Phone Screen Replacement Nairobi Kenya and Prices

Phone Screen Replacement Nairobi Kenya and Prices

The Kenyan capital houses arguably the largest population of smartphone users, but what concerns most of them is where to get genuine phone screen replacement Nairobi. So, where should you search?

You can replace a phone screen in Nairobi by visiting the manufacturer’s service center, which is the case for iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei, or you could visit Carlcare if you have a Tecno, Infinix, Itel, or iPhone model. Alternatively, you can drop by any reputable phone shop in the CBD. 

Depending on the phone brand and model, you could pay anything from Ksh 1,840 for a Tecno screen to up to Ksh 50,130 for the latest Huawei phone screen.

That’s how expensive some phone screen replacements are in Nairobi, Kenya, and as you can tell from those estimates, some replacements are worth the cost of a new phone. 

I’ll share with you the options you have when replacing your smartphone screen and highlight some of the stores (mostly online) where you can visit and make plans for fixing your mobile screen. 

Let’s jump into it! 

If you have a phone screen problem or any other issue, you can visit Rapid Fix Tech at Mfangano Street, Terry House or call 0723465060 to get all your problems sorted. I highly recommend them.

Phone Screen Replacement Nairobi Kenya and Prices

In a rush? Below is a table showing the price ranges for the various phone screen brands and where you can have them replaced in Nairobi.

Phone Screen Replacement Price in Kenya – Quick Guide

Phone Brand Phone Screen Prices In KenyaWhere To Have The Screen Fixed
Tecno Ksh 1,840 – Ksh 7,180Carlcare 
Infinix Ksh 3,680 – Ksh 4,190Carlcare 
itel Ksh 1,130 – Ksh 3,470Carlcare 
Huawei Ksh 5,930 – Ksh 50,130Huawei Kenya
Samsung (under Samsung Care+)Ksh 2,200 – Ksh 11,000Samsung Africa 
iPhone Ksh 1,740 – 2,890Apple Center Kenya or Carlcare
Oppo Ksh 3,500 – Ksh 20,000Oppo Kenya 
Xiaomi Ksh 3,500 – Ksh 4,000Rapid Fix Tech
Nokia Ksh 4,000 – Ksh 4,500Rapid Fix Tech
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Where to Get My Phone Screen Fixed for Cheap in Nairobi, Kenya

When it comes to having your mobile phone screen fixed in Kenya for cheap, you’ve three options:

1. The Manufacturer

Phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Oppo have service centers in Kenya, mainly in Nairobi, that handle screen replacements, among other repairs. 

So, if you have a Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Huawei, or Oppo phone that needs a screen replacement, visit these service centers.

Not only will you get a cheaper quote for the repair, but you’ll get genuine parts with a warranty. Most local repair shops won’t guarantee that.

2. Customer Service Centers

One particular customer service center comes to mind regarding phone issues: Carlcare. Carlcare handles Tecno, Infinix, itel, and iPhones. So you can consider them for any of the four phone brands. 

Their team of experienced phone technicians will guarantee a good job, and you can count on their supportive customer desk to support you accordingly. 

3. Local Phone Repair Shops

This is probably the route we are most familiar with. So many phone repair shops on the streets of Nairobi handle different phone services. 

These shops offer cheaper screen replacements, but you should be wary as some have non-original (popularly known as China screens). They might be cheap but won’t serve you as well or reliably as genuine parts from the manufacturers or Carlcare.

But again, not all phone repair shops deal with fake screens. Some offer genuine options, and a good example is Rapid Fix Tech, where you can take just about any phone brand from a screen replacement.

phone screen replacement price in Kenya

Phone Screen Replacement Nairobi Price

Like smartphone prices differ between brands and models, the same goes for screen replacements. Let’s look at what to expect to spend on leading phone screen brands.

Tecno Screen Replacement Nairobi

When it comes to replacing Tecno phone screens (alongside Infinix and itel brands), there is no better place to take them in Kenya than Carlcare.

Established in 2013, Carlcare has more than 120 certified centers in the country offering various phone repair services.

Why Carlcare?

Carlcare promises genuine, high-quality replacement parts. You won’t get a fake screen on Carlcare.

Even better, their phone screens come with a 30-90-day warranty, which means you can return the phone within the timeline if the screen malfunctions.

Carlcare even offers broken screen insurance for those who buy Infinix and Tecno phones from them to have their damaged screens fixed for free once.  

And when it comes to the phone screen replacement costs, you only need to download and install the Carlcare app, which allows you to access the price estimates.

You need to search your model, and you’ll get the price estimates. Speaking of price estimates, you can expect to spend Ksh 1,840 – Ksh 7,180, depending on the Tecno screen model.

For example, the Tecno F1 screen replacement will cost you Ksh 1,840 at Carlcare, while the Phantom 6 screen replacement will cost you up to Ksh 7,180. 

Infinix Phone Screen Replacement Kenya

You can also consider Carlcare for your Infinix phone screen replacement for the reasons I mentioned earlier. That includes a genuine screen replacement and a good warranty. The replacement cost varies from Ksh 3,680 (Infinix Hot 7) to Ksh 4,190 (Infinix 55 Pro).

