Dreamline Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fare Prices

Dreamline Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fare Prices

Dreamline offers combined comfort, quality, and safe travel, hence their slogan “You Dream, We Fulfill”. The Dreamline online booking is seamless, taking not more than seven simple steps that takes a few minutes to complete.  

To book your travel online with Dreamline, go their official website and fill in the details about your travel. Ensure you provide the correct details, including up to date personal identification information.

And don’t fret if you feel stuck on the booking process.

Dreamline has a professional customer support team that’s always ready to respond to any customer queries.

Like ENA coach buses, Dreamline buses offer transport services to both passengers and parcels, not to mention that they have both buses and vans.

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Dreamline Online Booking Prices Kenya (Regional Routes and Fare Prices)

 RoutesFare Prices
1.Mombasa – NairobiKES. 2,700 – KES. 2,900
2.Mombasa – KisumuKES. 3,200 – KES. 3,900
3.Mombasa – KitaleKES. 3,400 – KES. 3,800 
4.Mombasa – MumiasKES. 3,400 – KES. 3,800
5.Nakuru – MalindiKES. 3,400 – KES. 3600 
6.Mombasa – Kakamega – Mumias -BungomaKES. 3,400 – KES. 3,800
7.Nairobi – MalindiKES. 2,900 – KES. 3,600 
8.Malindi – Mtwapa – Bamburi – Nairobi – NakuruKES. 3,200 – KES. 3,500
9.Mtwapa – Bamburi – Nyali – Mombasa, NairobiKES. 2,800 –  KES. 3,100
10.Nakuru – MalindiKES. 3,200 – KES. 3,600
11.Nakuru – MtwapaKES. 3,300 – KES. 3,600
12.Malaba – MombasaKES. 3,300 – KES. 3,800

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Dreamline Online Booking Process

Have you chosen to travel out of town/city this weekend with Dreamline and want to make online reservation?

Follow these steps:

  • Head over to Dreamline’s official website.
  • Enter where you are traveling from in the box that indicates “From” and where you are traveling to in the box that indicates “To”.
  • Choose the date you wish to schedule for the journey by clicking on the calendar and selecting the search icon.
  • Select a seat. It could be a seat near the window or along the aisle. It could also be a VIP, business, or normal seat.
  • Choose the point where you would wish to board and where you would like to alight the bus.
  • A trip review receipt will show at the top of your phone or computer. Confirm that the details on the form are correct and click continue.

Dreamline will ask you to sign up.

You have two options here. You can sign up for an account, or you can continue as a guest if you don’t have time to go through the signup process.

Ensure you provide your email, email, age, phone number (country code included), nationality, and ID number, and then proceed to make payments. 

Main Routes Taken By Dreamline Fleets

There are four most common routes used by Dreamline vans and buses, and they’re as follows:

1. From Nairobi

  • Nairobi – Mombasa
  • Nairobi – Kigali
  • Nairobi – Kampala
  • Nairobi – Malindi

2. From Mombasa

  • Mombasa – Nairobi
  • Mombasa – Kisumu
  • Mombasa – Migori
  • Mombasa – Mumias

3. From Kitui

  • Kitui – Mombasa
  • Mombasa – Kitui

4. From Kampala

  • Kampala – Bunjumbura
  • Kampala – Nairobi

How Do I Contact Dreamline?

You have four contact options to get in touch with Dreamline Express Limited.  You can:

  • Go to their head office in Mombasa.
  • Contact them through their mailbox (P.O Box 42551-80100).
  • Get in touch with them through their telephone numbers (0710444411 or 0700444411).
  • Get in touch with then via their email address (

7 Things You Will Love about Dreamline Transportation Services

Here are seven things we love about the Dreamline transportation services:

1. Comfort

The vibe you get when on board is different from that you get when you are on in ordinary bus.

The passenger seats are adjustable and feel super comfortable. There is also adequate legroom to make sure that you can stretch.

2. Entertainment

Passengers also never get bored and that’s because every seat on Dreamline buses has little DVD players to keep them entertained throughout their journey.

3. Conducive Environment

Unlike the majority of buses and vans in Kenya, Dreamline buses never overload. Also, Dreamline maintains high levels of cleanliness.  

In my experience, their buses and vans have good ventilation for proper air circulation. The bus I boarded even had an air conditioner, and it plays the role of removing warm exhausted air from the bus while drawing in clean, fresh air. 

4. Built-in Extinguishers

I was surprised to see that Dreamline buses have fire extinguishers onboard. But then again, that’s a good thing.

If anything, safety and comfort go hand in hand, and Dreamline has proven that they care so much about both.

With a push of a button, these fire extinguishers can activate and put out a fire fast in case of an accident.

5. Safety

Dreamline buses have CCTV cameras in the bus for their passengers’ safety.

6. You Get Free Wi-Fi

Passengers with smartphones or laptops are lucky because they can connect to a Wi-Fi network onboard and enjoy browsing the web.

What’s more?

There are no limitations and the cost of using Wi-Fi is already included in the bus fare.

7. Saves You Time and Money

Instead of boarding a taxi to go and book a seat at their booking offices, you can do it online.

The online booking option not only gives you the convenience of picking the seat of your choice, but it also saves you money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does It Take From Nairobi to Mombasa By Bus?

The distance separating Kenya’s capital Nairobi from Mombasa is 488.1 kilometers. That means, with a bus, you will need to remain seated for about 7 hours and 20 minutes once the Dreamline bus leaves the Nairobi terminal to Mombasa.

2. How Much is from Mombasa to Busia?

The distance between the two destinations is 936KM and it will take about 16 hours to get from Mombasa to Busia. 

If you travel from Busia to Mombasa via Dreamline, you will pay KES. 2,600 for a VIP seat. The cost for a business or normal seat is KES. 2,200.

Note that, the fare is not fixed and can appreciate or depreciate depending on the season.

Final Thoughts

Dreamline is one of Kenya’s top travel agencies located in Malindi in Kilifi County. With a goal to give you esteemed customer service that guarantees comfort and safe travel, Dreamline will give you the travel experience difference from you typical commute.

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