TM WhatsApp Download 2023: Everything You Need to Know!

TM WhatsApp Download 2023: Everything You Need to Know!

This guide is about TM WhatsApp download and an explanation of the features that the mobile app have.

TM WhatsApp isn’t available on Google Play Store for download. You can only download it as an APK file from a platform such as the The developer claims that the app is 100% secure, so you might want to try it if you need more messaging features.

To be abundantly clear, TM WhatsApp is yet another WhatsApp mod just like WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus, and Yo-WhatsApp.

Created by Titus Mukisa, TM WhatsApp is the copy of the original WhatsApp, only that it offers more and better messaging features.

tm whatsapp download

TM WhatsApp Overview

Name & Package NameTM WhatsApp
DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Android Version Supported4.0 and later
PriceFree App
Download LinkDownload Here

How to Download TM WhatsApp

To download the TM WhatsApp messenger:

tm whatsapp apk
  • Click on the download link provided above.
  • As the app downloads, backup the chats on the normal WhatsApp, and then uninstall it.
  • Once the APK is fully downloaded, click the install button and restore your chats.

Note that you won’t lose any data on the normal WhatsApp once you’ve successfully backup data.

If you are an iPhone user and want to try the app, consider installing the android emulator.

Using your iOS safari browser (do not use chrome) go to Carefully follow the instruction provides on how to install android apps on iOS devices.

You need to uninstall the stock or normal WhatsApp messenger before you install the WhatsApp version, failure to which the app won’t work.

How to Update TM WhatsApp

It is easy.

The first thing you do is back up your chats, download the latest TM WhatsApp APK and install it.

And that’s it.

TM WhatsApp Messaging Feature

Here are some of the most interesting messaging features on TM WhatsApp: 

tm whatsapp features

1. No Frequent Updates

Unlike other WhatsApp mods, the TM WhatsApp messenger takes the longest time to expire.

2. TM WhatsApp Comes with a VPN Proxy

The app also features an onboard VPN proxy that will let the user unblock WhatsApp hence enjoy chatting.

3. No Need to Uninstall Other WhatsApp Messengers

You do not have to uninstall other WhatsApp messages.

That’s because the TM WhatsApp can run alongside these apps without interfering with how they operate.

4. TM WhatsApp Lets You Customize the Icon

I never believed users could customize app icons until I came across the TM WhatsApp.

The application allowed me to set up the app icon the way I like, and I think that’s something cool.

5. TM WhatsApp Can Differentiates between Direct and Broadcast Messages

With the TM WhatsApp, you will have the ability to distinguish between a message that is direct and a message that is a broadcast.

In case you don’t have an idea of what broadcast messages are, they simply are messages sent to many recipients all at once.

Direct messages, on the other hand, are only sent to you.

6. Send Up to 100+ Images with the TM WhatsApp

The normal WhatsApp messenger only lets you send up to 10 photos maximum.

That means if you have 500 photos to share with a friend or relative, you’ll have to do by selecting the images 50 times.

TM WhatsApp is different.

The application allows you to send up to 100 photos at once. That means for 500 photos, you’ll only have to select the images 5 times from your local storage.

7. TM WhatsApp Will Let You Duplicate a Friend’s Status

With TM WhatsApp messenger, you will be able to copy your friend’s videos and images from their status and save them on your device.

You can later upload these videos and images to your WhatsApp for views and thoughts.

8. Send 100+ Documents with TM WhatsApp

The normal WhatsApp messenger will only let you share a maximum of 30 documents. This is different with TM WhatsApp, because with the application, you can send more than 100 documents at once.

9. Change Your Status with TM WhatsApp

TM WhatsApp makes it easy to update the texts on your WhatsApp status.

You are also able to add up to 250 text characters on your status with the TM WhatsApp messenger. The normal WhatsApp messenger lets you add a maximum of 139 characters on your status.

10. TM WhatsApp has the Anti-Revoke Feature

If you don’t like it when friends delete the messages they sent you, go with TM WhatsApp.

The app has an anti-revoke feature that prevents friends from deleting messages they have sent to you. That way, you can know whether they said something bad to you or sent you the message unintentionally. 

11. Sleep Mode

Sleep mode on TM WhatsApp is an awesome feature that prevents the usage of data when you have your phone connected to the internet.

TM WhatsApp is definitely the kind of WhatsApp you may want on your phone if you don’t want disruptions from constant notifications.

12. Fake Your Last Seen

Have you ever wondered why your friend’s last seen reads Nov 6, 2012 yet he or she still gets to reply to your messages?

Well, it is possible that they’re the TM WhatsApp.

With TM WhatsApp, you will have the ability to alter your last seen or turn it off so that friends can’t know whether you’re currently online or otherwise.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Made TM WhatsApp?

TM WhatsApp is a free WhatsApp rework copy of the original WhatsApp made by made by Titus. The goal of creating this mod app is to offer users more and interesting features.

2. Why is My TM WhatsApp Not Responding?

It is likely that you are using the older version, which has data that is corrupted. Consider updating the app to the latest version. 

Another reason why your TM WhatsApp is unresponsive is caches. Go to settings, apps, find the TM WhatsApp, clear caches, and try using the app again.

Final Thoughts 

To use the application, your Android phone must be version 4.0 and later. At the time of writing this post, the latest version of the TM WhatsApp app is v8.40F.

At just 61.9MB, the app is not that big in size, so you do not have to worry about it consuming you phones space. 

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