MPESA Withdrawal Charges 2023 (Safaricom Mpesa Rates Chart)

While Safaricom’s transformational impact in the Kenyan mobile money market is undeniable, the constant changes in MPESA withdrawal charges are worrying for most people.

Nothing frustrates you like wanting to withdraw a specific amount from an MPESA agent only to realize that you don’t have enough money to pay the transaction fee. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the latest MPESA charges, and I’m going to help you.  

I’ll share the withdrawal charges that I’ve obtained from They are current and thus reliable.

I’ll also explain a few changes about the MPESA service to help you stay up to date.

MPESA withdrawal charges

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What are MPESA Withdrawal Charges?

Note that MPESA offers you the option of withdrawing from an authorized MPESA agent or a bank’s ATM, and the two routes have different charges.

Let’s look at how much the two options will cost you.

MPESA Withdrawal Charges from Agent

Generally, Safaricom doesn’t allow you to withdraw less than Ksh 50 from an MPESA agent. So, the least you can withdraw is Ksh 50, which costs Ksh 10.

On the higher side, you can withdraw up to Ksh 150,000 from an MPESA agent at the cost of Ksh 300.

Below is MPESA withdrawal charges chart 2021 that shows you what I mean.

Amount (Ksh)Withdraw Fee

MPESA ATM Withdrawal Charges in Kenya

ATM withdrawal doesn’t offer you as much flexibility as an MPESA agent. That is concerning withdrawal limits and charges. But still, you can withdraw a minimum of Ksh 200 at the cost of Ksh 34 and a maximum of Ksh 20,000 at Ksh 197.   

So, clearly, MPESA ATM withdrawal charges are higher than MPESA agent withdrawal charges. As a result, unless you don’t have your phone with you, it’s cost-saving to withdraw from an MPESA agent than at the ATM.

Besides, while an ATM only allows you to withdraw a minimum of Ksh 200 and a maximum of Ksh 20,000, MPESA agents let you withdraw a minimum of Ksh 50 and a maximum of Ksh 150,000.

Below is a table showing Safaricom withdrawal charges at the ATM.

Amount (Ksh)Withdraw Charges(Ksh)

Recent Changes On MPESA Rates

Here are some recent changes on MPESA transactions that you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • The maximum MPESA account balance for MPESA users is Ksh 300,000.
  • The maximum limit per transaction is Ksh 150,000, but you can transact up to Ksh 30,000 per day.
  • You can reverse money sent to the wrong person by forwarding the confirmation SMS to 456.
  • You need to produce an original ID card or Kenyan passport to withdraw or deposit cash at an MPESA agent.
  • The minimum amount you can send via MPESA global is Ksh 101, and the maximum is Ksh 70,000.
  • You can now use MySafaricom App to access the MPESA withdrawal charges calculator or dial *234# to see the applicable withdrawal fees.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount from an MPESA agent is Ksh50.
  • All MPESA deposits, balance and inquiries, registrations, and buying airtime via MPESA are free.
  • You can now access MPESA services using the new MPESA App.
Safaricom withdrawal charges

People Also Ask (About MPESA Money Withdrawal Charges)

What Are The Current MPESA Charges?

Currently, MPESA transfer charges to MPESA users, business till numbers, and Pochi La Biashara are the same. It, however, costs more sending to unregistered users. Meanwhile, MPESA withdrawal charges are slightly higher.

Here is a table compiling the various MPESA transaction charges today.

Amount (Ksh)Withdraw Charges from Agent (Ksh)Transfer Fee to MPESA Users, Pochi La Biashara & Business Till Number (Ksh)Transfer to Unregistered Users (Ksh)

1. How Much Does it Cost to Withdraw 200 From MPESA Agent?

Currently, it costs Ksh 27 to withdraw Ksh 200 from an MPESA agent. The charges are the same for withdrawing Ksh 101-Ksh 500 at an agent. You may, however, pay up to Ksh 34 if you were to withdraw Ksh 200 via ATM. 

2. How Much Does It Cost To Withdraw 250 From MPESA?

Safaricom charges you Ksh 27 to withdraw Ksh 250 from an MPESA agent and up to Ksh 34 at an ATM.

3. How Much Does Safaricom Charge To Withdraw 5000?

Safaricom currently charges you Ksh 84 to withdraw Ksh 5000 and up to Ksh 112 via ATM. That makes it cheaper to withdraw via the agent than the ATM.

4. How Much Does MPESA Charge To Withdraw 3000?

It’ll cost you Ksh 50 to withdraw Ksh 3000 at an MPESA agent and up to Ksh 67 at an ATM point.

5. How Much Does MPESA Charge to Withdraw 6000?

Safaricom charges you Ksh 84 to withdraw money from an MPESA agent and up to Ksh 112 if you do it via ATM.

6. How Much To Withdraw 900 From MPESA?

Current MPESA withdrawal fees for Ksh 501-1,000 are Ksh 28. So, that’s the same amount you’ll pay to withdraw Ksh 900 from an agent. You’ll, however, pay up to Ksh 34 if you opt to withdraw at an ATM.

7. How Much To Withdraw 4000 From MPESA?

It’ll cost you Ksh 67 to withdraw Ksh 4,000 from either an MPESA agent or at an ATM point.

8. How Much Does it Cost To Withdraw 10,000 from MPESA?

It costs Ksh 112 to withdraw Ksh 10,000 from either an MPESA agent up to Ksh or an ATM station. You’ll, however, pay more to withdraw anything above Ksh 10,000.

7. How Much Does It Cost To Withdraw 8000 via MPESA?

It costs Ksh 112 to withdraw Ksh 8,000 either from an MPESA agent or ATM station.

8. How Much Does it Cost to Withdraw 7000 From MPESA?

It costs Ksh 84 to withdraw Ksh 700 from an MPESA agent or Ksh 112 if you do it via ATM.

Closing Remarks:

Given that MPESA withdrawal charges keep changing at least yearly, it’s a good idea to stay up to date with the latest developments. That is what this guide is all about. Its importance is to help you know how much it’ll cost you to withdraw money at an MPESA agent or ATM point.