Gotv Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices Detailed Guide.

Gotv Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices.

Your Ultimate guide to Gotv Kenya Packages, Channels and Prices.

Since the days of digital migration for TV, (perhaps you remember the no-nonsense CS then, Dr. Fred Matiang’i), set-top boxes became a must-have to watch TV.  This is 2019 and Kenyans have gotten accustomed.

Gotv, being one of the early entrants into the digital market space, became one of the hottest products among TV enthusiasts. Even today, it remains.

Gotv comes with a myriad of awesome local and international channels. All which are differentiated into packages.

Stay close as I update you on the complete list of Gotv packages; including which channels are found in specific packages and their respective prices.Gotv Kenya Packages

What is Gotv?

Gotv is a pay-TV product owned and distributed by the Multichoice company. The product was launched back in 2011 to come and complement DSTV as a low-cost alternative.

Apart from the high-resolution screen that Gotv displays, the decoder comes with a huge list of channels for movies, music, children, news, and sports. This gives them a clear edge in the industry that is obviously becoming fiercely by the day.

For Gotv to be operational, an antenna, Gotenna, and a Gotv decoder are needed. The current price for the decoder plus the antenna as at this year 2019 is KES 2,799.

You may also buy the decoder on its own at KES 1,999.

Gotv Packages and Prices

Gotv Kenya has 6 packages as follows:

  • Gotv Lite Monthly
  • Gotv Value
  • Gotv Lite Quarterly
  • Gotv Plus
  • Gotv Lite (Annual)
  • Gotv Max

In a real sense, this number can be compressed to just three type of packages: Gotv Lite, Gotv Plus, and Gotv Max.

With Gotv Lite, one is sure to get access to 17 channels paying KES 260 per month. The GOtv value gives you access to 23 channels and you need to pay a monthly fee of KES 499.

The Gotv Plus, you are able to access 40 channels at KES 749 each monthly. The Gotv Max has access to 49 channels and you pay KES 1,299 per month.

Gotv Lite Quarterly and Gotv Lite Annual payment are KES 590 and KES 1500 respectively.

Check the table for a better view:

Package Number of Channels Price (KES)
Gotv Max 42 Channels 1,299
Gotv Lite (Annual) 16 Channels 1,500
Gotv Plus 38 Channels 749
Gotv Value 23 Channels 499
Gotv Lite Monthly 16 Channels 260
Gotv Lite Quarterly 16 Channels 590

When you buy Gotv, you will enjoy the free one-month Gotv Plus subscription. This is referred to as the starter kit.

As a new subscriber on this starter kit, you get to enjoy 43 local and international channels. Once this is done i.e. the month is over, you can now choose what package suits you.

Reactivating the Gotv Kenya Decoder.

Sometimes you may be late to pay the Gotv monthly subscription. If this happens, the decoder usually fails to reactivate automatically which means you will need to find out on how to reactivate it to continue enjoying the experience.

In this situation, just send an SMS bearing the word, “Reset” to 22688 and wait for their response. Alternatively, you will dial *423# on your phone and follow the steps.

Whatever method, ensure that the decoder is all but powered on.

The other option is to reactivate the decoder online. Visit their website and use your surname/mobile number and the IUC number on the decoder as the password.

On the “Clear your error” Tab, select E16 and click on “Reset device now”.

Gotv Channels

The table below shows the list of Gotv Channels in their respective packages: Gotv Plus, Gotv Value, and Gotv Lite:

No. Gotv Plus Gotv Value Gotv Lite
1. Inooro Tv Faith Jim Jam
2. Telemundo E Entertainment E Africa
3. E Entertainment Sony EBR
4. Sony Sony Max KBC
5. Sony Max Africa Magic World Afro Mix
6. Discovery Family Maisha Magic East Faith
7. Mnet Movies Zone Fashion 1 Islam Channel
8. Africa Magic Epic Africa Magic Epic Immanuel Tv
9. Africa Magic Family Afro Mix NTV
10. Africa Magic World Inooro TV KTN
11. Maisha Magic East Islam Channel Citizen
12. Zee World Immanuel TV KTN News
13. Fashion 1 Supersports Select K24
14. Nat Geo Wild E Africa Aljazeera
15. ED Channel ED Channel Inooro TV
16. Vox Africa Supersport Blitz Supersport Blitz
17. Supersport Blitz KTN News
18. Supersport 9 K24
19. Supersport Select Nickelodeon
20. Supersports Select 2 Disney Junior
21. E Africa Jim Jam
25. Citizen Citizen
26. KTN News Aljazeera
28. K24
29. Nickelodeon
30. Disney Junior
31. Jim Jam
32. MTV Base
33. Afro Mix
34. Faith
35. Islam Channel
36. Immanuel TV
37. CNN
38. Aljazeera
39. Supersport 5
40. Supersport 7
41. Supersport 12

