ENA Coach Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fare Prices!

ENA Coach Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fare Prices!

Known for its luxurious 11-seater shuttles and classy 49-seater buses, ENA Coach continues to grow by the day. Now, the ENA Coach online booking process is more seamless than ever, which is part of why the bus service company is growing. 

You can book an ENA Coach bus ticket online through the bus company website or the Android app. Just visit the website or app and enter your travel details, pick a bus and a seat, pay for it, and print out your ticket. 

The online booking process is that simple, and I will help you do it seamlessly. We’ll discuss the steps you must follow to print out your ticket, which you’ll provide when boarding the bus or van. 

I’ll also share the coach line’s regional routes, booking prices, and contact numbers with you. But first, here’s an overview of the bus company.

ENA Coach Online Booking

About ENA Coach

ENA Coach is a PSV bus and van/shuttle company owned by ENA investments Ltd that has been running since 2008.   

The company was started by Richard Mogire, who is its current CEO. ENA branched out from the popular Transline Classic bus service in 2018 to work as an independent bus service though it was founded in 2008, as earlier mentioned. 

Some of the bus company’s most popular routes include Kisii – Nairobi, Migori – Nairobi, Nairobi – Mombasa, Busia – Nairobi, Busia – Mombasa, and Kisumu – Nairobi. 

They cover over 30 routes in Kenya, working day and night to provide traveling Kenyans with a convenient way to traverse this beautiful country and send and receive parcels. 

The company’s main office is in Nairobi at PPCU Building (formerly Wakulima House), along Haile Selassie Avenue. 

Their buses and shuttle offer several comforts such as Wi-Fi, phone charging, and VIP seats. Besides offering bus and shuttle services, ENA Coach also offers courier services across most regions in Kenya. 

Today, ENA Coach allows customers to book tickets online and pay via MPESA. Let’s look at the regional routes and booking prices next. 

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ENA Coach Online Booking Prices and Regional Routes

Below is a table showing how much you can expect to pay for an ENA bus/van ticket.

Route (To and Fro)Fare Price
Nairobi – Bondo Ksh 1,400 
Nairobi – Busia Ksh 1,400
Nairobi – Kehancha Ksh 1,200
Nairobi – Migori Ksh 1,200
Nairobi – Kisumu Ksh 1,400 
Nairobi – KisiiKsh 1,200
Nairobi – Mbita Ksh 1,200
Nairobi – Kendu BayKsh 1,200
Nairobi – Usenge Ksh 1,400
Nairobi – Bungoma Ksh 1,400 
Nairobi – NyadoreraKsh 1,400
Nairobi – Mbale Ksh 1,400
Nairobi – Nambale Ksh 1,400
Nairobi – Rangwe Ksh 1,200
Nairobi – SiayaKsh 1,400
Nairobi – SirareKsh 1,200
Nairobi – SoriKsh 1,200
Mbita  – MombasaKsh 2,500
Nyadorera – MombasaKsh 2,500

Note that the prices may change from season to season and are likely to be high during the festive seasons. Those prices are as of 9th November 2022.  

How to Book ENA Coach

Now that you know the regional routes and fare prices by ENA Coach, let’s talk about the online booking process. Generally, you can book an ENA Coach through the company website or android app. 

ENA Coach Online Booking Via the Company Website

Here are the steps for booking a bus ticket via the ENA Coach website.

Step 1 – Visit the Company Website

Go to, where you’ll land on a homepage that allows you to start your booking process. 

Step 2 – Enter Your Route Details

You’ll access a search bar at the top of the home page that allows you to enter where you’ll want the bus to pick you from (the ‘from’ tab) and drop you (the ‘to’ tab). 

Also, indicate the number of people traveling and the date and click search.

I’ve decided to select from Nairobi to Sirare, and as you can see from the image below, I have the details of the available buses, their departure time, open seats, and fare charges.

ENA Coach Online Booking Prices

Step 3 – Select The Seat

Click on view seats to open a window that allows you to pick your preferred seat from what’s available (not booked). Once you do that, click on ‘Continue’ to move to the ‘Trip Review’ page.

Step 4 – Confirm The Trip Details

The ‘Trip Review’ page allows you to confirm your trip details as earlier selected. That includes the bus type, route, boarding and dropping office, seat number, and fare.

Once you confirm the details to be okay, click on ‘Continue’ to move to the ‘Join ENA Coach Bus’ page.

