Samsung A51 Price In Kenya 2023 (Comparing Leading Stores!)

Samsung A51 Price In Kenya 2023 (Comparing Leading Stores!)

It’s almost a craze as every Kenyan who fancies the Samsung Galaxy is busy searching for the Samsung A51 price in Kenya.

Let’s face it; who wouldn’t? This new Galaxy phone runs on Android 10.1 and has 128GB inbuilt storage, which you can expand to 1 TB. That’s a hell of storage! And I haven’t mentioned the camera.   

This smartphone comes with a set of four rear cameras (48MP + 12MP + 12MP + 5MP) to allow you to take the most spectacular photos under all light conditions. I also must mention its 32MP front camera for your social media selfies.   

The truth is that Samsung A51 has eclipsed the versions before it in performance and specs. But again, it retains some of Samsung Galaxy’s trademark features like dual sim, W-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, fingerprint sensor, and face recognition.  

Expect, however, a few upgrades like noise cancellation and Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

Samsung A51 price in Kenya Jumia

Comparing Samsung A51 Price In Kenya By Leading Stores

Currently, Samsung Galaxy A51 goes for Ksh 34,999-Ksh 40,000 on Jumia Kenya. That’s a 43% drop from its original price, which was Ksh 61,000.

You’ll, however, get it for Ksh 33,499 on and Ksh 34,899 on Kilimall. But when it comes to Jiji, originally OLX, Samsung A51 price in Kenya Jiji starts from around Ksh 34,500.

So, we could say that the average price range of Samsung A51 is Ksh 34,500-Ksh 40,000.

Here is a table comparing Samsung A51 price in Kenya Jumia with other leading stores;

JumiaKsh 34,999-Ksh 40,000
MasokoKsh 33,499
KilimallKsh 34,899
JijiKsh 34,500

From the above table, there is little to separate the four leading stores in terms of A51’s price. So, just like I mentioned, it’ll cost you Ksh 34,500-Ksh 40,000 to get this coveted Samsung Galaxy phone in Kenya on any of the leading stores.

Note, however, that Jumia sometimes has crazy offers around Black Friday, Easter, and other holidays, where you can buy this phone and many others at a bargain price.

Samsung A51 Specs – Best Features

Here are the highlight features that make Samsung A51 an envied smartphone:

a) 6.5-Inch AMOLED Screen with 1080 x 2340p Resolution

Samsung A51 comes with a 6.5-inch screen that offers you a larger display. Even better, the screen is AMOLED type, which consumes less power but offers you better picture quality.

Plus, it enjoys fast motion response, something you want from your photo-taking smartphone. Moreover, the screen enjoys a resolution of 1080 x2340 pixels that also promise picture clarity.

b) 4-Set Rear Cameras + 32MP Front Camera

By and large, Samsung A51 is a better photo-taker than its predecessors. On the rear end are a set of four cameras (48MP + 12MP + 12MP + 5MP) that guarantees high-quality shots even at night.

If you like to capture the details, then Samsung A51 will do you justice.   

Meanwhile, Samsung A51 also offers you an incredible 32MP front camera for your selfies. At 32MP, you can take the most detailed selfies for your Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook, and other social media platform.  

The camera lens is sharper than most to guarantee the most precise and brightest selfies at any time of the day.

c) 2.3GHZ Octa-Core Processor + Android 10.1 OS

Samsung includes a 2.3GHZ Octa Core Processor, which promises faster loading even when running several applications in the background.

Plus, the phone runs on Android 10.1, which supports media streaming, low-energy Bluetooth connectivity, faster security updates, among many other features that come with the latest Android phones.

d) 4GB Ram + 120GB Inbuilt Storage

Samsung A51 offers you 4GB Random Access Memory (RAM) to guarantee a faster speed and better performance. Additionally, the RAM allows you to multitask and generally improves battery life.

Even better, you get 128GB worth of internal storage, which is more than enough for storing your pictures, videos, and other files.

e) Non-Removable 4,000mAh Li-Ion Battery

Like most of its predecessors, Samsung A51 comes with a non-removable battery. That, however, is not the most impressive thing. The most remarkable thing is the battery’s capacity.

At 4,000mAh, the phone’s Li-ion battery allows you to play games, search the web, and listen to music for long hours.

f) Dual SIM

You probably recognize how beneficial two lines are, especially for different networks. Samsung A51 offers you that advantage. It allows you to slot two separate lines. As a result, you don’t have to get an extra phone for your business dealings.