Itel Phone Screen Replacement

I again recommend Carlcare for itel phone screen replacement. You get quality, genuine screens like it’s the case of Infinix and Tecno and a 30-90-day warranty.

And as far as the screen replacement cost goes, you may pay between Ksh 1,130 (itel P12-TP) and Ksh 3,470 (Itel S33).

where to get my phone screen fixed for cheap

Huawei Screen Replacement Nairobi

When it comes to Huawei phones, there’s no better place to take them than to the manufacturer. Luckily, Huawei has a consumer service center in Kenya, and you can access their services online. 

All you have to do is search your phone by its serial number, and you’ll know how much the screen replacement will cost you.

You can also search for the nearest service center where you can hand-deliver the phone for a screen replacement.

Though Huawei doesn’t give estimates of all the phone screen replacements, as you have to search individually, you can expect to spend Ksh 5,930 (Huawei Mate 9) to Ksh 50,130 (Huawei Mate 20X 5G)

Samsung Screen Replacement Nairobi CBD

Samsung has a hardware protection cover, Samsung Care+, that allows you to cheaply replace your Galaxy phone screen at a Samsung service center in Kenya. 

Depending on your plan, you can spend between Ksh2,200 and Ksh 11,000 to have the screen of your Samsung phone replaced. Here’s a table you can refer to depending on your model

Samsung Model Screen Repair TypePlan Screen Repair Cost
Galaxy A22, A23, and A13Front screen onlyStandard Ksh 2,200
Galaxy A52, A53, A32, A33, and A73Front screen onlyStandard Ksh 2,750
Galaxy S21, S22, S22+, S21+, Ultra-Note 20, Note 20 ultra, and S20 FEFront screen onlyStandard Ksh 5,500
Galaxy Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3, Z Fold 4, Z Flip 3 & Z Flip 4Inner or front screenZ Premier Ksh 11,000

iPhone Screen Replacement Nairobi

Apple has a service center in Kenya, Apple Center Kenya, where you can take your iPhone for screen replacement or any other issue.

In addition to the iPhone, Apple Center Kenya also deals with iPad and MacBook devices. You’ll need to fill out a form indicating your name, phone number, email, and device type. 

You’ll also include details on the damage type, whether you’ll deliver the phone or have them pick it up, and any other additional information.

Alternatively, you can drop your iPhone at Carlcare. Price-wise, you can spend anything from Ksh 1,740 (iPhone 5 or 5s) to about Ksh 2,890 (iPhone 8 plus).

how much does it cost to repair a phone screen in Kenya

Oppo Screen Replacement Nairobi

Like the other brands, Oppo also has a customer service center that allows you to send your phone for repairs. They promise convenient professional repairs, so you won’t have to worry about counterfeit parts.

You need to enter your phone’s model number to view the replacement cost. Depending on the model, you’ll spend Ksh 3,500 (Oppo A37) to Ksh 20,000 (Oppo Find x) for an out-of-warranty device. 

Xiaomi Screen Replacement Nairobi

Sadly, I couldn’t locate a Xiaomi service center in Kenya. I could only find different phone repair shops that handle Xiaomi mobile phones, among other brands. 

One such shop is Rapid Fix Tech. You can have your Xiaomi phone or any other brand fixed there by a team of expert technicians. 

Depending on your phone brand, you can spend Ksh 3,500 – Ksh 4,000 on the screen replacement.

Nokia Screen Replacement Nairobi

While the years of Nokia’s dominance in the mobile phone world are long gone, the tech giant still enjoys a loyal customer base in Kenya.

Their mobile phones are not the flashiest. So, you can expect the screen replacement to be cheaper than most.

On average, you can spend Ksh 4,000 (on Nokia 7.1 Screen) to Ksh 4,500 (on a Nokia Lumia 720/920 screen). You can also inquire about the same from Rapid Fix Tech. 

People Also Ask

1. How Much Does a Phone Screen Repair Cost in Kenya?

Different phone screens cost differently depending on the phone brand and model. For example, while you can spend Ksh 1,840 – Ksh 7,180 on a Tecno phone screen, you’ll spend Ksh 3,500 – Ksh 20,000 on an Oppo screen. 

2. How Much to Repair a Samsung Screen in Kenya?

If your phone is under the Samsung Care + plan, you can expect to spend Ksh 2,200 – Ksh 11,000 on its replacement screen. It’ll, however, cost you more to fix it outside Samsung Care +.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Replace iPhone Screens in Kenya?

Depending on your iPhone model, it’ll cost you Ksh 1,740 – Ksh 2,890 to fix most iPhone screens at Carlcare service centers. For example, while you may pay Ksh 1,740 for the iPhone 5 screen, the iPhone 8 plus screen will cost you Ksh 2,890 to replace at Carlcare.

Closing Thought on Phone Screen Replacement Nairobi:

Now you have a guide to replacing a phone screen in Nairobi. With it, you now know where to take your phone for a screen replacement and how much to pay.

Remember, you can opt for the manufacturer, Carlcare (a trusted phone customer service center), or reputable phone repair shops. 

The most important thing is getting a genuine, high-quality screen replacement for your mobile phone. Hopefully, this simple guide will enable you to get it in Nairobi.

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