How To Reverse MPESA Transaction In 8 Quick Ways (2022)

To err is human, so they say, and often it happens that you send money via MPESA to the wrong number. If that happens, you should know how to reverse MPESA transaction fast, and I’ll help you.

First, confirm the details of the recipient using Safaricom’s Hakikisha. After that, you can reverse the money by forwarding the MPESA transaction SMS to 456, chat with Zuri, contact customer care, reverse at an agent, use MySafaricom or MPESA App, or dial *100#.

Clearly, you have several ways to reverse wrong MPESA transactions.   

Note, however, that some methods may work for some MPESA transactions and not for others. So, knowing what reversal method to use during a specific scenario is the key to stopping the unintended recipient from using your money.

But still, an MPESA reversal can fail, but that’s not the end of things. You are probably asking, ‘then what?’ Well, I’ll share with you the steps to take when an MPESA reversal fails.

Let’s get started!

how to reverse airtime to mpesa

8 Ways to Reverse MPESA Transactions

Generally, you can reverse MPESA transactions using any of the methods:

1. Hakikisha (Confirm the Recipient First)

Safaricom now has the Hakikisha plan to allow you to confirm the recipient’s name and phone number before sending money and paying bills. In that case, you can cancel the transaction in time before the unintended recipient receives the money.

Safaricom Hakikisha is available on the MySafaricom app, MPESA app, USSD Code *334#, and SIM tool kit. So, this saves you the stress of having to call customer care and wait for hours or even a day to have your money back.

Note that you only have 25 seconds to cancel the transaction and reverse the money. Once the 25 seconds elapses, the unintended recipient will receive the money, and so, you can only reverse it using the other methods shared in this post.

2. SMS to 456

You probably are familiar with the SMS code 456, which Safaricom constantly advertises through frequent SMSs. Well, you can use the code to reverse money sent to wrong numbers, including Lipa Na MPESA transactions.

This is how to reverse money sent to wrong number using code 456:

  • Copy the MPESA transaction confirmation message
  • Open a blank SMS and paste the message there
  • Send the text to 456 and wait to receive a reversal confirmation message from Safaricom.

Though Safaricom initiates the reversal immediately by calling the recipient, it may take up to 24 hours to have your money back.

3. Chat with Zuri

Zuri is a Safaricom chatbot, and you can chat with her to initiate an MPESA reversal. Nowadays, you can save Zuri’s WhatsApp number 0722000100 and then start a chat on WhatsApp.

Just type the word Hello and wait for Zuri to respond. Zuri will then respond with several topics, and you need to pick ‘MPESA Help & Reversal,’ typically option 2.

You’ll then need to respond with option 1 to initiate the reversal. Zuri will then ask you to copy-paste the transaction message and confirm your MPESA number.

Lastly, you’ll need to key in your MPESA pin to confirm you own the line before receiving a confirmation message on WhatsApp, indicating that the reversal is underway.

Safaricom will then contact the recipient before completing the reversal.

If you don’t have WhatsApp on your phone, you can visit with any device to chat with Zuri. You’ll see the chat robot on the right-bottom side of the website homepage.

So, you only need to click on it and wait for a popup live chat screen. You can then complain and provide answers to all Zuri’s questions.

how to reverse money sent to wrong number

4. Safaricom Customer Care MPESA Reversal

Though this often takes a long time to reverse wrong MPESA transactions, you can contact Safaricom customer support to reverse any wrong MPESA transaction.

You can do that by:

  • Calling

Consider calling 100 or 234 on your prepaid line or 200 on your post-pay line. You’ll need to follow the voice prompts before talking to an agent.

  • Direct Messaging on Social Media

Safaricom also allows you to reverse MPESA transactions via social media. Just send them a direct message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and wait for a response.

Note, however, that this method is often the longest, which means it may take a few hours for Safaricom to respond. But still, it remains an option.

5. Reverse at an MPESA Agent

MPESA agents can also help you reverse MPESA transactions. The authorized dealer will require you to provide proof of ownership of the line and possess a valid Kenyan ID.

Moreover, you’ll need to show them the transaction message. The agent will then contact Safaricom customer care on your behalf to request a reversal.   

MPESA agents are usually accorded a few advantages that customers don’t have. They can call directly to request the reversal or forward the transaction message to 2530 for a quick response.

6. Use MySafaricom App

If you’ve MySafaricom App on your phone, which is highly advisable, you can use it to initiate MPESA reversal.

