to your phone. You will need to wait for this to happen within 15 minutes.

Zuku Fiber Airtime Pay Bill Number.

Here’s how to pay zuku airtime using the paybill number provided.

  • Go to the mpesa menu and select the Pay Bill option
  • Enter Business Number as 320321
  • Enter the Zuku account code or also called Zuku Account number in the Account Number section.
  • Enter the amount of money you wish to buy airtime
  • Enter your mpesa PIN, confirm details, and click send button

Unlike the other services, the confirmation SMS should hit your inbox within 2 hours. So you will definitely have to be more patient.

Here are the Zuku Kenya Packages and Prices for both Internet and Satellite TV.

The following are the Zuku Kenya packages services you are likely going to pay for.

Zuku Fiber Home Internet Triple Play

Under this package, you have the following categories.

  • Internet Only

The package offers 10 Mbps internet. And you can subscribe to this plan for just Ksh. 3499. You will get a free installation service and a free modem.

  • Zuku Home Basic

With this plan, you get up to 30 Mbps unlimited high-speed internet. Subscribe to the plan at the cost of Ksh. 4,699.

  • Zuku Home Preferred

This package offers up to 50 Mbps unlimited internet connection. There is a lot of free goodies including the Zuku to Zuku calls.

You pay Ksh. 5,999 to enjoy the services.

  • Zuku Home Premium

This plan achieves top internet speeds up to 100 Mbps. You also enjoy the free zuku to zuku call service.

Zuku Home Premium plan is subscribed to Ksh, 9,999.

  • Zuku Home Advanced

If you want to get even more electric speeds, get the Zuku Home Advanced plan that sells at Ksh. 19,999. The internet connection speed is 250 Mbps.

Zuku Fiber Business Packages.

If you want Zuku internet for your businesses, there are three possible options you can look at.

  • Up to 100 Mbps costing Ksh. 14,999
  • Up to 50 Mbps costing Ksh. 10,999
  • Up to 20 Mbps costing Ksh. 7,699

Zuku Satellite TV Packages.

Besides the internet and call service, you also want Zuku mpesa pay bill number for settling Zuku satellite TV entertainment. Thankfully, Zuku offers some of the most affordable rates in the industry.

Here is a quick dive into the packages and their prices:

  • Zuku Smart

At Ksh. 449 per month, you get 47 TV channels and 21 radio channels. Once you settle the one-time installation cost Ksh. 4,999, you are ready to go.

  • Zuku Smart Plus

The Zuku Smart Plus offers 62 TV channels at the cost of Ksh. 600 per month. However, you pay the same installation fee as above.

  • Zuku Classic

This Zuku package comes with 70 TV channels and 58 radio stations at a monthly subscription of Ksh. 1,099. The same installation fee mentioned above applies.

  • Zuku Premium

Coming with 85 TV channels and 58 channels radio stations, Zuku premium is the most expensive TV service on Zuku satellite TV. The monthly subscription is Ksh. 1,150.

Installation fee of Ksh. 4,999 applies.

In Conclusion

With the myriad of services that Zuku offers, each particular Zuku service certainly comes with a unique Zuku pay bill number.

Now, this can confuse. Because this is not just one paybill number set you need to memorize but three instead.

Anyways, nothing is impossible, right? Here is the recap of the three numbers for your memorization:

Zuku internet pay bill number is 320320

Zuku fiber pay bill number for phone airtime is 320321

And Zuku mpesa pay bill number for the satellite TV is 220220.

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