30 Marketable Courses In Kenya (With a Brief Description for Each)

30 Marketable Courses In Kenya (With a Brief Description for Each)

The rule of thumb to further your education beyond high school is simple. Enroll in any of the marketable courses in Kenya. And you just might be on a journey to developing a lucrative carrier path.

Some of the most marketable courses in Kenya include medicine, information technology, architecture, business and management, marketing, and actuarial science. Other notable courses include engineering, pharmacy, education and construction.

In this post, I’ll list some 30 of the courses in Kenya that are worth the mention. Whether you scored a C in your KCSE or you were an A student back in high school, you just might find the right course for you from the list.

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30 Marketable Courses in Kenya: The Complete List Explained

1. Laboratory Technology

Laboratory technology involves carrying out tests on biological specimens and body fluids as well as studying and analyzing collected samples. The entry requirement of this course is a mean grade of C+ and above in KCSE.

2. Actuarial Science

Actuarial Science is a course that teaches students how to solve real business problems with the help of mathematical, probabilistic, statistical, and financial theories.

You must have attained at least a C+ to get an admission into an Actuarial Science class at Egerton and other Kenyan Universities.

3. Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a branch of Computer Science that focuses on design, development, testing, and maintain software applications.

This course revolves around the knowledge of programming language to build apps that bring software solutions to the end users.

You need a KCSE certificate with a mean of C+, a C in Mathematics, and a C+ in English or Kiswahili to enroll in this course.

4. Architecture

architect kenya

Architecture is a highly demanding course that requires enthusiasm. Students taking Architecture learn design and construction of small and large projects.

You will need a mean grade of C+ in the KCSE for parallel students and a mean grade of B+ for regular students to enroll in this course.

5. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a short course for those interested in working druggist or chemist.

By the end of the course, you will have learned the ethical and functional practices of guiding the public on proper usage of drugs. You will also be responsible for preparing, controlling, formulating, preserving, and distributing medicine.

To qualify for this program, you will need to achieve a minimum grade of C+ in your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

6. Medicine

Medicine is one of the most marketable courses in Kenya because the nation has to be healthy for growth to continue.

You will need to achieve a mean grade of B+ (plus) in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education to enroll in this course. 

7. Quantity Survey

This course involves estimating and benchmarking the value of big construction projects. In addition, the course teaches about legal and quality standards in the construction field.

To become a quantity surveyor you will need a Commercial Management accreditation from the Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors (RICS). Alternatively, you will need a Degree in Quantity Surveying.

8. Business Information Technology

Business IT is also one of the marketable courses in Kenya best student for students who are interested in technology.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to create and maintain business systems, business programs, and enterprise databases.

You will need a mean grade of C (plain) in KCSE with a C (plain) in Mathematics, Business Studies, and English to study this course.

For a Degree in Business Information Technology, you will need t least a C+ (plus) in KCSE with C (plain) in Mathematics and English. On the other hand, a Diploma can also qualify you for the course.

9. Statistics

Statistics is a course focused on collecting and analyzing an organization’s data.

statistics kenya

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to identify trends in data sets after which you will offer the patterns to the business for tailoring operations.

You will need a KCSE certificate to study this course.

10. Civil Engineering

Civil engineering involves the design and construction of both natural and man-made environments.

The course also teaches candidate the arts of building roads, canals, railways, airports, dams, pipelines, and sewage systems.

To qualify to study this course, you must have studied Mathematics and Physics and passed with an average grade of C+ in KCSE.

11. Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the marketable courses in Kenya that teaches students how to develop, design, test, and maintain software and hardware.

For a degree in Computer Engineering, you will need a C+ (plus) in your KCSE with at least a C+ in mathematics and physics.

12. Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is also a marketable course that deals with the design, administration, and support of telecommunication and computer systems.

Example of a place you can secure a job with this course include media houses such as Nation Media and communication networks such as Safaricom.

To study for a Degree in IT, you will need at least a minimum grade of C+ (plus) and a C (plain) in Mathematics and English. 

For a Diploma, you will need a mean grade of C- in KCSE or a certificate in IT from an accredited institution.

13. Cybersecurity

In this time and age, companies are working towards building an online presence. But the web can’t be safe without the engagement of cybersecurity experts.

cybersecurity kenya

That cybercrime is a dime a dozen is the reason for the popularity of the cybersecurity course.

It is the responsibility of the cyber professional to protect the company systems from any attack. You will need a certificate in computer science, computer engineering, or data science to get a job in this space.

14. Real Estate Management

If you take a Reals Estate Management course, you will learn how to manage, administer, and sell properties owned by individuals or entities.

You must have a minimum of C- (minus) in your KCSE exam to enroll for a diploma course in Real Estate Management.

For study for a degree in Real Estate Management, you will need a C+ with a C+ in Mathematics and English/Kiswahili.

15. Procurement and Logistics

Procurement and Logistics is yet another marketable course in Kenya. In this course, you will learn how to maintain supplier relations in business, manage policies and merchandising as well as operations and logistics.

You will need a minimum grade of C+ (plus) with at least a C in Mathematics and English to enroll for a degree course in procurement and logistics.

