KUCCPS Student Portal Registration, Course Revision and Charges.

KUCCPS Students Portal Guide: Registration, Course Revision and Charges.

KUCCPS student portal replaced the now defunct Joint Admissions Board (JAB). As a student waiting to join college or university for that matter, this portal takes care of all the related services a student needs.KUCCPS Students Portal

These services include course revision, application and registration, the student login, results, admission lists, inquiry, and even the inter-university transfer processes.

But of course, the key being the processing of admission of the Government-sponsored students to universities and colleges.

This article will be looking into these key aspects and will give you a crisp guide on how to go about the KUCCPS Website.

Understanding KUCCPS.

KUCCPS is a truncation of the Kenya Universities and Colleges Placement Service which is an organ mandated for the placement of government-sponsored students in the universities and colleges.

All the students who completed their Form Four education and scored the minimum grade C+ and above are admitted to universities through KUCCPS. Again this group of students is also eligible to apply for low-interest HELB loan to facilitate the part of the fees they are required to pay.

The KUCCPS replaced JAB or the Joints Admissions Board since 2013.

So, perhaps you’re still figuring out the biggest difference between the two. Well the new feature setting KUCCPS apart from JAB is the placement of students in not only public universities and colleges but in the private ones also.

This placement service was formed as a corporate body under the Universities Act No. 42 of 2012. The act stipulates that the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Board (KUCCPS) is responsible for the placement of government-sponsored students to universities and colleges, disseminating information on available programs, their costs and areas of study as prioritized by the government.

The Act further says “the placement service will also verse developing career programs for students as well as collecting and retaining data relating to university and college placement”.

Another obligation of the KUCCPS entails advising the government on matters relating to university and college student placement as well as performing any other functions assigned to it under the act.

KUCCPS Students Portal Registration.

To access the KUCCPS student portal, you need to log in. But you can’t do that if you didn’t register with the portal.

The first step would be to go to the website and check for the tab labeled “Login” at the topmost part of the website.

Click on it and type in your KCSE number. Type next, your exam year and then enter your password.

Your password for a KUCCPS login should be the birth certificate number. If you don’t have the birth certificate, all is not lost, use the KCSE index number.

KUCCPS Application.

To apply to KUCCPS courses, one needs to meet a certain criterion as stated below:

  1. Must be a Kenyan Citizen by Chapter 3 of the constitution of Kenya and the Kenya Citizenship Act Cap 172 of 2011.
  2. The minimum placement requirement for the Bachelor’s degree will be grade C+. While the minimum for the admission for a diploma will be C- (Minus).
  3. Candidates will be allowed to make a total of 6 choices for either diploma or degree courses (that’s if they scored C+ and above).
  4. Candidates with C- and above but below C + will be allowed to choose up to 6 options from the diploma programs.

Here are the steps to applying for a course via KUCCPS:

  1. Go to the student portal
  2. Choose the KUCCPS student portal page and log in. Simply enter your credentials (index number, year of registration, including the password and continue.
  3. Once you’ve logged into the portal, you will see all the courses under head titled programs on the menu section.
  4. You will need to compare the clusters and points to determine which courses you will be able to apply for. The cluster points influence the type of courses you are supposed to apply to.
  5. Input the 7-digit code representing your course of choice for study.
  6. After that, click either application or revision as your option
  7. You will be required to follow on the next steps as directed by the prompts to complete your application.

KUCCPS Revision.

At this point, all the students that did well and have secured their placement for various degrees in public universities for the year are good to from a logistical view.

This paves way for the ones who didn’t make it during the first stage of truncation. This group of students can apply for their diploma or certificates of choice.

Now, for every application, whether you are applying for the first time or doing a revision, there is an amount of money to pay. This is KES 1,500 first time and KES 1,000 for revisions.

How to Make a Payment to KUCCPS:

  1. On the Mpesa Menu on your phone, choose the pay bill option
  2. Enter Paybill 820201 as Business Number
  3. On the account number section, enter your 4-digit exam year followed by the 11-digit index number e.g. 2019123456789
  4. Key in the amount. Which should be either KES 1500 for the first time or KES 1000 for revision.
  5. The next your Mpesa PIN
  6. Send and wait for a confirmation message from Mpesa.

KUCCPS Downloads: KUCCPS Courses, Admission Letters and Other Resources.

On this portal, there are a number of downloads you will be making. These include resources, letters of admission and degree and diploma programs.

The downloads also have vital guides such as the principals’ manual which is helpful to the principals when applying for courses on behalf of their students.

Check the following resources you can download on this portal. Others bear the KUCCPS programs including the degree and KUCCPS diploma courses.

  • Degree program cut offs
  • Diploma program codes
  • Artisan program codes
  • Degree cluster document
  • Counties, districts, and postal codes
  • Diploma requirements and programs

How to Apply for the Inter-Institution Transfer.

The KUCCPS provides candidates an online application system for inter-university transfer. As long as you were successfully placed in one of the university or TVET institutions.

However, the transfer is given a period that once finished the portal closes. For example, the inter-institution transfer this year closed on July 1.

  • Submit your applications through the student portal (
  • Read the guidelines of the whole process on the portal
  • Don’t make prior payment. Payment is only done after the applicant completes the necessary steps required to be followed.
  • Applicants are advised not to send money to individuals claiming to offer a helping hand. Don’t send money to any mobile number
  • The transfer processing fee is to be paid to the KUCCPS Mpesa pay bill 820201.

The Latest KUCCPS News to Follow.

The Placement Service announces that the inter-institution transfer has closed down. It was open since May 2, 2019, but the process ended on July 1, 2019.

What this means is that no candidate can apply to switch university or college for the 2019/2020 window.

The other important announcement is about bringing the KUCCPS services closer to the citizens. Initially, everything has been taking place in Nairobi only.

However, things have changed since February 2019. KUCCPS established service desks in 10 Huduma Centers across the country.

These centers include Huduma centers in Nairobi, Eldoret, Meru, Nyeri, Kisumu, Kakamega, Nakuru, Kitui, Garissa and Mombasa. Some of you may not be in the mentioned counties but as usual, you could visit the ones closest to you.

KUCCPS Complaint Handling Process.

In case you have a complaint against KUCCPS, the following is the procedure to follow to register them:

  1. KUCCPS will acknowledge complaints and inquiries within seven days of receipt
  2. Complaints and disputes registered through email, letters and related communication within seven days.
  3. KUCCPS will make their decision known on any issues, matters or complaints brought before the board within 30 working days after the conclusion of investigations.

KUCCPS Contacts.

It is important to keep the KUCCPS contacts at your fingertips. Before, during and after the application and revision of the courses, you need to be in communication with the body until you are sure that things are in their right places.

Even once you are done applying for the courses, it’s just good to follow up. You just want to ensure that the process is completed without hitches.

The following are the official contacts:

ACK Gardens, 1st Ngong’ Avenue, Upperhill Nairobi

Telephone: 020 513 7400, 0723 954927, 0734 879662


P.O. Box 105166 – 00101 Nairobi

So with these details, make sure that you write to KUCCPS a letter, or call, or just visit their headquarters in Nairobi for assistance on any issues related to University and college placement.


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Bottom Line

If you are looking to join a public learning institution, and perhaps you don’t have any information about how the placement is done, the cut-off points, courses to choose, etc., KUCCPS student portal is the perfect avenue to find all the student-related services you want.

You will be able to know a whole bunch of information about which university or college you will joining. And if you aren’t able to join a particular institution, you can also apply for a transfer through the same portal.

Hope that this article has been indeed helpful to you.

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