Best Tecno Phones And Prices In Kenya (Latest Prices 2023!)

Best Tecno Phones And Prices In Kenya (Latest Prices 2023!)

Most Kenyans will tell you that if you want a cheap but reliable phone, go for Tecno. But does that make all Tecno phones budget-friendly? To answer that, we’ll look at different Tecno Phones and Prices in Kenya.

But just a preview, budget Tecno phones cost under Ksh 10,000 while mid-range options cost about Ksh 15,000-Ksh 25,000 while top-end models like Tecno Phantom cost over Ksh 49,000.

So, Tecno has phones for all budgets. What matters is that you find an option that matches your need.  

But overall, the critical price determiners for Tecno mobile phones are storage, RAM, camera quality, and battery power. So, put that in mind when shopping for a new phone.   

I’ll quote the latest price from Jumia and a few other leading stores to help you shop wisely for your next Tecno phone.      

Let’s dive into it!

Tecno Phones and Prices in Kenya Shillings

5 Best Tecno Phones and Prices in Kenya Shillings

Now that we are moving from one Tecno Camon generation to another, you can expect the newer generations to come with better specs and cost more.

Let’s look at what you get from 5 of the best Tecno phone on the table below.

Tecno PhonePriceBest Features
Tecno Phantom XFrom Ksh 49, 9978GB RAM + 256GB ROM50 + 8 + 13MP primary camera and 48 + 8MP front camera6.67-Inches screen4700mAh BatteryAndroid 11 OS and MediaTek Helio G95 Processor
Tecno Camon 18 PremierFrom Ksh 37,3994GB/6GB RAM + 128GB ROM 48MP primary camera + 16MP selfie camera6.6-inches screen size 5000mAh Li-ion BatteryAndroid 11 OS and MediaTek Helio G85 Chipset
Tecno Camon 17Ksh 18,598 – Ksh 22,9994GB/6GB RAM + 128GB ROM 48MP main camera + 16MP selfie camera6.6-inches screen size 5000mAh Li-ion batteryAndroid 11 OS and MediaTek Helio G85 Chipset
Tecno Camon 16Ksh 18,999-Ksh 20,9994GB RAM + 128 GB ROM 64MP Ultra Quad Main Camera + 16MP Clear Selfie Camera6.8-inches screen size5000mAh Li-Pro BatteryAndroid 10 Operating System with Mediatex Helio G70 Processor 
Tecno Camon 15Ksh 14,800- Ksh 17,2634GB RAM + 64GB ROM 48MP Quad Main Camera + 16MP AI Front Camera6.6-inch screen display5000mAh Li-ion batteryAndroid 10 OS with Octa-Core Processor

1. Tecno Camon 15 Prices in Kenya

From the table, it’s clear that Tecno Camon 15 is what most Kenyans will consider a budget phone. It comes at a reasonable price and has decent specs.

Let’s face it, where else can you get a 48MP rear camera and 16MP selfie camera starting from Ksh 14,800? So, this phone is a must-have, and you can get it on Jumia.

2. Tecno Camon 16 Prices in Kenya

Tecno Camon 16 cost Ksh 18,999-Ksh 20,999 on Jumia, which is more than Tecno Camon 15, and it’s pretty understandable why. With this phone offering you a 64MP Rear camera and up to 128GB storage, you pay for storage and camera. Those are the differences between Camon 16 and Camon 15.

Tecno Phones Below 10k in Kenya

3. Tecno Camon 17 Prices in Kenya

If you thought Camon 16 was the dream phone, then you have to see Camon 17. Coming in two versions (4Gb and 6GB RAM), Camon 17 is another Tecno phone, which is all about value and performance.

Its 128GB inbuilt storage is commendable, and its 16MP camera is just like what you find on the models before it. The fantastic phone runs on Android 11 and lets you expand its memory to 256GB, which is quite remarkable. Overall, this phone costs Ksh 18,598 – Ksh 22,999 on Jumia.

4. Tecno Camon 18 Premier Prices in Kenya

Remembered as the first Tecno phone to come with a gimbal camera, Tecno Camon 18 Premier is perfect for passionate photographers and videographers. You can count on its 48MP rear camera and 16MP selfie camera for spectacular family photos.

Its 128GB internal storage is more than what you need for regular phone usage, and you can count on its powerful 5000mAh battery for more extended service. This phone starts from Ksh 37,399 on Jumia.

5. Tecno Phantom X Prices in Kenya

Tecno Phantom X is a high-end phone. With the starting price of this Tecno phone being Ksh 49,997 on Jumia, you can only expect top-notch camera quality, insane speed, and massive storage and processing speed.

You get up to 8GB RAM and 256 inbuilt storage which is just amazing. And with the phone featuring a set of three powerful rear cameras, of which the main camera is 51MP, there is little to complain about. Moreover, its 48MP +8MP selfie camera is just breathtaking.

