YuCash- yuMobile

yuCash is the revolutionary mobile money service from yuMobile. You can access yuCash from your phone or from a WAP portal, giving you wider flexibility.Yu Mobile

Customer Registration & Activation.


  1. Visit a yuMobile Agent.
  2. Fill in and sign a Customer Registration Form.
  3. Hand in the form to the agent and get registered in the yuCash system instantly.
  4. Receive a confirmation SMS immediately upon being registered

Activating the yuCash Account:

  1. Dial *626# to confirm the details registered
  2. If the details are okay you will be prompted to enter your yuCash pin
  3. Enter a secret date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY e.g 25122013
  4. After a few minutes you will receive an SMS confirming the activation

Updating the customer yuCash Menu:

  1. Send an Sms with the word YUCASH UP to the number 777
  2. Wait 2 minutes for the menu to be updated

For non yuMobile subscribers:

  1. Call 0750 000 626 and follow the voice prompt.
  2. Or Send an SMS with the word “ACTIVATE” to 0750 000 626
  3. You wil receive a call
  4. Follow the voice prompt

YuCash Services.

Some of the services that yuCash by Obopay registered users enjoy include:

  • Depositing Money

The registered user is able to visit a yuCash by Obopay appointed agent and deposit cash into their stored value accounts.

  • Sending Money

The registered user is able to send the funds held in their stored value accounts to other users instantly.

  • Withdrawing Cash

yuCash by Obopay users with funds in their electronic accounts are able to visit the registered agents and withdraw cash from their accounts with ease and convenience.

  • Prepaid Top-Up

Registered users are able to buy yu airtime and top up their own or any other prepaid yu line at any time from wherever they are from funds in their yuCash by Obopay accounts.

  • Balance Inquiry

Users are able to check the balance in their accounts at any time wherever they are.

  • Pay Utility Bills Via Yucash
  1. Dial *626# from your yu Line
  2. Reply with the option for Pay Bill
  3. If the pay bill partner is listed e.g DSTV, select the option or else select Other bills
  4. For the Option of Other Bills you will be requested to enter the Business number
  5. Enter the ‘Account Number’ of the bill you wish to pay*
  6. Enter the amount you wish to pay (between Ksh10 – Ksh70,000)
  7. Enter your yuCash PIN
  8. Confirm details are correct and press OK
  • Corporate

Requirements for becoming a pay bill partner

  1. Original and Copy of Certificate of Incorporation / Registration
  2. Original and Copy of Identification documents of director(s) / proprietor
  3. Proof of physical address of the business (Utility Bill, Lease agreement or Single Business Permit)
  4. Original & Copy of PIN & VAT Certificates
  5. Bank Account Details
  6. Directors’ resolution to open a yuCash Bill Payment Account ( a letter)

Extra Services.

In addition to services highlighted above, yuCash by Obopay brings to the Kenyan consumer a unique and innovative range of services that have never been experienced in the local market. These include:

  • Requesting money

This unique feature enables the recipient of the money to initiate the transaction and request the sender to send a certain amount of money. The sender only has to confirm and have sufficient funds to send and the transaction gets concluded.

  • Transaction History

Each registered user is able to get a complete record of their recent transactions for the last 30 days after transaction. This enables users to keep a clear track of transactions on their account and eliminate the need to keep a manual record of yuCash by Obopay transactions.

  • Short Message with Transactions

A registered yuCash by Obopay user gets an opportunity to add a short message with transactions. This unique feature for example enables a sender to include instructions such as ‘5000 for fees, 1000 pocket money’ with a send money instruction for Kes 6000, at no added cost.

  • Help

yuCash by Obopay users are able to get help directly out of their mobile phone menu and receive answers to queries about the service without having to call the customer help line.

  • Invitations

The yuCash by Obopay platform provides users with the ability build their own networks of regular users by sending invitations to their friends and other contacts into the service directly from the menu.

Agent Registration.

Agent wishing to provide mobile payment services has to register with ETKL by filling in an Agent Registration Form and enter into a legal contract once the approval is made. Other requirements include:

A Sole Proprietorship

  1. Business Registration certificate
  2. PIN
  3. Business permit/ utility bill
  4. ID copy of Primary Assistant.
  5. ID copy of Assistants
  6. Completed agent application form dully signed.

