Hairstyles In Kenya: 6 Options To Try Right Now for a Killer Look

Hairstyles In Kenya: 6 Options To Try Right Now for a Killer Look

Nothing beats looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling great about how your hair looks. And if you want to touch that up next time, you might want to consider looking through some hairstyles in Kenya that stand out.

The best hairstyles in Kenya include crochet, darling braids, fluffy kinky, bob, and mwongezo. How much you pay for each will vary depending on your hair stylist, the number of braids you buy, and additional hair treatments if any.

In this guide, I’ll give you a list of someone of the best hairstyles in Kenya that are no doubt worth trying.

Let’s get to it.

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1. Cheapest Hairstyles in Kenya


If you like to keep it simple but want to look good, Afro is the hairstyle for you. It is a cheap yet a neat haircut that you can get.

You don’t need braids for the Afro hairstyle. A shaving machine, comb, shampoo, and some disinfectants should be enough. 

Under Cuts

Under Cuts is yet another simple hairstyle that mostly requires a shaving machine. For the Under Cut, a stylist shortens the hair on both sides of the head.

Most of the people who prefer the Afro hairstyle will also like the Under Cut hairstyle. Also, the style is suitable for men and women. 

Ghanaian Lines

Ghanaian is a simple and elegant hairstyle. This hairstyle is not meticulous, as it can suit any woman. So whether you’re plump, athletic, or slim, you’ll still look more attractive if you wear this style.

The Ghanaian line hairstyle starts at the front of the head and ends at the back, and the lines decrease and increase starting from the forehead.

Although most women prefer the hair ending slightly at the back of the head, some make it long and that’s still okay.

2. Fluffy Kinky Hairstyles

Twisted Style

The twisted fluffy kinky hairstyle is a commonly used style in Kenyan braids. This hairstyle can be done in twists and you can tell the saloonist to make the twist big or small depending on your preference.

Big pre-curled Style

Big pre-curled involves the use of big rollers where the hair is untwisted, divided, and then rolled.

Your hair stylist will heat some water, dip the roller with the hair and let curling form.

For this hairstyle, you will need two packets of hair. But you can include a third just in case the two run out without getting the job done.

3. Bridal Hairstyles


Sleek is a beautiful hairstyle for women with long hair. It’s the hairstyle to go for if you don’t want any artificial hair added to your head.

You also get to cut costs since you won’t be buying braids for your braiding session. Sleek and serious will go with almost any head, be it big or small.

It will not take more than thirty minutes to braid this hairstyle since you will only have to tuck two cornrows into a bun at the back of your head.

Thick Plate Hairdo

The Thick Plate Hairdo is an attractive hairstyle that you can wear before your upcoming wedding.

This style does not cost a lot of money, and that is because it is easy to work on, hence taking less time to complete. And unlike most of the styles on the list, the thick plate hairdo hairstyle is easy to undo.

High Burn

Inspired by ballerinas, the High Burn bridal hairstyle gets a romantic treatment because its crown’s subtle volume.

Accompany this hairstyle with a strapless neckline to look even lovelier.

4. Crochet Hairstyles

Curly Crotchet with Bangs

A curly crotchet with bangs is what’s better than just a curly crotchet. Curly crotchet with bangs run down the length of the face with springy curls to make you look even prettier.  

You might even want to consider fluffing the hair using your hands to increase its volume.

Faux Locs Style

Do you love dreadlocks but have short hair?

Try the Faux Locs.

They are more similar to the natural dreadlocks, only that they are a bit longer to bring a romantic feel to the air.

Unlike Ghanaian lines, Perfect Cornrow, and Mowhawk, Faux Locs are not braided in lines running from the front to the back.

5. Braids Hairstyles

Mowhawk Braid

The Mowhawk hairstyle is an option to go for if you want something loose or a lot more relaxing on your head.

Like the Ghanaian line hairstyle, they run thin from the front and increase with size as they run to the back of the head. The Mowhawk hairstyle extends a bit longer to the back.

The braids can be collected together at the center of the head to form a Mowhawk and can as well be released to look like Rasta.

Perfect Cornrows

This list of trendy hairstyles for Kenyan women won’t be complete if we fail to mention the perfect cornrows hairstyle.

Really, if you want to wear a hairstyle that can turn heads around in the Kenyan streets, you just might want to consider this option.

Unlike the Ghanaian line and Mowhawk, the Perfect cornrow hairstyle uses standard-sized lines that run singly to the back or both sides of the head to form pigtail.

It will also be easy for you to make augmentations at the back of the head thanks to the medium-sized braid lines.

Bob Hairstyle

Apart from the Perfect Cornrow hairstyle, I have seen women in the Bob hairstyle turn dozens of heads in the streets of Nairobi countless times.

The hairstyle is fit for every woman no matter their skin tone and shape of the head. The braids are braided to the shoulder region.

You can choose from a variety of colors or tell the saloonist to mix the braid colors for you to look fancier.

6. Baby Hair Style

Pigtail Hairstyle for Babies

Kenyan moms can keep it simple with their babies with the pigtail hairstyle. What you need for this baby hairstyle is two hair rubber bands.

Clean the baby’s hair, blow dry it, treat it with shampoo, and divide the hair into two and hold them with the hair bands.

Little Ties all Over

This is also another baby hairstyle that doesn’t require a Kenyan mum to have special skills.

Start by cleaning the baby’s hair and then dry it. Apply shampoo and then divide hair by holding them with hair bands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which are the Latest Hairstyles in Kenya?

We have many trending hairstyles in Kenya.

The top five of the latest hairstyle for women and girls in Kenya include Bandika lines, Abuja lines, bob, Mowhawk, and Ghanaian Lines

2. How Can I Choose My Hairstyle?

First, consider the structure/shape of your head. That’s the starting point of picking a suitable hairstyle for you.

Second, you should use the tone of your skin to make an appropriate choice.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the mirror and seeing yourself looking good feels good. And the better you look the more attractive and more confident you become.

Your hair deserves the best treat. So what’s a better way to start giving it a touchup than gong for the best hairstyles in Kenya?

Yu Team

Our mission is to educate, inspire and make your life easier by providing well researched authentic information. Cheers!

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