Easy Coach Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fare Prices

Easy Coach Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fare Prices

While many bus companies traverse Kenya, few are as reliable as Easy Coach regarding reasonable charges and route predictability. And now, the Easy Coach online booking process is more seamless than ever, allowing you to book a bus using your mobile phone or computer. 

You can book an Easy Coach bus ticket via, where you can select your preferred departure date, time, and destination and even book a return ticket. Alternatively, you can use the EasyCoach Booking app or the USSD code *877#.

I’ll explain all the methods and what to expect from each. Mark you; all these three booking ways give you access to the current fares, depending on your route. 

And as I hinted earlier, Easy Coach has a fair fare-charging reputation. They rarely hike their fares, and everything is laid in black and white on their website.

But just an overview, it’ll cost you Ksh 950 – Ksh 1650 to travel between most regions in Nyanza and Nairobi or vice versa and about Ksh 1350 – Ksh 1650 to travel between Nairobi and western Kenya or vice versa. 

I’ll share more about the regional routes and the expected fare prices later. But first, let me explain more about the three ways you can get an Easy Coach bus ticket. 

Easy Coach online booking

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3 Easy Coach Online Booking Methods 

Currently, you can book an Easy Coach bus ticket online using any of these three ways:

1. On is an online bus booking platform for booking bus tickets to most regions in Kenya and up to Kampala. They’ve partnered with many bus companies, including Easy Coach, to ensure that is possible. 

While their fare prices may be slightly higher (probably by Ksh 100 – 400), depending on the region, they promise a stress-free booking process. With, you can compare Easy Coach to other bus services. 

Even better, you can pick your preferred seat, time, and travel date and even book a return ticket depending on your time of traveling back. So, you can book your bus ticket days or weeks in advance, which is rare in the Kenya bus service market. 

Now, here is how to book an Easy Coach bus ticket online on

  • Step 1 (Go to the company website) – Using your internet-enabled device, go to You’ll access a booking page to search for available Easy Coach buses (and other buses).
  • Step 2 (Start searching) – Enter the relevant details to help you find available buses. That includes departure, destination, travel date, and return date (optional). Once you do that, click on search and wait to see the available buses and the fare prices. 
  • Step 3 (Seat selection) – Now, pick your preferred seat from the available seats. 
  • Step 4 (Proceed to book) – The remaining steps involve filling out the passenger details (name, phone number, ID, and nationality residence) and payment details (Email, full name, and MPESA number)
  • Step 5 (Make payment) – Complete the booking process by paying for your bus ticket and wait for a confirmation message which will be your receipt. 

Important Note 

Note that allows you to filter your bus search according to the following:

  • Bus type (where you can opt for Executive, Normal, VIP, or Business class)
  • Timing (where you can select morning, afternoon, or evening buses)
  • Facilities (where by there’s the option of air conditioner and water)

2. Via The Easy Coach Booking App

Easy Coach allows you to book a bus ticket online using its mobile app, EasyCoach Booking. The app lets you search for your destination, buy a ticket, pick a destination point, and choose your preferred bus according to departure time. 

You can also select your preferred seat via the app, and once you are ready to pay, you can do it via MPESA. 

So, go ahead, download and install EasyCoach Booking on your phone and run it. You can then use it to book an Easy Coach bus ticket to your preferred destination. 

Easy Coach Online Booking Prices

3. Using The USSD Code *877#

The *877# USSD code allows Safaricom users, especially those without the Easy Coach booking app, to book Easy Coach bus tickets using their mobile phones. 

You’ll need to dial *877# on your Safaricom line and follow the subsequent steps to book your ticket. Note that offers this service. So, expect the same process and selection criteria as the website discussed earlier. 

Easy Coach Online Booking Prices and Regional Routes

Below is a table showing how much an Easy Coach bus ticket goes for depending on location and booking platform. 

Route On (via the Easy Coach Booking app)On
Nairobi – Kisumu and vice versaKsh 1,400 Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Busia and vice versa Ksh 1,500 Ksh 1,700
Nairobi – Kakamega and vice versa Ksh 1,450 Ksh 1,550
Nairobi – Bungoma and vice versa Ksh 1,350Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Eldoret and vice versa Ksh 1,250Ksh 1,450
Nairobi – Kitale and vice versaKsh 1,350 Ksh 1,600
Nairobi – Kericho and vice versaKsh 1,250Ksh 1,400
Nairobi – Malaba and vice versaKsh 1,400  Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Homa Bay and vice versaKsh 950 Ksh 1,350
Nairobi – Siaya and vice versa Ksh 1,450Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Sirare and vice versa Ksh 950Ksh 1,350
Nairobi – Kaimosi and vice versa Ksh 1,200Ksh 1,350
Nairobi – Mbale and vice versa Ksh 1,400
Nairobi – Rongo and vice versaKsh 950Ksh 1,300
Nairobi – Kisii and vice versaKsh 1,150
Nairobi – Bondo  and vice versa Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Maseno and vice versa Ksh 1,400Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Oyugis and vice versa Ksh 1,250
Nairobi – Bomet and vice versa Ksh 1,050
Nairobi – Usenge and vice versa Ksh 1,450Ksh 1,650
Nairobi – Mombasa and vice versa Ksh 1,550
Nairobi – Kampala and vice versa Ksh 2,500

Easy Coach Online Booking Contacts

While Easy Coach runs its operations from its Nairobi headquarters, along Haile Selassie, next to Railways Station, they have stations in most parts of the country.

