StarTimes Packages Kenya 2023 (Prices, Channels And Payment!)

StarTimes Packages Kenya 2023 (Prices, Channels And Payment!)

Are you looking for details on Startimes Packages Kenya? Whether you are a customer looking to upgrade to a different bouquet or you are considering getting a Startimes Package, this article is for you.

We will go over the Startimes Packages and guide you on how to pay for the one you want via Mpesa.

Startimes Packages Kenya

We will go a step further and guide you on how to change your package, in addition to offering other tips on how to make the best use of your package.

About StarTimes

StarTimes is among the leading pay-TV services providers in Kenya. This company, headquartered in Beijing, also offers its services to other countries in Africa.

A few years after entering the Kenyan market, the company has carved a niche for itself in the Pay Tv market. StarTimes remains a favorite among the low- and middle-income earners in Kenya and beyond, thanks to its affordable packages.

With StarTimes, you have three main options as far as TV packages are concerned. You can choose the Free to Air decoder ( FTA), Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) option, or go for the Direct To Home (DHT) connection.

If you are connecting your StarTimes decoder to an antenna, you need the DTT option. The DHT works if you use a decoder with a satellite dish.

StarTimes Packages Kenya

Free to Air Decoder (FTA)

As the name suggests, this decoder does not accrue monthly charges. You only make a one-time payment when buying it, and that is it.

With a free-to-air decoder, you can access all local TV and radio stations without having to pay a penny for the rest of your life.

The only catch is that the decoder only airs local stations. If you do not have a digital TV and do not wish to pay a monthly subscription to access local stations, the FTA decoder is for you.

Pay TV

As highlighted above, StarTimes offers Pay packages in two main categories – antenna and dish.

Below is a breakdown of packages under each category, cost per day, week, & month, and the number of channels available.

Satellite Packages/DHT Connection


This is the cheapest antenna package by StarTimes and the most affordable option in the country. The monthly rate for the package is Ksh 299. You can also pay Ksh 25 daily or Ksh 100 weekly.

With this package, you can access over 37 channels, including all local stations, sports channels like ST Sports Focus, and kids channels like Jim Jam.

Basic Bouquet

This is the second cheapest package. It has 60 Tv Channels, including the likes of BBC, Nickelodeon, and Nat Geo Wild.

To access all these stations, all you need to do is pay Ksh 599 per month. You also have the option to pay a daily rate of Ksh 60 or a weekly rate of Ksh 220.

Classic Bouquet

The Classic Bouquet is the most expensive option under the satellite StarTimes packages Kenya. You can access over 80 channels on this package, including 5 sports channels, top news channels like BBC and CNC world, and a few kids and discovery channels.

The classic bouquet will cost you Ksh 899 per month. You can also pay a daily rate of Ksh 85 or a weekly rate of Ksh 340.

Dish Packages/ DTT Connection

If you choose to go the satellite way, you have 4 Star Times packages to choose from. These include:

Nova Bouquet

This package has over 29 tv channels, including local and international channels. The Nova package will cost you Ksh 499 per month.

Smart Bouquet

The Smart bouquet has over 32 Tv channels, including Jim Jam, Nickelodeon, World Football HD, Fashion One, and BBC world.

The rate for the Smart Bouquet is Ksh 899 a month.

Super Bouquet

The Super Bouquet offers premium and world-class channels like Bloomberg, MTV Base, National Geographic, and Baby TV. In total, this package delivers 16 premium channels.

The Super Bouquet is available for Ksh 1,499 per month.

Chinese Bouquet

This StarTimes bouquet targets people who want to stay updated on the happenings in China. The package comes with 24 channels, including CCTV 4, 5, 6, 9, & 13, China Movies Channel, CCTV, and Phoenix Info.

The Chinese Bouquet costs Ksh 1,999.

Your choice of bouquet will depend on how much you are willing to spend and what you are looking for. Sports fans prefer the Smart and Super bouquet for the sports channels.

Startimes Decoder Price in Kenya

To enjoy the above packages, you must buy a StarTimes decoder and have it installed in your home. The StarTimes Digital box normally costs 1,499, while the complete Satellite kit, which includes the decoder, the Dish, a 10-meter cable, and installation accessories, is priced at Ksh 2,999.

However, early in Feb 2021, StarTimes announced a 10% percent reduction in the Digital Box and the Satellite Kit prices. The Digital box now costs Ksh 999, while the Satellite kit is priced at Ksh 2699.

You do not need any installation expertise to use the Digital box. The Star Time vendor you buy from will help you activate your decoder and select the package you want.

For the Satellite Kit, StarTimes normally offers free installation if you buy from their shop. You also hire a knowledgeable electrician to install the kit for you.

Startimes Payment: How To Pay Startimes Through Mpesa

Now that you know the packages available selecting the one that matches your needs and fits your budget is easy. So, what follows? How do you pay your subscription using Mpesa?

Below is a straightforward guide on how to pay StarTimes using Mpesa

  • Open Mpesa Toolkit on your phone and go to Lipa na Mpesa
  • Select the Paybill option and enter the StarTimes Paybill number under the Business number category. StarTimes pay bill no is 585858.
  • In the account Number Tab, fill in your StarTimes Smart Card Number. While the Smart Card Number has 12 numbers, you only use the first 11 as your account number.
  • Enter the cash amount that you wish to pay. The amount will depend on your package and whether you are paying the daily, weekly, or monthly rate.
  • Enter your Mpesa pin and after clicking Ok, wait for the Mpesa confirmation message.

The process is the same for Orange, Airtel, and Yu users. You can also make a payment using Equity Money or Equitel.

Once your payment has been received, you will receive confirmation tests from Mpesa and StarTimes. You will continue enjoying your package for the duration that you have paid for.

How To Change Startimes Bouquet

One of the things you will love about StarTimes is its flexibility. You can change from one bouquet to another and upgrade or downgrade depending on what you are looking for.

Pay Tv

Below is the process to follow when you want to change your package.

  • Dial *858# on either Safaricom or Airtel line
  • Select the Change Package option
  • Choose the type of decoder depending on what option you have installed in your home.
  • Select the StarTimes package you want to upgrade or downgrade to. For example, you can shift from the Basic Bouquet to the Nyota one if you want to lower your monthly contributions.
  • Enter your StarTimes Smart Card Number to complete the process. This is the number below the barcode on the card.

Downgrade from Pay Tv to Free to Air Package

If you are tired of paying monthly rates for your package, you have an option of downgrading to the Free-to-air package. The process is as follows;

  • Dial *858# on either Safaricom or Airtel line
  • Select the Change Package option and select number 6
  • Follow the prompts on your phone until you complete the process. To downgrade to an FTA package, you need to make a one-time payment of Ksh 2500.

The other downgrading option would be to use a loop-out cable to connect your Tv to the decoder. This cable is sold by StarTimes dealers and will cost you Ksh 200 or thereabout.

Once you install a loop-out cable, you can access local channels for free. Your subscription will remain the same, so you can resume your monthly payments when you are ready.

Since StarTimes doesn’t accrue charges for the duration you are not using your package, you have nothing to worry about if you choose to go the Free-to-air way for a while.

If you get stuck in any way, do not hesitate to call Star-Times through their customer care line +2547 19 077 077. You will also get a fast response if you leave a message on Twitter or Facebook.

Final Thought

You will find the above information on StarTimes packages Kenya helpful whether you want to decide on the type of package to choose or want to know how much is Startimes per day.

It’s good to be informed on what packages StarTimes offers to its users if you are considering installing Pay Tv in your home. Check out theStarTimes website for more information on the available StarTimes channels under each package and any other deals available to new and old customers.

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