Huawei Y9 Price In Kenya 2022 (Price By Leading Stores!)

The Huawei Y9 Prime, popularly known as the Huawei Y9, stands out with its sleek, elegant, and advanced specs. Overall, this phone has been every Huawei fan’s envy since its release in 2019. So, what is the Huawei Y9 price in Kenya?

Huawei Y9 goes for Ksh 24,999 – Ksh 28,999 on Jumia Kenya, depending on the phone storage, color, and who sells on the platform. You’ll also spend almost the same amount on other stores, including Masoko, Kilimall, and Jiji.

Note, however, that some stores price this smartphone a little lower than Jumia, but it’s unfortunately out of stock. So, the quote indicates an old price that’ll probably be updated when or if they restock it.

Note that not only will we compare Huawei Y9 prices in Kenya by all leading stores, but we’ll also look at its specs to help you decide if it’s worth the price.

Let’s get into it!

huawei y9 prime price in kenya

Huawei Y9 Price in Kenya Jumia

On Jumia, Huawei Y9 retails from Ksh 24,999 to Ksh 28,999 depending on the storage capacity, color, and retailer. This phone is available in two storage options; 64GB and 128GB.

In that case, while you can get Huawei Y9 64GB (View on Jumia) for Ksh 24,999, you’ll pay up to Ksh 28,999 for Huawei Y9 128GB. (View on Jumia)

Note, however, that you are not only paying more for the storage when it comes to the 128GB option. This phone also has a few better specs. For example, it runs on Android 9 when the 64GB runs on Android 8. It also has a triple set rear camera when Huawei Y9 64GB only has a dual set.

We’ll explore more differences in the article as we look at the phone’s specs.

Overall, you may pay slightly more, probably by a thousand or two, on Jumia than other stores for this phone because it comes with a free Bluetooth headphone, which will likely cost you that much.

The best part about buying it on Jumia is that the phone is delivered to your doorstep, and you are guaranteed the real thing. What’s more, you can always take advantage of the seasonal deals, which means you don’t have to pay full price.  

This smartphone comes with a Bluetooth headset and an eject tool, TPU protector case, USB cable, and charger.

huawei y9 price in kenya safaricom shop

Huawei Y9 Price in Kenya Safaricom Shop

When it comes to determining this phone’s price on Safaricom shops, Masoko is usually the reference point as it is a product by Safaricom. On Masoko, Huawei Y9 goes for Ksh 24,499.

Huawei Y9 Prime Price in Kenya in Other Leading Stores

Huawei Y9 is also available on Jiji at Ksh 20,500 – Ksh 25,500 and Kilimall at Ksh 21,199 – Ksh 25,500, depending on the retailer.

As for Avenchi, the retailer claims that the smartphone goes for Ksh 19,999, making it the cheapest. However, I’m yet to meet someone who bought it for such a price.

Even though popular stores like Mobile Hub Kenya, Phone Store Kenya, Phone Place Kenya, and claim to sell this phone at a lower price, it’s out of stock.

Below is a table comparing the prices of Huawei Y9 on 5 of the leading stores, where you are likely to find it in stock.

Online StorePrice (Ksh)
JumiaKsh 24,999 – Ksh 28,999
MasokoKsh 24,499
KilimallKsh 21,199 – Ksh 25,000
JijiKsh 20,500 – Ksh 25, 500
AvenchiStarting from Ksh 19,999

Huawei Y9 Price in Kenya and Features – Best Specs

Generally, you pay Ksh 24,999 – Ksh 28,999 for Huawei Y9 because of these specifications:

1. Phone Memory

It’s worth noting that Huawei Y9 comes in two types depending on the phone storage: Huawei Y9 64GB and Huawei Y9 128GB. And like I mentioned, you pay more for Huawei Y9 128GB than Huawei Y9 64GB.

Note that while the storages for both cases are more than enough, you can still expand them. You can expand the 64GB storage to about 400GB with an SD card and the 128GB to about 1 TB.

However, you’ve 4GB in both cases when it comes to the RAM. That’s enough memory to run multiple apps in the background.  

2. Platform

Huawei Y9 64GB runs on Android 8.1 Oreo, while Huawei Y9 128GB runs on Android 9.0 pic. Though these operating systems are not as recent as Android 10, they offer you a speedy platform for launching and running your apps.

As for the processor, the phone operates on a 2.2GHz Octa-Core processing unit.

3. Phone Display

Huawei Y9 has a 6.5-inch screen that offers you an 82.8% screen-to-body ratio. So, the screen is big enough to fill with the images and allow you to have a wide-angle view.

With the screen being an LCD and offering you a resolution of 1080 x 2340p, you cannot ask for more. The screen resolution is fantastic for HD movies, video gaming, and just about anything you may want to use a smartphone for.

