How to Buy KPLC Tokens Faster 2023 (4 Easy Ways to Do It!)

How to Buy KPLC Tokens Faster 2023 (4 Easy Ways to Do It!)

1st September 2022 saw Kenya Power block third parties from selling prepaid KPLC tokens to customers. That includes banks, lock bank agents, and mobile payment apps. Since then, there has been confusion on how to buy KPLC tokens. 

According to Kenya Power, you can only buy KPLC tokens via MPESA through the pay bill no 888880 or the USSD code *977#. Alternatively, you can use Bonga points or visit Kenya Power (KPLC) banking halls to purchase the tokens in person. 

The move, however, does not affect postpaid KPLC bills, as you can still pay your bills through local banks. That includes ABSA, Family, Equity, Stanbic, and KCB, among others. 

This guide will look at how you can buy KPLC tokens using the four earlier-mentioned ways. We’ll also examine how you can deal with a token delay, retrieve tokens fast, and the best time to buy KPLC tokens. 

I’ll also highlight the old methods of buying KPLC tokens no longer acceptable and the postpaid agencies you can use for your bills.

Let’s get into it!

how to buy KPLC tokens

How to Buy KPLC Tokens Starting from 1st September 2022

Starting 1st September 2022, Kenya Power allows you to purchase KPLC tokens using these four ways.

1. Using MPESA Paybill No 888880 (How To Buy Tokens via MPESA)

This is the most typical method of purchasing KPLC tokens using your M PESA registered line. It’s easy and fast. Here’s how to buy KPLC tokens via MPESA:

  • Go to MPESA on your phone or use the MPESA app
  • Enter KPLC’s tokens paybill number 888880
  • Input the amount you want to spend on the tokens 
  • Now key in your MPESA pin and accept the transaction

You can wait for an MPESA confirmation message and an SMS from Kenya Power with your token details.

Note that while you are likely to receive the tokens within 2 minutes, it may take up to 20 minutes or longer when there’s a delay, especially from MPESA.

I’ll share how you can deal with the token delay later. 

2. Using USSD Code *977#

The USSD code *977# is a convenient way to access various Kenya Power services, including buying tokens, on your Safaricom line. The services available via the code include Prepaid Services, Postpaid Services, Report Incidents, New Connections, and Manage Accounts.

As far as the tokens are concerned, you can buy them using the code by following these steps:

  • Dial *977# on your Safaricom (MPESA registered) line
  • Select Prepaid Services (or tokens), normally option 1
  • Choose ‘Buy Tokens’ (usually option 1) and enter your KPLC meter number as the account number
  • Enter the amount you plan to spend on the tokens and wait for an MPESA redirection
  • The redirection will allow you to enter your pin and accept the transaction
  • And if you don’t have money in your MPESA, the redirection will let you Fuliza to complete the tokens purchase

Note that you will not need to enter your meter number again once you do it the first time. Safaricom offers you the option of selecting the ‘latest token’ once you choose prepaid services.

You’ll then need to choose your KPLC meter number from the pop-up list. 

3. Using USSD Code *126# (How to Pay Tokens with Bonga Points)

If you have some significant Bonga points, you can redeem them for KPLC tokens using the USSD code *126#. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Dial *126# on your Safaricom line and choose ‘Lipa na Bonga Points’
  • Enter the KPLC paybill number 888880, then your KPLC meter number
  • Enter the amount equivalent to the Bonga Points you want to redeem 
  • You can enter a random figure like 100, 300, 500, etcetera, to see how much you qualify for
  • Confirm the transaction or redo it if you disagree
  • Enter your MPESA pin and wait for the 20-digit KPLC tokens

4. At the Kenya Power (KPLC) Banking Halls

If you have the time to drop by any of Kenya Power’s banking halls, do just that. Not only will you be able to buy tokens, but you can also inquire about the same or any other KPLC-related query. 

Kenya Power has banking halls nationwide. So, inquire at your local town or their website. 

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Alternative KPLC Token Paybill Numbers and Apps That Are No Longer Acceptable  

Now that you know the four acceptable methods of paying for prepaid KPLC tokens, you should beware of old options that are no longer acceptable to KPLC. They include the following:

  • Vendit (Paybill no 501200)
  • PesaPal business number 220220
  • Airtel money 
  • Jaza Pay USSD code *415#
  • Mwangaza App 
  • Equitel 
  • Dynamo digital 
  • TINGG app 
  • KPLC agents 

KPLC Postpaid Paybill and Postpaid Agencies 

Note that while banks have been blocked from offering prepaid KPLC tokens services, they still allow you to pay for your postpaid KPLC bills. That includes the following banks and their branches/agencies.

  • Citi Bank
  • KCB
  • Stanbic 
  • Postbank 
  • Cooperative bank 
  • I & M bank
  • Equity bank
  • Family bank
  • DTB bank 
  • NCBA bank 
  • ABSA bank 
  • National bank 

And if you prefer to pay via phone, you can use the MPESA paybill number 888888. The process is similar to prepaid tokens; the only difference is the pay bill number.