Tecno Phones and Prices in Kenya Jumia

Tecno Phones Below 10k in Kenya

If your budget is on the lower end of the spectrum, you can still own a Tecno phone in Kenya. These phones may not have the most quality camera or the most massive storage, but they are decent for the price.

They have decent cameras, ample storage, and more importantly, they come with good warranties.

Below is a table breakdown of five of the best Tecno smartphones under Ksh 10,000.

TecnoPriceBest Features
Tecno POP 5 (2GB/32GB)Ksh 9,4062GB RAM + 32GB ROM4000mAh battery5MP primary camera + 5MP front cameraFingerprint Sensor
Tecno POP 4 ProKsh 9,0201GB RAM + 16GB ROM8MP (front and rear camera)5000mAh batterySupports 4G LTE networkFingerprint scanner
Tecno POP 5 (1GB/16GB)  Ksh 7,999IGB RAM + 16GB ROM5MP rear camera + 5MP front camera4000mAh battery6.1-inch screen display
Tecno POP 3 (1GB/16GB)Ksh 7,6495.7-inch display1GB RAM + 16GB ROM3500mAh battery3GHz Quad-core processor5MP Rear camera + 8MP front cameraAndroid 8.1 Operating system
Tecno POP 2F (1GB/16GB)  Ksh 7,2501GB + 16GB RAM5.5-inch screen size2400mAh battery8MP selfie camera + 8MP front Camera     

1. Tecno POP 2F

Tecno Pop 2F only comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage, which is below par for most people. But considering that you only pay Ksh 7,250, it’s hard to complain. Besides, you can expand the storage with a sizeable memory card.

And also, looking at the price, a 5MP selfie camera and 8MP rear camera sound reasonable.

2. Tecno POP 3

Tecno POP 3 has almost the same features as Tecno Pop 2F, and that’s why you pay only a few hundred more. Perhaps the only difference is that you get a more powerful battery (3500mAh instead of 2500mAh).

Its screen size is also slightly wider (5.7-inch instead of 5.5-inch). The others specs are just like those of Tecno Pop 2F.

3. Tecno POP 5

This Tecno Pop 5 also comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB storage like its siblings above. Moreover, if you want more RAM and inbuilt storage, you can get the 2GB/32GB option which retails at Ksh 9,406.

Camera-wise, you only get a 5MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera, which is not much.

But again, you only pay Ksh 7,999. However, its selling point is its 4000mAh battery, which is more than what you get from Tecno Pop 5. Its 6.1-inch screen is also another selling point.

4. Tecno POP 4 Pro

Lastly, you can get Tecno POP 4 Pro for Ksh 9,020. It comes with 1GB RAM, 16GB inbuilt storage, and an 800MP rear and front camera. Moreover, it supports 4G LTE and has a fingerprint sensor.

Best Tecno Phones and Prices in Kenya

Where Can I Buy A Tecno Phone in Kenya?

Currently, you can get Tecno Phones for Sale in Kenya in these stores:

  • Jumia
  • Kilimall
  • Jiji

People Also Ask

1. Which Country Owns Tecno Phone?

Tecno mobile is a Chinese Company established in the year 2006 in Hong Kong, China.

2. How Long Does Tecno Battery Last?

For moderate usage, most Tecno phone batteries last 2-3 days. However, expect the battery to last only a few hours if you use it to stream media online or do heavy browsing.  

Note, nonetheless, that high-end Tecno phones, especially the Camon series, come with more powerful batteries, which are likely to last longer even with heavy internet usage.

3. How Much is Tecno Camon 16 in Kenya?

Tecno Camon 16 retails at about Ksh 19,500 on most online stores, including Jumia Kenya. With such a purchase, you get 4GB Ram and up to 128GB inbuilt storage. Moreover, the selfie camera rating is 16Mp, while that of the main camera is 48MP.

4. Which Tecno Series Is The Best?

Each Tecno phone comes with its unique amazing features. But, among the best Tecno phones to consider include:

5. Why Do Tecno Phones Freeze?

Although Tecno phones are known for their smooth, impressive functionality, there might be times when they hang. The main reason your Tecno phone hangs is insufficient internal memory (RAM), which burdens your CPU.

6. What Is The Price Of Tecno 5 In Kenya?

You can get Tecno Pro 5 starting from Ksh 7,999, and you get 1GB RAM and 16GM inbuilt storage. Note, however, that different stores price this phone differently. So, you may pay more in some stores.

7. What Is The Price Of Tecno Camon 12 In Kenya?

Tecno Camon 12 retails at about Ksh 15,500 in Kenya, and you get 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and a 16MP selfie camera, which is just amazing. 

Closing Remarks on Tecno Phones and Prices in Kenya:

Now that you know the Tecno phones and prices in Kenya, you can decide which model is worth your money. Their overall design, camera quality, storage capacity, and safety features make them worth it.  

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