A Partnership

  1. Business Registration certificate
  2. PIN
  3. Partnership deed.
  4. Business permit/ utility bill
  5. ID copy of Primary Assistant
  6. ID copy of Assistants.
  7. Completed agent application form dully signed.

A Limited Company

  1. PIN
  2. VAT
  3. Memorandum and articles of association
  4. Certificate of Registration
  5. Certificate of Incorporation.
  6. Business permit/ utility bill
  7. ID copy of director.
  8. ID copy of Assistant.
  9. Completed agent application form dully signed.

YuCash Partners

PesaPal is a payment service that enables you to buy and sell on the Internet using mobile money facilities like yuCash and Credit Cards like VISA or Mastercard (can we put examples e.g. VISA). PesaPal keeps your financial records and contact information securely and offers you a risk free payment option.

JamboPay is an online payment gateway that allows users to securely make and receive payments through their mobile phone over the internet.
yuCash subscribers can pay for goods and services online, while those who are sellers can receive payments for purchases made online.
iPay is an easy-to-use payments processing tool that incorporates yuCash, M-PESA, Airtel Money, Orange Money, Eazzy 24/7, VISA, Master Card and Kenswitch. It offers these payment options into a one-stop payments processing system that will allow you to easily receive/make payments and thus further extend the reach of your brand’s products and services within the East African region and beyond.

Equity Bank
You can be able to access yuCash in any Equity Branch Country wide, In addition you can also be able to withdraw money from the over 100 Equity ATM’s Country wide

Postbank has opened up its 100 Branches to facilitate yuCash services.

With its steady growth in the Market, Krep now has over 30 branches from where you can access yuCash.

Product Comparison & Unique yuCash Features.

Product Feature yuCash Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3
1 REGISTRATION: Open to all Mobile Networks Yes No No No
2 Send Money (with a Text Message) Yes No No No
3 Request Money Yes No No No
4 Help Yes No No No
5 SMS & IVR Yes No No No

Yucash – Equity Partnership.

yuCash has partnered with Equity Bank to provide customers with a service that allows them to link their yuCash accounts to their selected bank accounts.

With this service, customers are able to move funds directly from their yuCash accounts to their Equity Bank accounts using their mobile phones.

The approval for linking is done on the spot after which a confirmation text message is sent to the customer. Requirements: To enjoy this service you will need:

  1. Equity Bank account (Individual, current or savings)
  2. An active yuCashaccount*You can register any mobile number in Kenya on yuCash. To register, please visit any Equity Bank branch near you with the original identification documents used when registering for yuCash. You will then be provided with a Linked Bank account request form to fill in and return to the bank account opening officer.

The Equity Bank -yuCashLinked Bank Account Services:

  1. Load Money: Enables you to move money from your Equity Bank Account to your yuCashaccount INSTANTLY
  2. Unload Money: Enables you to move money from your yuCash account to your Equity Bank Account INSTANTLY
  3. Send Money: Enables you to send money from your yuCash account to other mobile numbers (any network in Kenya), both registered on yuCash and unregistered. You have a unique option of inserting a free short message (SMS) as you send money.
  4. Request Money: Enables you to request money from another yuCash customer .You have a unique option of inserting a free short message (SMS) as you request money. If the other customer accepts the request, you will receive the money in your yuCashaccount.
  5. Prepaid Top Up: Enables you to buy yuprepaid airtime for your own line or other lines using your yuCashfunds.
  6. Check Balance: Enables you to view the balance in your yuCashaccount.
  7. Transaction History: Enables you to view a summary as well as detailed record of your yuCashtransactions for the last 30 days.
  8. Deposit Money: Enables you to deposit money into your yuCash account through any yuCash Agent, including the Equity Bank tellers.
  9. Change PIN: Enables you to change your PIN at any time if you suspect that your PIN has been exposed to someone else.
  10. Invite Friend: Enables you to create your own community of regular users of yuCashdirectly from the yuCashmenu. The friends you invite will receive an invitation from you to register for yuCashvia SMS. Once they register, you will be notified and you can start sending money to or requesting money from them.