Samsung galaxy A51 price in Kenya

Other Samsung A51 Specs Worth Considering

Here are some other fantastic specs of the Galaxy A51:

· Connectivity

Samsung A51 offers many connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Hotspot, GPS, 4G Volts, and even USB.

· 1080p@30fps Videos

Samsung A51 promises realistic and high-quality videos, thanks to its 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. The combination is also great for light streaming.

· Loudspeaker

The phone allows you to take calls and listen to music on a loudspeaker.

· Noise-Cancelation

Concentration is vital when speaking on the phone and following up on an important program. Samsung A51 ensures that you have all the concentration you need, thanks to its noise-cancelation technology.

· Gorilla Glass 3 Protection

Though Samsung A51’s screen is not break-proof, it’s tougher and more resistant against physical damage. That is thanks to its Gorilla Glass 3 protection technology.

· Fingerprint Sensor + Face Recognition

Phone security and user privacy are two areas that Samsung prioritizes. With Samsung A51, you can choose to use either your fingerprint or face to access the phone.

But unlike most phones which only allow you to register one fingerprint, A51 lets you register up to 3 fingerprints. So, a maximum of three people can access the phone.

· FM Radio

If you are a fan of the morning show on the radio, you can catch up with the latest news and gossips on the go by tuning in to your favorite radio station.

· Expandable Memory

Not only does this phone offer you 128GB internal storage, but it also provides you with a Micro SD slot to slip in an SD card with a capacity of up to 1TB.

Just imagine the number of photos and videos you can store on the phone.

Should You Buy Samsung A51 At That Price in Kenya?

You must agree that Ksh 33,499-Ksh 40,000, the average Samsung Galaxy A51 price in Kenya, is not cheap.

So, what will make you spend up to Ksh 40,000 on this phone? The answer is performance.

You pay for quality cameras, massive storage, fast processing, larger battery capacity, and expandable memory. You are also paying for connectivity and impressive technologies like noise cancelation, fingerprint sensors and face recognition.

Last but not least, you are paying for the brand name. Who wouldn’t want to own a Samsung Galaxy? It’s arguably the most valuable brand after iPhone.

So, if you want the best performance from a smartphone, Samsung A51 is worth it.

Samsung A51 specs

Where Can You Buy Samsung A51 at Fair Price in Kenya? (Stores With Fair Samsung Galaxy A51 Price In Kenya)

You can get a genuine Samsung A51 on any of these leading online stores:

  • Jumia
  • Kilimall
  • Amazon
  • Phone Place Kenya

My favorite store, however, is Jumia. Not only does Jumia allows you to read customer feedback, but it delivers the phone to your doorstep in good condition.

Besides, they have an incredible after-sale service and often have crazy offers for phones and other products.

If you shop around Black Friday and major holidays, you could easily buy most phones for almost half price.

Check out this phone on Jumia here.

People Also Ask (About Samsung A51 Price Kenya)

1. How Much Is Samsung A51 In Kenya?

Depending on where you shop in Kenya, you can get a Samsung A51 at Ksh 33,499-ksh 40,000. However, you may spend less if there are offers, as is often the case on Black Friday and other holidays.  

2. Is Samsung A51 Waterproof?

Sadly no; Samsung A51 is not waterproof. You can, however, boost its water-resistance using Nano coating or by keeping it in a waterproof case.

3. Is Samsung A51 Worth Buying?

Samsung A51 has a set of four high-quality rear cameras and a 32MP front camera. Plus, it has 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage, which is expandable to 1TB, making it worth buying.

4. Does Samsung A51 Have Fingerprint Sensors?

Not only does Samsung A51 have fingerprint recognition, but it allows you to sign up for three fingerprints

5. Does A51 Have Face Identification?

Yes, Samsung A51 comes with face recognition to allow you to improve your privacy and phone security. It, however, only works best under clear light conditions.

6. How Old Is The Galaxy A51 Phone?

Samsung Galaxy 2A51 was unveiled globally in December 2019.

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Closing Thought On Samsung A51 Price In Kenya:

Samsung Galaxy A51 joins the innovative Galaxy line that promises the finest specs for an exceptional user experience. Everything from the camera quality to the bulk storage is terrific, which makes sense for what you pay for.

So, hurry up and grab your Samsung A51 right now before stock runs out.  

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