Gotv Subscription and Gotv Paybill Number Kenya.

Gotv subscription is done monthly for the Gotv Value and Gotv Plus packages. The same can be said of the Lite package although, with this package, it is possible to pay either quarterly or annually.

The Gotv Kenya payments can be made through Mpesa Business Number 423655. Or if you have Airtel Money, Business Name is Gotv.

You could also pay using Visa Card, PesaPal, Craft Silicon, or through local banks.

Gotv Self Service Kenya.

Gotv Self Service enables the subscriber to manage their Gotv account online. One can pay, clear error codes, upgrade from one package to another, locate an installer near you and even find answers to the frequently asked questions.

With this service, you are also able to learn much about your decoder. You can access the available promotions online etc.

Simply put, Gotv Self Service will manage everything online subscription.

How to Change Gotv Kenya Package.

Switching Gotv Kenya packages is not a complicated process. You may be bored with the current set of channels on Gotv Lite and wish to have a sports experience.

Apart from calling the Gotv customer care center for the upgrade, simply SMS “UPGRADE IUC NUMBER” to 22688. The other method is to go to your Gotv Self Service option online and upgrade your current subscription.

The same thing applies if you want to downgrade to a lower package.

How to Clear the Gotv Error E-16.

The first thing to do to clear this error code is to ensure that you have paid for the monthly subscription. But sometimes, even with the active subscription, things may not just work.

Here is a quick 4-pronged approach to eliminate such errors on your Gotv Kenya packages.

  1. Use the Gotv Website
  • Ensure that you visit the official Gotv website. Clear Error Code can be seen on the right-hand side of the page – click on it.
  • You will be led to the Gotv reset code page
  • Ensure that your decoder is on
  • Enter your IUC number and select Error Correction Page. Here you will need to select the GOtvE16 and input your code display. Then select the option ‘Clear Error’.
  1. Use Your Mobile Phone
  • SMS “Reset IUC” to 4688
  • Having your decoder on, wait for a message
  • The signal comes back within just a few moments
  1. Call Customer Care
  • For immediate results, you can choose to call customer care. The number is 08039003788 or 012703232.
  • Once your call goes through, state and describe the problem to the representative who clears the error code remotely.

With all that said, Gotv have since improved their services. In case the error appears on your screen, the simple thing to do is restart your decoder.

How to Convert Your Gotv Kenya Decoder.

Before starting anything, ensure that your account is deposited with the right amount which is Ksh.1800. Of course, you will top up the account using the Gotv paybill number 423655.

If you don’t top up, they won’t convert the decoder.

Now, you can call the customer care on 0711066000. Again if you just pay and do not call or text the customer care, your decoder will not be converted.

Another thing to have right next to you is the IUC number. You will definitely be asked to provide this for the process to proceed.

And with all these conditions right and straight, your decoder will be changed in no minutes to the FTA channels. If you experience an error code – or something like “Service is currently scrambled”, send an SMS with the word “Reset” followed by single space and then your IUC number to 22688.

Gotv Customer Care.

You can access the Gotv customer care contacts here:

Website: Gotv Website

Phone numbers: 0711 066000, 020 4236000, 0711 066555, 020 4236555

Physical Address: Multichoice Kenya Limited, First Floor, Sarit Center, Westlands, Nairobi

In Conclusion

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The fact that Gotv Kenya packages can be switched around at your convenience is quite impressive. You don’t need to continue operating the same channels all your life.

You can simply improve your TV experience by upgrading to the next higher channels. Although this also means paying a bit more money to facilitate the change.

If you haven’t tried Gotv Kenya because you were clueless about the pay-TV, it’s now time to start something new. Please share your experience.

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