SGR Booking To Mombasa 2023: Tickets, Payment & Schedule.

SGR Booking To Mombasa 2023: Tickets, Payment & Schedule.

The mammoth SGR project raised a few eyebrows about its efficiency in its infancy. But once it was completed, passengers were running their hearts out.

It was to become the most efficient, fastest and safest long-distance transportation system in the country. It connects the two major cities, Nairobi and Mombasa.

With the challenges that marred road transportation plummeting to severity, SGR was a godsend.

However, one problem became a real test for travelers. And that was the SGR booking for a ticket. You had to physically present at the Nairobi Syokimau office to book for a seat to Mombasa.

It would take a person some resources to travel to the booking stations. Definitely, your time and money would be at stake here.

And it was never an assurance that you get available seats. Many people would be disappointed with these challenges.

SGR Booking To Mombasa, Tickets, Payments and schedule.

But that’s now all gone and forgotten, thanks to the Madaraka Express train service website. You can book your ticket online and with ease.

SGR Online Booking

This process of booking for a train ticket is very simplified. Just ensure that you have a computer or internet-enabled phone.

It’s also important that you learn the different train services. The first one is referred to as the Express train service operating between Nairobi and Mombasa without making stops on the way.

The other train service, inter-county, travels between the same two cities. But the difference comes whereby it makes stops along the way at the intermediate stations as requested by the different customers.

So, this means, you cannot book for the express train if your intentions are to make stops along the way.

The process of booking can be summarized as follows:

  1. Visit the Madaraka Express online booking website. Click here.
  2. Make sure to choose the type of train. Intercounty or express.
  3. Indicate your starting station. This could be any of these: Athi River, Email, Kibwezi, Miaseny, Mariakani, Mtito Andei, Voi or Nairobi.
  4. Similarly, enter your destination
  5. Then, select the date of your travel. Of course, make sure that the date is comfortable for your travel arrangements.
  6. You will need to select the type of coach you prefer. There is First Class or Second Class in the drop-down tabs.
  7. Enter the number of passengers; adults and children.
  8. You will see the total fare indicated
  9. Feed-in the details of the passenger(s). enter the names, ID/passport number, and country.
  10. The system is automated and once you finish entering the details, the system will send you a code for SGR Kenya You will receive this via your email or SMS.
  11. Choose the preferred mode of payment. Use Mpesa for this payment.
  12. You will get a ticket confirmation message once you make the payment. Print the ticket and keep it well for use when you get to the station. This should be done in good time.

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Benefits of Online SGR Train Booking

The range of benefits that are linked to SGR train booking is huge. For example, booking is simple and convenient.

You don’t have to travel the distance. All you need is a smartphone with internet and you can do this activity in your chair.

If you are looking for the flexible payment service, this platform gives just that. The Mpesa customer care desk is one of the best.

It offers high-quality services and is available 24/7 through the phone. You can as well chat or write an email for answers to questions or inquiries.

SGR Mpesa Booking

You can also go for this method for your booking. It’s not online-based but absolutely one that can be quite time saving and convenient.

Here’s how to book SGR train via mpesa:

  • You start by contacting the customer care using the SGR help desk contacts. The number is 0709 388 888 – call at 7 a.m. morning and at 4 p.m. evening.
  • During the call, you will be required to submit the personal details: your telephone number, travel dates, your cabin choice (VIP or economy).
  • You will be informed about the amount of money to pay for the ticket.
  • You will be prompted by an SMS which has the SGR pay bill number (809888) and payment ID with the amount to be paid.
  • For you, your next activity will be to pay on the said pay bill number. Just follow the normal procedure of Lipa na Mpesa to send your payment.
  • After payment, you receive a message immediately containing the key information or details about your ticket.
  • The SGR time schedules are tight. This means that you will not even think about being late –always arrive in time during the day of travel. You need to get a printed boarding pass.

This method needs some form of dedication. Although you don’t want to compare this with the physical presentation.

SGR Train Schedule

The following is the revised schedule and Madaraka express timetable since the 1st of August, 2018.

TrainDeparture (New)Arrival (New)
Inter-County Train (Nairobi to Mombasa)0820 hrs1418 hrs
Express (Nairobi to Mombasa)1435 hrs1918 hrs
Inter-county Train (Mombasa to Nairobi)0800 hrs1342 hrs
Express Train (Mombasa to Nairobi)1515 hrs2014 hrs


While these changes in travel schedule happened, they never affected the pricing structure. Which means that the price from Nairobi to Mombasa remains Ksh. 1000 for the economy class and Ksh. 3000 for the first or executive class tickets.

This fare doesn’t include children’s. But for children above 11 years, you will have to pay for them the same amount as the old adults.

Kids between the age of 3-11 years will pay Ksh.500 – whether this is in the first-class cabin or the second class.

nairobi mombasa train tickets booking

Ensure that you book for the tickets one day or a few days to the travel day. Or else, the last time rush will only frustrate your efforts.

SGR Booking Contacts

At some point, it is a must that you contact the SGR station. You can call for the purpose of inquiring about the train timetable.

As said earlier, the customer service team is highly professional. And they operate 24/7 so that you can talk, chat or email them any time of the day or night for assistance.

The following are the SGR Kenya contacts:

Postal Address: P.O Box 30121-00100, Nairobi Kenya

Telephone: 0728 603 582/0728 603 581/0708 572 574/0708 571 587

The SGR website:


Twitter: @KenyaRailways

Facebook Page: Kenya Railways

How to Cancel SGR Ticket

Perhaps if you have ever been plunged in a deadlock after booking for a bus ticket you know what I mean here. Programs change and schedules are postponed and canceled.

Before the introduction of the self-service/online system of booking, one was required to appear physically for the ticket cancellation. Today you don’t need to go through the same pain.

The SGR booking online platform is simple and great. The passenger can opt to cancel his or her ticket as placed originally.

And, you will be refunded your money or be allowed to reschedule for the next trip. All these can be done at the comfort of your chair.

It is not easy to get a refund for bus transport. You can be sure about this – the bus companies don’t have even an ounce of mercy.

However, cancellation and refunds have to be within 48 hours to 72 hours.  The expiration of this period means that you don’t stand a chance to get any refund or qualify for rescheduling.

Train Boarding

Boarding the SGR is an exciting idea if you have never been in it before. However, the priority is to always arrive much earlier at the station.

Train boarding in Nairobi is at the Syokimau Nairobi Terminus. To reach this station, you will need to use the commuter train or city shuttle buses to take you there.

You only need Ksh. 50 to be transported to the Syokimau Terminus.

Those who are planning to travel from Mombasa to Nairobi, the boarding station is in Miritini. You will be picked off at the Old Mombasa Railways Station for transport to the station.

SGR Madaraka Express Travel Timeframe

SGR train travel comes with a lot of great features. This is a comfortable, safe and time-conscious transport alternative from Nairobi to Mombasa and vice versa.

If you are a business buff, you can be sure that no disappointment lies on your way. You will redeem lots of time and recoup the profits in the plentitudes.

The train moves at a terrific speed of 120 km/h. Not too much speed but definitely faster than road buses.

It would take you 5 hours with the express train to traverse the rail from Mombasa to Nairobi. The journey will take 5 hours and 55 minutes for the inter-county morning trains.

Final Words

The introduction of the online SGR booking service has benefited many people. The business class can tell you that a lot of time and resources have been redeemed.

It is easier to do the booking process. And it’s definitely convenient as opposed to the initial physical presentation that drained you.

In case you have problems, simply cancel your ticket in the 48-72 hour-period given. You will get a refund or be afforded a rescheduling.

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