Plus, it offers you up to 16M colors (Huawei Y9 64GB) and up to 16.7M colors (Huawei Y9 128GB).

huawei y9 price in kenya jumia

4. Phone Camera

Camera Resolution

Huawei Y9 64GB comes with a dual set main camera (16MP + 2MP) and a double set selfie camera (13MP + 2MP). The 2MP in both cases is for depth sensing, while the 16MP rear camera enjoys Photo Detection Auto Focus (PDAF).

On the other hand, Huawei Y9 128GB comes with a triple set rear camera (16MP + 8MP + 2MP) and one 16MP selfie camera.

Camera Features

Overall, here are the notable camera features that Huawei Y9 enjoys:

  • Auto pop-up – The feature is available on the selfie camera to automatically pop up the front camera when taking selfies and retract when you stop.
  • AI selfie – The selfie camera employs AI technology to intelligently adjust depending on the angle you shoot from.
  • 6P glass lens The glass lens allows you to take better contrast and clear images.
  • Ultra-wide angle – The main rear camera allows you to capture images at a wide-angle.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) – Lets you shoot high-contrast images quickly.
  • Panorama – Enables you to take horizontal images in elongated fields.
  • LED Flash – This innovation allows you to shoot still photos and other images under low light.

5. Battery

Huawei Y9 has a built-in 4,000mAh Li-ion battery that promises a longer running time. The battery can support up to 14 hours of internet use, 9 hours of gaming and video streaming, and 65 hours of music.

Though the battery doesn’t support fast charging, you can charge it from 0-to-100% in about 2 hours.

Other Specs

  • Sound Features – Some of Huawei Y9’s sound features include a loudspeaker, MP3 and MP4, active noise-cancellation, dedicated MIC, and a 3.5mm jack.
  • Video Features – Huawei Y9 allows you to shoot 1080p (HD quality) videos at a rate of 30 frames per second (30fps). Plus, it comes with a video editor function that doubles up as a photo editor.
  • Sensors – This smartphone by Huawei features a rear fingerprint sensor for unlocking, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gravity sensor, gyro sensor, and digital compass.
  • Connectivity – Huawei Y9 offers you many connectivity specs like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, hotspot, Dual SIM, and Wi-Fi direct.
  • Colors – Huawei Y9 64GB is available in aurora purple, mid-night black, and blue Swarovski, while Huawei Y9 128GB comes in emerald green, midnight black, and sapphire blue. 
huawei y9 price in kenya and features

Pros and Cons


  • Decent camera
  • Plenty of built-in storage, which you can expand
  • Fast processor
  • Great audio
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Lots of color choices
  • 1-year warranty
  • Dual SIM
  • Wide-angle display


  • Lacks face ID
  • It doesn’t support fast charge
  • Cameras don’t have the highest resolution

Is the Huawei Y9 Price in Kenya Worth It? 

Regarding Huawei Y9, you can only point out the lack of face detection and fast-charge support as the two main concerns. If the manufacturer could improve on those, there’ll be little to complain about.

As for the cameras, though the 16MP rear camera and the 16MP/13MP selfie camera promise decent photos, some phones of the same price point offer you better resolution cameras. I’m talking about the likes of Oppo A92, Oppo A93, Tecno Camon 17, and Tecno Camon 16.

So, the price feels slightly higher if you consider the camera resolution and the lack of fast-charge and face recognition.

But it’s hard to fault Huawei when you look at other areas such as the storage, processor, appearance, audio, screen display, and sensors. So, they make it worth the compromise and worth paying for that much.

huawei y9 best price in kenya

People Also Ask

1. What Is the Real Price of Huawei Y9 in Kenya?

Huawei Y9 retails at Ksh 24,999 – Ksh 28,999 on Jumia Kenya and almost the same price at other leading stores. However, note that the price difference is due to storage, camera, color options, and other factors.

2. Does Huawei Y9 Have a Face ID?

Unfortunately, No! Huawei Y9 does not have a face ID. You may have to depend on its rear fingerprint sensor to unlock it.

3. Does Huawei Y9 Support Fast-Charge?

Huawei Y9 does not support fast-charge, which is quite a shame for a phone of such a budget. Overall, it takes up to 2 hours to fully charge this phone from zero.

4. Does Huawei Y9 Prime Have Gorilla Glass?

Yes, Huawei Y9 Prime comes with a gorilla screen protector that prevents shattering. The gorilla screen protection protects the display from edge to edge.

Closing Remarks On Huawei Y9 Price in Kenya!

There is no denying that Huawei Y9 is a fantastic phone. It’s one of Huawei’s best releases in recent times that can confidently compete with the likes of Oppo and Samsung.

Overall, this smartphone target die-hard Huawei fans with a mid-income. It generally has the build quality and the specs to back its price.