Here’s how to reverse MPESA transactions using MySafaricom app:

  • Launch MySafaricom on your phone
  • Tap on the MPESA menu and select MPESA statement and then mini-statement
  • Choose the recent transaction you want to reverse
  • Identify the green icon and tap it to initiate the reversal
  • Confirm the MPESA request, and that’s it
how to reverse lipa na mpesa transaction

7. Consider the MPESA App

You can also reverse a wrong MPESA transaction using the new MPESA app. Note, however, that you can only reverse transactions that you’ve done via the app.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to your MPESA app
  • Identify the reversal transaction tap on the app and tap on it
  • Choose the reason for reversing the money
  • Wait for a notification indicating a successful reversal

8. Dial *100#

The old *100# USSD code still works today, and it’s a one-stop solution for Safaricom and MPESA issues. So, you can dial the code on the phone, choose MPESA/Reversal, and then follow the subsequent steps to initiate the reversal.

Quick Guides on How to Reverse MPESA Transaction

Now that you are aware of 8 methods for reversing MPESA transactions, let’s talk about the specific transactions and how to go about them:

How to Reverse Lipa Na MPESA Transaction?

Lipa Na MPESA transactions (Buy Goods and Pay bill transactions) are not easy to reverse as money sent to the wrong people.

Let’s see how you can reverse them.

a. How to Reverse MPESA Paybill Transaction

You can reverse the wrong pay bill transaction by calling the recipient merchant and requesting them to reverse from their end.

If you don’t know how to contact them, call Safaricom customer care using the number 191 to request the merchant’s number. Alternatively, you can initiate the reversal by calling 100 or 234 to speak to a Safaricom agent and request a reversal.

Zuri can also help you reverse the transaction. However, you’ll need to provide the MPESA transaction ID, your ID number, and names.

safaricom customer care mpesa reversal

b. How to Reverse Money Sent to Wrong Till Number?

You can also recover your money after a wrong buy goods transaction. While contacting the recipient may not work here, you can call MPESA customer care services by dialing 234 and then request them to send the money.

You can also try calling 100, though it’s a lengthy process, or chat with Zuri.

How to Reverse MPESA Transaction from Wrong Agent

This is probably the most irritating scenario, given that you may withdraw money from an agent who is several miles away. The best approach is to call Safaricom customer care by dialing 100 or 234. Then follow the prompts and wait to speak to an agent.

How to Reverse MPESA Transaction as an Agent

Though it rarely happens since the customer has to provide an ID and have the phone nearby, it’s worth knowing how to reverse money sent to the wrong number if you are an agent.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Dial *234# on your business phone
  • Opt for MPESA Agent’s services
  • Choose Reversal request and follow the ensuing steps

Alternatively, you can forward the transaction message to 2530 and wait for up to 24-48 hours for the reversal to take place.    

How to Reverse Airtime to MPESA?

Use the same method as reversing money sent to the wrong person when reversing airtime transactions. In that case, consider sending the transaction message to 456 and wait for Safaricom to act.

Alternatively, you can call the customer agent immediately, through the number 234, and wait to speak to an agent.

how to reverse money sent from mpesa to airtel

How to Reverse Money Sent from MPESA to Airtel?

You can reverse money sent to your MPESA to any number, including your airtel line, by forwarding the transaction message to 456. You then need to wait for Safaricom to act.

Alternatively, you can contact Safaricom or MPESA customer care by dialing 100 0r 234.

People Also Ask

1. What if the MPESA Reversal Failed?

While you may panic after failing to reverse an MPESA transaction, there is no reason to feel that way. The Kenyan government instituted the Computer and Cyber Crime Act in 2018 that protects online payments, including MPESA.

So, if the unintended recipient refuses to reverse the money and withdraws, you can ask Safaricom customer support to follow up. They have a few tricks up their sleeves to help you recover your money.

For example, the felon may face prosecution or a fine if they withdraw your money and fail to cooperate.

2. How Long Does MPESA Reversal Take?

Hakikisha MPESA reversals typically take seconds. Other approaches, however, such as the 456 SMS method, calling customer care, and using the MySafaricom app, may take minutes or hours, sometimes up to 24 hours, to receive your money.

3. Can You Reverse MPESA After 24 Hours?

Most MPESA reversal methods only work with money sent to the wrong number within 24 hours. After that MPESA reversal time limit, the only realistic way to get your money back is to call customer care and ask them to help you reverse it.

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In Conclusion:

Now you know how to reverse MPESA transaction. As seen, you can do it through SMS, live chat with Zuri, an agent’s help, contacting customer care, USSD code 100, MPESA, or MySafaricom app. Don’t forget, however, to use Hakikisha to confirm the details.