This is How to Check NHIF Status Online Fast and Accurately.

How to Check NHIF Status Online Accurately.

How To Check Nhif Status Online: For improved healthcare, the Government of Kenya had to initiate a health cover scheme. This is referred to as the NHIF, in full, the National Hospital Insurance Fund.

Every adult Kenyan citizen is obliged to contribute to this fund. The minimum amount being Shs.500 and this can rise further for the working class depending on their job groups.

But sometimes you want to know the progress of your contributions. And the option is always visiting the office for the service.

This can either wear you out or you won’t even have the time spared to go for such inquiries. Which means a better alternative solution will be a welcome idea.

Are you one of the guys stuck in this situation? Do you want to verify that the amount you pay every month is reflected in the NHIF records?

With the influence of technology, you can check NHIF status online. Alternatively, you can as well request the statement right from the phone through a text message.

This article will be capturing both methods on how to check nhif status online. Let’s walk together.

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how to check nhif status online

How to Check the NHIF Account Status Online

The upgrading of the NHIF system has made it a cinch checking for the balances and statements of an individual’s contributions. The process can be described in three words: efficient, quick and instant.

If you like doing things on the chair or while resting in the bed, this is your redemption. There are two different to go about this process.

1.     Checking NHIF Account Status Account Online Via Web

The NHIF has a website that you can obtain information regarding their services and operations among other things. All terms and conditions about the NHIF can also be found on their website.

So, how do I check my NHIF account?

To check your account online via the web, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to the NHIF official website here,
  • Sign up to the self-service portal
  • You are required to register in case of a newcomer. This makes you be able to possess an online account with NHIF. But if you registered already, simply sign in your account.
  • If you are registering for the first time, ensure that you have the NHIF number, email address, and your phone number.
  • You will be needed to fill in the prompts as required; enter the details, save and then submit
  • Create your own password – you will use it every time you want to do something on the portal. Choose a password that’ll be simple for you to remember.

(it is possible to retrieve a forgotten password in case you forgot)

  • You have the account, now you need to log into the account and start doing what you were after.
  • Check your NHIF account status online with details that show how you contribute monthly. You will also be able to see the balances, which months you defaulted and activation among other things.
  • Having finished everything with the account, you need to log out. Don’t leave your account open as your bio would be insecure.

2.     Checking the NHIF Status Online via a Phone

The other alternative is the use of a mobile phone. This is a little different but here’ how it goes;

  • With your phone in hand, select the message icon by clicking or pressing the button.
  • Once the message thread for inbox is opened, compose the message.
  • Simply type ID in the message compose. Follow it with single space, then your actual national identification number or passport number (if it does matter).
  • With the message complete and done, send it to the shortcode number 21101
  • You will be sent back a text message bearing your NHIF accou nt status after just a short while.

This method is convenient and effective. But just remember you need some airtime on your phone, about 10 bob airtime as service charge.

Well, those are the two ways on how to check nhif status online. Both are actually great ideas, simple to implement and go-for solutions for any person looking to find out their status online.

How To Make NHIF Payment

The NHIF payment for those who are employed in the Government of Kenya or in the Private sector is done by the employers. The charges are deducted directly from their salaries according to the pools they fall in.

I can say that’s pretty easy for them. They don’t have to hassle paying on their own.

But for self-employed peoples, how do you go about NHIF payments and how much do you pay each month?

There are different means of paying for your NHIF.

  1. You can go and pay from their website You will be prompted on what to do until you finish the payment.
  2. The second one is via the Mpesa. Many people are familiar with Mpesa. Follow the following steps to pay your NHIF amounts using Lipa na mpesa.
  • Go to the Mpesa Menu
  • Go to Lipa na Mpesa
  • Enter the Business Number as 200222 (NHIF Pay bill)
  • Enter your ID card number as the account number
  • Enter the amount you want to pay for the month
  • Key in the Mpesa pin and send
  • You will receive the confirmation message from both Mpesa and NHIF

How Do You Know You’ve Paid for NHIF?

It’s important that you follow up with your NHIF records or account status. This has to be regular.

Otherwise, you might get yourself in problems of late payment not because that was the case, but because, the system didn’t just update your records. Or perhaps your employer didn’t submit the payment in time.

In the end, you get unnecessary penalties.

When you pay via mpesa, the NHIF statement will take between 24-48 hours before it reflects in the system. Although in some cases, you will get it instantly.

You can get your statement by either sending an SMS to 21101 or requesting through the email by sending the insurer your ID number to

In Conclusion

I hope this guide on how to check nhif status online is going to make your business with NHIF easy and simplified. Once you understand how things are done, you should be avoiding the embarrassments of queuing in the NHIF offices for a simple task.

Make good use of your phone today. Check your NHIF status online.

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