Zuku Speed Test 2023 (How To Check Your Internet Speed Fast!)

Zuku Speed Test 2023 (How To Check Your Internet Speed Fast!)

Ever heard of the Zuku Speed Test? Do you know that it’s possible to test the speed of your internet in a few simple steps?

If you have Zuku internet in your home, you know that speeds can go down from time to time.

In case you panic when you experience some downtown, you are not alone. Many people do not know what to do at such times and just wait, hoping the connection will rectify itself.

Many factors cause slow internet speeds. Most of these issues are easy to solve so you can continue enjoying fast internet.

Below we highlight the steps on how to test zuku internet speed.

When to Run a Zuku Internet Speed Test

Low Internet Connection

You should run this Zuku Speed Test when your connection is slow to determine whether this challenge is from Zuku or your end. Factors that could slow your internet include:

  • The number of users connected to your internet. The more the number, the slower the speeds
  • The distance between your device and the router
  • An old router
  • Weak PC processor
  • Slow browse
  • Network traffic on the ZUKU end
  • Broadband connection

Check Whether You are Getting Your Money’s Worth

Are you getting the speeds that you pay for? You should always check if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is delivering as promised.

In most instances, you will pay higher for high-speed internet. If your speed is less than what you usually pay for, you are better off downgrading to a lower-speed and cheaper plan.

Other Ways You Can Use The Speed Test Zuku

  • To know the times when your connection is fastest or slowest. You can then decide only to upload large files during the fast periods, mainly when there is less traffic on your ISP’s end.
  • To determine if you need to upgrade your plan. You may be surprised to find that your current internet speed cannot handle the devices connected to it.

How do I check my ZUKU Internet speed?

There are two processes of running this test. You can either use your ethernet cable or wireless connection.

Run the Zuku Speed test using Ethernet Cable

  1. Connect the ethernet cable to the router in your computer
  2. Open Zuku Fiber and go to the Self Care tab
  3. Select the Speed Test option and click go to start the test
zuku internet  speed test

Running the speed test using wireless connection

  • Go to the Zuku Fiber website and search for the Self Care tab
  • Select the Speed Test option. The website will direct you to a different tab, and all you need to do is press Go to start the test.
  • In a minute or less, you should have download & upload results, Jitter and Ping.

Understanding the Test Results

A Zuku internet speed test will let you know what to do to increase your internet speeds. However, you must understand the results before taking the following steps.

Some of the terms you may see in the results include:

  • Download speed: this indicates how fast content from the internet can be pulled into your computer
  • Upload Speed: this shows how fast you can send or share data to others using your internet connection
  • Ping: Also known as latency. It measures how quickly you get a response after sending a specific request.
  • Jitter: This is the variation recorded on latency.

Of the above information, you should be concerned more about the download speed. The download speeds will let you know if you can smoothly watch a video on YouTube or stream your favourite show on Netflix.

If ping and jitter measurements are low, your connection responds fast enough, which is good.

When doing a speed test, you are better off using an ethernet cable as it offers better connectivity than Wi-Fi. You will notice that ethernet tests mostly come with lower jitter and ping readings compared to the wireless option.

At the bottom of the test is some digits that represent your IP address. This is a unique ISP specifically designed for you so you can access the internet.

What to Do After a Speed Test

So, the speed test results are out, and your speed is within the range you are paying for. What do you do if you still find the connection too slow for you?

First, check all the people using your Wi-Fi. Caution them no to stream heavy content, at least when others are connected to the network.

You can also switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet cable. If the connection doesn’t improve, switch the router off for a minute and switch it on again.

If this doesn’t resolve the slow connection issue, the ISP side may be the problem. Call customer care and notify them of your slow connection.

Zuku responds fast to such issues, and it will not be long before your speeds are back to normal. The internet provider also sends alerts when there is a fault in their connection, so you are aware of what is happening.

The international traffic carrier may be down. Zuku will often send you a message when this happens.

There also may be an IP conflict with your computer, especially if you carry it to and from work. Set your PC to automatically acquire an IP address.

Thick walls are notorious for weak Wi-Fi signals. If you recently moved to a new house, this is one of the reasons you could be experiencing slow internet speeds.

Whatever the problem, a Zuku technician can help you diagnose and rectify the problem. Call Zuku through their cell phones: 0719 028200 / 0732 132200 or Landline: 0205-205-205 and request a technician to be sent to your home.

Final Thought

Now that you know how to do a Zuku Speed test, you will not feel helpless the next time you experience slow connections.

If the Zuku Connection problems persist even after running a speed test and incorporating corrective measures, let the professionals diagnose and rectify the problem.

You may have your connection back by simply switching the router on and off, or you may have to change the router placement.

Whatever the solution, a speed test is the quickest way to find the reason for your slow connection.

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