Step 5 – Sign in or Sign Up

The ‘Join ENA Coach Bus’ page allows you to sign up for an account with email or sign in with an existing account. But if you don’t want to go through all that, click on ‘Continue as a Guest.’

Step 6 – Enter The Passenger Details

Fill out your contact details, including your email, name, gender, age, mobile number, nationality, and ID number. Once you are done, click on ‘Proceed to Pay.’

Step 7 – Make Payment

Click on the ‘Make Payment’ button to pay for your ticket. ENA Coach allows you to pay via MPESA, which is convenient. You’ll receive a confirmation message which can act as your receipt or ticket. 

Step 8 – Print Your Ticket

Click on the ‘Print Ticket’ page and enter your ticket number, county code, and mobile number. Then click on the print ticket to obtain a ticket you can present at the boarding office. 

ENA Coach Contact Number

ENA Coach Online Bus Booking Via the App

ENA Coach allows you to book a ticket through the ENA Coach app. The app offers you the convenience of the website, which means you can choose your route, pick up and drop off point, seat number, and bus type via the app.

ENA Coach Contact Number

ENA Coach takes pride in its supportive customer desk. They have branches in most parts of the country, but as I mentioned, its head offices are in Nairobi at the KPCU building, ground floor along Haile Selassie avenue. 

Here are the bus companies’ contact details. 

Branch OfficeContacts
Nairobi (main office)0709 832 000 / 301 / 302 / 305
Mombasa 0768 716 001 
Bomet 0768  716 220
Nakuru 0768 905 245 
Kisumu 0768 905 242 
Kericho 0768 905 246 
Kisii 0768 716 297 
Migori 0768 716 303 
Oyugis 0768 716 314
Siaya 0768 905 244
Ahero 0768 716 315 
Kendu Bay 0768 716 311 
Ndhiwa 0768 716 307 
Narok 0768 716 219 
KPCU Center 0768 716 004 
Keroka 0768 716 223
Afya Center 0768 716 003 
Mutarakwa 0768 716 218 
Kijauri 0768 716 222 
Rongo 0768 716 301
Awendo 0768 716 302
Mbita 0768 716 310
Rodi 0768 716 306
Bondo 0768 905 243 
Kangemi 0768 905 261 
Eastleigh 0768 905 260 
Sondu 0768 716 313
Homabay 0768 716 309
Sirare 0768 716 305
Uthiru 0768 716 217
Sotik 0768 716 221
Keumbu 0768 716 225
Ndori 0768 905 248
Katito 0768 716 312
Kehancha 0768 716 304 
Nyachenge 0768 716 299

People Also Ask

1. What Does ENA Coach Mean?

ENA Coach is a shuttle and bus transport company with a parcel service that traverses the Kenyan Nyanza, Western, and Rift Valley regions. 

2.  How Much Is ENA Coach from Kisumu to Nairobi?

It’ll cost you Ksh 1,400 to book an ENA Coach bus or shuttle from Kisumu to Nairobi. The fare may vary slightly, nonetheless, during the festive season. 

3. How Much Is ENA Coach from Nairobi to Mbita?

An ENA Coach bus ticket from Nairobi to Mbita or vice versa is around Ksh 1,200 during the non-festive season. 

4. How Much is ENA Coach Online Booking Nairobi to Sori?

The bus ticket from Nairobi to Sori by ENA Coach is about Ksh 1,200 during the non-festive season. Expect it to vary slightly during the festive season. 

5. How Much is ENA Coach Online Booking Nairobi to Siaya?

ENA Coach charges about Ksh 1,400 for a bus ticket from Nairobi to Siaya or the reverse. The fare may, however, rise slightly during the festivities. 

6. How Much Is Fare from Nairobi to Kisumu by ENA Coach?

During the non-festive season, when not many people travel, the bus fare from Nairobi to Kisumu by ENA Coach is around Ksh 1,400.

7. How Much Is ENA Coach from Nairobi to Migori?

It costs about Ksh 1,200 to book a bus ticket online from Nairobi to Migori or the reverse. The price may be slightly higher, however, during the festive season. 

8. Who Owns ENA Coach Kenya?

ENA Coach Kenya is owned by Richard Mogire, the bus company’s CEO. The company branched out from Transline Classic. 

Closing Thought

Above is everything to know about ENA Coach online booking. As shared, you can book a bus ticket through the ENA Coach website or Android app and pay via MPESA.

The beauty is that you can book in advance, choose a seat and bus or shuttle type, and book for as many people as possible. Indeed, online bus booking has never been this seamless. 

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