Linked Bank Account Charges

TRANSACTION RANGE CHARGE -Non yu Subscribers CHARGE -yu Subscribers
Min Kes. Max. Kes. KES. KES.
Load Funds
(Transfer Money from your Equity Bank Account to your yuCash Account)
200.00 2,500.00 30.00 30.00
2,501.00 5,000.00 30.00 30.00
5,001.00 10,000.00 30.00 30.00
10,001.00 20,000.00 30.00 30.00
20,001.00 35,000.00 30.00 30.00
Unload Funds
(Transfer Money from your yuCash Account to your Equity Bank Account)
200.00 2,500.00 40.00 20.00
2,501.00 5,000.00 60.00 40.00
5,001.00 10,000.00 125.00 65.00
10,001.00 20,000.00 275.00 130.00
20,001.00 35,000.00 325.00 150.00

Access yucash at Equity Bank.

yuCash – Co-operative Bank Partnership

yuCash, the mobile money service of yuMobile, has entered into an agreement with Cooperative Bank that enables yuMobile subscribers to transfer money to any Cooperative Bank account through their registered yuCash lines.

How it works

    1. Go to the yuCash Menu and Select  ‘Send Money’
    2. Enter the COOPBANK Bill Payment No. 100200
    3. Enter the Amount to be transferred
    4. Enter the COOPBANK A/c No. in the Message Field
    5. View the Transfer  Confirmation Screen and verify all details. Press OK to continue
    6. Enter your yuCash PIN and press ‘OK’
    7. You will receive Transaction Acknowledgement via SMS from yuCash.
  • You will also receive an SMS from COOPBANK confirming your transaction.

Essar Telecom Kenya Limited: yuMobile

Company Profile

About Essar Telecom Kenya Limited

Essar Telecom Kenya is Kenya’s fourth mobile cellular network under the brand “yuMobile”, launched in December, 2008.

yuMobile achieved the fastest network rollout speed in the region, by achieving countrywide coverage in approximately 10 months from launch and currently, the network has a base of over 3 million subscribers and offers best in class rates.

yuMobile offers several innovative product and service offerings all targeted at making the subscribers life easier and more convenient

About Essar Group

yuMobile is backed by Essar Group, a US$ 39-billion multinational corporation with investments in Steel, Energy, Infrastructure and Services. With operations in more than 25 countries, it employs over 73,000 people. Visit website: www.essar.com

Local Network Coverage

With yuMobile, you enjoy wide network coverage in the country as we are present in all major towns & cities. We have built the best network using the latest equipment – ensuring clarity and reliability.
Our network has you covered in your region – check out our network coverage map below.


Prepaid Tariff

Voice in (Ksh/Minute) MOS-MOS Plan Amua Plan
yuMobile to yuMobile – 6am to 6pm1 Free (1st min charged at 5kes)
yuMobile to yuMobile – 6pm to 6am 3.0
yuMobile to yuMobile – 24hrs Free
yuMobile to other networks 3.0 3.0
 SMS in (Ksh /SMS)
yuMobile to yuMobile 1.0 Free
yuMobile to other networks 2.0 2.0
Data 10MB Free
Data/MMS(per MB) 5.0 5.0(after free data)
Daily Charge nil 15 ksh/ day

Terms and Conditions

  1. *All new lines are on Mos Mos tariff by default
  2. Mos Mos : 5Ksh charged on first 50secs of yuMobile to yuMobile call
  3. All tariff will be billed per second on all voice calls and per message on sms.
  4. International call access will be default as per the set rate in the system.
  5. All other prepaid terms and conditions apply.

*Dial *121*3*1# to subscribe

Postpaid Service

Why yuMobile Postpaid?


Reduced need to look for scratch cards; bill will be sent to subscriber at the end of each month; payment will be done once a month.


Subscribers select their monthly usage and plan accordingly


Discounted tariffs; exciting monthly plans

Who should use it?

Individuals Looking for convenience – monthly bill payments

SMEs looking for a convenient way to control their phone bills

Corporates – Closed User Groups

Companies that want to get their employees onto a convenient plan, at an affordable tariff and get to pay the bills once monthly

What do you need to register?


  1. Duly Filled postpaid application Form
  2. Copy of National ID card / Passport


  1. Duly Filled corporate Form
  2. Certificate of Incorporation
  3. PIN & VAT Certificate
  4. Payment of Deposit
  5. Delivery Note

 What will it cost?


Plan Corporate250_OnnetFree Corporate500_
Handset Bundle Offer
Rental (KES) 250 500
Airtime Credit
Voice (KES)
Onnet 20Hrs Free Free
CUG Free Free
Onnet Free Free
Offnet 3 3
International As base tariff As base tariff
Onnet Free Free
CUG Free Free
Ofnet 1 1
International 10 10

With Handset Bundles all handsets are under 2K with a 1 year contract

  • This offer is open to all SMEs and Corporates.
  • Handset offers can only be offered to companies duly approved by Finance.
  • All handsets offered will be under the 2K range for these set of plans.