16. Education/Teaching

Teaching is also a profitable course you can study in Kenya and you will need Education (course) for that. It’s highly unlikely that you will lack a job when you take this course.

The only problem we have with this marketable course is that its salary is a bit lower. You will need to have at least a C+ and be a citizen of Kenyan to enroll in a teaching course.

17. Marketing

Marketing courses teach students to collaborate with sales members to market, advertise, design, and develop products for promotional campaigns.

The entry requirement for this course is a minimum of C- (minus) in KCSE or a CIM Foundation Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level 3).

18. Business Management and Office Administration

Business management and office administration is another marketable course you can study in Kenya. It will train you to become an office administrator, a company manager, or a supervisor for a non-profit organization.

You will need an overall grade of C + (plus) or equivalent and a minimum of B in English or to take a diploma in the course.

19. Law

As a lawyer, you will be representing your client in a court of law. In the courtroom, you will communicate with different parties like the judge and jury in matters concerning the legal processes.

To study law in Kenya, you will need to achieve a mean grade of C+ (plus) with a B (plain) in either language.

20. Mechatronics

A mechatronic works with smart technologies like automated systems, robots, and computer-integrated manufacturing equipment. They combine electrical, mechanical, software, and computer skills.

A candidate must have a mean great of at least a B (plain) score and the clusters must at least be B (plain) to study this course.

21. Dental Technology

We all have teeth and it reaches a point when we may have problems with them.

For example, teeth may ache, get broken, or get lost. It will be the work of a dentist to fill broken teeth, replace broken teeth, and prescribe drugs to stop aches. 

At an entry level, you will need a mean grade of C (plain) with at least a C (plain) in English and Mathematics or Physics to study this course.

22. Journalism

The journalism course will teach you how to research, write, edit, and proofread news stories.

Once you’ve graduated, you may get a chance to join a TV or radio station and start working as a presenter or a reporter.

Journalists can also publish online, in newspapers, as well as in magazines.

You need a mean grade of C- (minus) with at least a D in either English or Kiswahili to study the course.

23. Agriculture and Related Courses

All courses in agriculture are marketable in Kenya. You can choose to study food processing, agro processing, harvesting technology, horticulture, or seed technology.

If you want to pursue a Diploma in general agriculture you will need a mean grade of D (plain) and at least D (plain) in any two sciences in your KCSE exams.

24. Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is also a marketable course designed to teach you how to handle children.

Most men and women fresh from high school opt for this course because it is easy and doesn’t require tough qualifications. Before enrolling in this course, though, ensure you love being around kids as well as working with them.

For a certificate in Early Childhood Education, you will need a mean grade of D+ (plus) and above with D+ (plus) in English or Kiswahili. You will need a mean grade of C+ in your KCSE to study for a degree.

25. Nursing

Nursing is simply what holds a patient’s health care journey. To be a good nurse you need to respect human dignity and have an instinct for patient needs.

If you enroll in this course, you will learn the work of administering medication to patients, counseling and educating patients, coordinating care and performing physical exams on patients.

The minimum requirement to study this course in Kenya is at least a C- (minus) in KCSE for a Diploma. For a degree, you will need a mean grade of at least C+ (plus).

26. Aviation

With this course, you may secure a job at an airport or airstrip. Your work will be to formulate flight plans, flying a plane, and putting into account the craft’s performance.

You will need a mean grade of A (plan) to study the course at a degree level and a mean grade of C+ if you want to start with a Diploma program.

27. Leadership and Management

This course is all about responsibilities, imposing new business plans, and developing your human assets. It also aims to encourage effective collaboration methods of leadership and management.

To study leadership and management in college or university, you will need a mean grade of C+ (plus) with at least C+ (plus) in English and Mathematics.

28. Hospitality Management

This course runs for at least three years and within that period, you will have learned how to supervise and manage hospitality facilities.

You will need an aggregate grade of C- with D (plain) in either English or Kiswahili to take this course.

29. Animation and Motion Studies

The course involves designing, drawing, and making an illusion out of motion pictures by switching different static images.

This course can get you hired by film companies that deal in movies and TV series or businesses that rely on video ads to make profit.

You will need a minimum grade of C- (minus) and C (plain) in either English or Kiswahili in your KCSE.

30. Community Health and HIV/AIDS Management

After taking this course, you will be able to facilitate client communication with healthcare or social service systems.

You will also promote, maintain, and improve health as well as offer counseling services to patients. You will need a mean grade of at least KCSE C+ (plus) to enroll in this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Course is in High Demand in Kenya?

There are a lot of courses highly demand in Kenya. Some of which include Medicine, IT, education, cyber security, agriculture, marketing, business management, nursing, and much more.

2. Which Courses have more job Opportunities?

The 5 most demanding jobs in Kenya right now are Computer Science, Pharmacology, Information Technology, Teaching, and Community Health.

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Final Thoughts

I don’t think you have to be a straight A student to take any of these courses. Many institutions set their average at C plus, with the highest that I’ve seen being a B+ for some technical courses. So choose a course you find suitable for you and enroll for the degree or diploma.

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