Best Time to Buy KPLC Tokens

You are probably asking, ‘when should I buy KPLC tokens?’ Of course, you should buy them before they run out. But if you are a monthly guy, the best time to do it is between the 1st and 8th of the month. 

Why? That’s when KPLC charges the least per KWH compared to other days of the month (9th – 31st). You could pay up to Ksh 3 cheaper per KWH. 

So, the secret is to buy your tokens at the start of the month and purchase them in large amounts to last you the month. 

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KPLC Token Delay – How to Deal with That

Ordinarily, it takes 1-2 minutes and sometimes up to 20 minutes to receive KPLC tokens. But what if there’s a delay? Before I can explain how to deal with a delay, let me explain the types of delays.

First, we have a situation where you don’t get any SMS from KPLC with your tokens after paying and receiving a confirmation message from MPESA. 

Second, we have a situation when you receive the tokens and load them, but they won’t load. The second case is often confusing the meter number (account number). 

So, it rarely happens. But as far as the first delay is concerned, here is how to deal with it:

1. Contact Kenya Power Customer Care

Kenya Power has so many avenues you can use to contact them and launch a complaint. The most familiar KPLC tokens customer care routes are:

  • Hotline – 0703070707/0732170170/97771
  • Email 
  • Facebook – @KenyaPower ltd
  • Twitter – @Kenya Power_Care

2. Use The USSD Code *977#

Not only can you use the USSD code *977# to buy tokens, but you can also follow up on the same. Just follow these steps:

  • Dial *977# on your Safaricom mobile 
  • Opt for option 1 (prepaid services)
  • Choose option 2 (latest tokens) 
  • Select your meter number from the list
  • Wait to receive the last three tokens from KPLC

3. Use MyPower Mobile App

If you have a smartphone, use it to download MyPower app from Google Play. You can use it to access various KPLC services, including the latest tokens.

Here’s how to retrieve your last tickets:

  • Install MyPower on your phone and open it
  • Go to the home screen menu and select My Bill/My Token
  • Select the meter number box and enter your KPLC meter number (11-digit number)
  • Tap the search icon and wait for the last five tokens to appear on a summarized table 
how to buy tokens via MPESA

4. Use The KPLC Self-Service Portal 

KPLC has a free self-service portal that you can visit to retrieve your latest tokens. Just go to the portal and choose Bill/Token.

Then enter your KPLC meter number on the search bar and search it. That allows you to receive your most recent tokens.

5.  Visit Nearest Kenya Power Branch 

If you stay near a KPLC branch, you can head there to follow up on your tokens. It’s also an excellent opportunity to inquire about your electricity consumption.

People Also Ask 

1. How Can I Get KPLC Tokens Fast?

You can quickly buy KPLC tokens using the pay bill number 888880. But if there’s a delay, you can easily make follow-ups and retrieve your tokens using any of these options:

  • Dialing *977# and following the prompts
  • Contacting KPLC customer care
  • Using MyPower app

2. How Can I Buy KPLC Token by Phone?

You can buy KPLC tokens by phone using any of these routes:

  • MPESA pay bill number 888880
  • USSD code *977#
  • By redeeming Bonga points

3. How Do I Top Up My KPLC Token?

You can easily top up your KPLC token using your phone and pay bill number 888880. Just go to MPESA, then Lipa na MPESA, and enter the pay bill number 888880. Then enter the meter number, amount, and MPESA pin. 

4. What Is KPLC Paybill Number?

The prepaid KPLC pay bill number is 888880, while that for postpaid and new connections are 888888 and 888899, respectively.

5. What Is the Best Time to Buy Tokens?

You will likely pay a few shillings cheaper per unit during the start of the month (days 1 – 8) than the other days. 

6. How Much Is KPLC Token Per Unit?

The electricity consumption rate per unit varies from time to time, depending on the time of buying the tokens and the extra charges. Of late, however, the rate has been around Ksh 10 – Ksh 12 per unit.

7. Why Am I Getting Less KPLC Tokens?

Usually, the more your monthly electricity consumption, the higher the tariff rate. Overall, you are likely to pay more once your monthly consumption reaches 100KWH than someone who spends less.

8. Do KPLC Tokens Expire?

Apparently, KPLC tokens have a 3-month validity. So, you are expected to use them within three months. You can, however, extend their lifespan by recharging them. 

9. How Can I Check KPLC Token Balance?

The easiest way to know your KPLC token balance is to walk to your meter and read it. But if you cannot access the meter at the time, send the first part of your meter number to 95551 as an SMS. That allows you to receive an SMS confirmation of your token balance. 

Closing Thought 

Now you know how to buy KPLC tokens. You can do it using your phone via MPESA through the pay bill number 888880, USSD code *977#, or by redeeming Bonga points.

Alternatively, you can drop by any KPLC bank hallway to make an in-person purchase. The process is more straightforward now that the third parties are no longer in the picture!  

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