Easy Coach Online Booking Contacts

In addition to the Easy Coach online booking offices in Nairobi, here are the stations and their contacts:

Region Booking Office Contacts 
Nairobi Haile Selassie, Next To Railways Train Station0726 354 301 / 0738 200 301
Bondo Opposite Caltex Petrol Station0738 200 316
Bungoma Sharif Center 0738 200 310
Busia Near KRA Offices 0738 200 315
Kisumu United Mall, Near Nairobi University and Downtown Bank Building Behind KPLC Offices0726 354 309 / 0738 999 703
KampalaPioneer Building, Dewinton Road and Oasis Shopping Mall, Yusuf Lule Road+256 776 722 270 / +256 757 727 273
Eldoret Eldoret Valley Hotel 0738 200 308
Malaba Near Posta 0738 999 705
Maseno Opposite Maseno University 0738 200 320
Migori Close to Post Bank 0736 046 143
Mumias Mumias Sugar Complex 0738 200 318/9
Kapsabet Opposite Kapsile Wholesaler Supermarket 0738 200 322
Kitale Opposite Kitale Law Courts 0726 354 309/ 0738 200 309
Kisii Kisii Migori Highway, Opposite  The Old Kobil Station Highway 0736 046 164
Nakuru Next to Canaan Restaurant On Nairobi – Kisumu Highway0726 354 312/ 0738 200 312
Narok Kula Corner Restaurant, Next Total Petrol Station0736 141 333
Rongo Lasjona Hotel Building 0738 200 083
Sirare Next to Bukira West Hotel 0736 046 132
Kakamega Opposite Kakamega Primary School0738 200 313
Ugunja Kolalo Petrol Station0738 200 324

People Also Ask

1. How Do I Book Easy Coach Online?

You can book Easy Coach buses online by visiting or using the EasyCoach Booking app. Both options allow you to view the fare charges in real-time, pick a destination and seat number and even book a return ticket. 

2. Does Easy Coach Go to Kampala?

Fortunately, Easy Coach makes frequent trips to Kampala, where the fare from Nairobi is about Ksh 2,500. You’ll pay Ksh 2,100 from Nakuru or vice versa and Ksh 1,500 from Kisumu or vice versa. 

3. How Much Is Easy Coach from Nairobi to Homabay?

Depending on the booking platform, whether in person or online, an Easy Coach bus ticket from Nairobi to Homa Bay is about Ksh 950 – Ksh 1,350. 

4. How Much Is Easy Coach from Nairobi to Eldoret?

Though the fare price changes depending on the season, Easy Coach charges Ksh 1,250 – Ksh 1,450 from Nairobi to Eldoret across its various booking platforms.

5. How Much Is Fare from Nairobi to Busia?

Depending on the platform you use to book a ticket, and whether you do it online or at their station, you’ll pay Ksh 1,500 – Ksh 1,700 from Nairobi to Busia on Easy Coach.

6. How Much Fare from Nairobi to Oyugis by Easy Coach?

During regular days (the festive season aside), it’ll cost you up to Ksh 1,250 to book an Easy Coach bus from Nairobi to Oyugis or vice versa.

7. How Much is Easy Coach Online Booking from Nairobi to Kisumu?

If you book online, you’ll pay Ksh 1,400 – Ksh 1,650 for an Easy Coach bus ticket from Nairobi to Kisumu. That includes and the EasyCoach Booking app. The fare charges may, however, change slightly from time to time, depending on market forces and the travel seasons.

8. How Do I Book Easy Coach Using MPESA?

Using your MPESA registered line, you can book an Easy Coach bus by dialing *877# and following the prompts. Alternatively, you can visit and enter your MPESA details under payment information. 

9. How Much Fare is Easy Coach Online Booking Nairobi to Bondo?

You may pay up to Ksh 1,650 for an Easy Coach bus ticket to travel from Nairobi to Bondo or vice versa if you book online on The fare charges may, however, change slightly from time to time.

10. Do Easy Coach Travel by Night?

Yes, Easy Coach buses travel by night, but the buses are fewer than in the day. However, they have specific drop-off points at night, mainly at their stations/offices, unlike daytime, where you can highlight almost anywhere designated as a drop-off point.

11. Who Is the Owner of Easy Coach?

Azym Dossa, the current manager of Easy Coach, founded the bus company and is believed to own most of its shares. 

Closing Thought On Easy Coach Online Booking:

As shared above, you can book an Easy Coach bus to most parts of Nyanza, Western, and Rift Valley regions, Kenya and Kampala online via, EasyCoach Booking app, or USSD code *877#.

Depending on your preferred booking method, you can conveniently choose your destination, departure date, time, and seat number. So, the next time you want to travel to any of those regions, you can try Easy Coach. 

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