Individual – Above plan applies

Product details

Each subscriber’s deposit (individuals & corporate individuals) will be inclusive of:

  1. The monthly charge
  2. The monthly usage
  3. The Handset Rental (if subscriber has a handset plan from yu)
  4. The CUG Rental (for corporates)

Credit Limit:
Each postpaid individual subscriber can set his own limit for any amount over KShs 1,000 and for corporate subscribers is any amount over KShs 1,500.

Corporate Plans

Plan Corporate250_OnnetFree Corporate500_
Handset Bundle Offer
Monthly Rental
250 500
Voice (KES)
yu to yu calls Free Free
yu to others 3 3
yu to yu Free Free
yu to others 1 1
International 10 10

* All handsets offered will be under the 2K range for this plan with a 1 year contract. This offer is open to select SMEs and Corporates.

International Dialing

Use your yuMobile line to make international calls at highly attractive rates. Simply ensure that you have sufficient airtime credit to call, and just dial.

International calls charges Calling Rate (in Ksh)
SOUTHAFRICA, UAE &UK mobile, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands 20
Rest of the Africa excluding Somalia & South Sudan 30
Rest of the world & Somalia 40
(excluding satellite destinations)
International – Exceptions
Zones Tariff
Marshall Islands,Micronesia,St. Pierre & Miquelon,Western Samoa 50
Kiribati, Maldives Islands, Niue Islands, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu 70
South Sudan, Cook Islands, Greenland, Falkland Islands, North Korea, Sao Tome & Principe. 100
Ascension Islands,Diego Garcia, Nauru, Palau, Solomon Islands, St. Helena, Tokelau Islands 200
Ascension, Central African Republic – Special Services, 150
Chile – Special Services, Cuba, East Timor, 200
Antarctica, Madagsacar, 250
International Networks – SEANET 350
Australia Satellite, Dominica – Special Services, 450
Emsat Special Services 600
Inmarsat 900

Blackberry Services

  • Unlimited true push Email
  •   As many as 10 personal e-mail accounts (Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • Unlimited BlackBerry® Messenger (IM, Google Talk, MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ & more)
  • Unlimited BlackBerry® App World – Free application download & use
  • Unlimited Social Networking (Facebook, Orkut, Myspace & more)
  • Unlimited Internet Browsing, including audio and video content
  • yuMobile can now provide a Blackberry solution to suit your specific communications need.
    Blackberry Internet Service (BIS)

The Blackberry Internet Service is an Internet-based solution which is best suited for use by small businesses that may not have a dedicated email server, and individuals with personal email accounts. It allows for 10 email addresses plus a personalized email from yuMobile name@yu.blackberry.com
Supported Email services include:

  • Outlook
  • Lotus Notes (with forwarding rule)
  • Internet Service Provider email accounts
  • Internet-based email services like Yahoo Plus, Hotmail Plus, AOL, Gmail

The BIS service is available for both postpaid and prepaid customers. 
Prepaid users can easily activate the service by dialing *421# and follow the instructions they receive.

Blackberry Enterprise Solution (BES)
The Blackberry Enterprise Solution is designed for large scale corporate customers that currently have enterprise email systems. The BES solution provides an integrated package that includes hardware, software and access to the service.

In addition, BES allows corporates to implement their IT policies for their BlackBerry Users. The BES service is only available for:

  • postpaid customers.
  • BlackBerry Complete

BlackBerry Complete is a lower priced solution that allows for only one email address and access to social sites.
Blackberry Social
BlackBerry Social is the lowest priced solution that allows users to access social sites only. No email access.

BlackBerry Package Price
BIS monthly KES 999
BIS Daily KES 50
BB Complete Monthly KES 499
BB Complete Daily KES 20
BB Social Monthly KES 400
BB Social Daily KES 15
BES KES 1999
BES+ KES 1999


Features BB Social BB Complete BIS BES BES+ ( combines BIS and BES together)
Email accounts N/A 1 10 1(with BES server intergration) 10 + 1
BB-Built Social Networking Apps
Internet Browsing
IT Policies N/A N/A Limited with BES Express (if BES servic is deployed)
BB-Built IM Apps x
BlackBerry Protect x x N/A
BES Express compatibility x x N/A N/A

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