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When YU mobile launched in the fall of 2008, and launched its yucash platform, it was all hope for many. Subscribers in the soon-to-be rivals had some other thoughts –to switch camps and taste the new wine.

People would buy the YU sim cards and life started pretty well. Calls at the rate of Shs. 7.50 and SMSs at shs. 2.00.YuCash Mobile

The company also launched a mobile cash transfer platform, the Yu Cash, the following year. With all these initiatives, Yu has been on the go.

In 2017, however, the company was purchased by Airtel after undergoing a series of hiccups in the extremely competitive mobile communication industry.

If you are looking to grab a few things to do with Yu, its mobile cash service, partnerships, etc., you on the right page.

The YuCash Mobile Service

The YuCash platform worked a bit differently from the traditional service providers Safaricom and Airtel. But generally, it provided you with the opportunity to transfer money from one individual to another.

To register for this service, you’d follow the next procedure:

  • Visit a nearby Yu Mobile agent
  • You will be required to fill a Customer Registration Form and leave it with the agent
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you instantly

After registration, you needed to activate your account. So, in summary;

  • Dial *626#
  • A prompt to enter your pin will be displayed
  • Enter your date of birth by indicating the day, month and year; i.e. DDMMYYYY.
  • Then update the Yu Cash menu by sending the word YuCash to 777
  • The menu updates in a matter of 2 minutes.

Here are Some of the YuCash Services You Need to Know

There are a number of services provided by the YuCash platform. These include making money deposits in your YuCash account.

You can as well send the money you deposited to another user. You can receive money from other Yucash users, withdraw the money from an agent, request for account balances and pay utility bills such as electricity, pay-TV, etc (just dial *626#).

Yu Mobile Partners

Yu Mobile had partnered with a number of companies including retailers and banks to offer services. Let’s review a few of them right next.

1.      Equity Bank

In 2009, Yu entered into an agreement with the Equity Bank Group. This would enable customers to access YuCash in all Equity Branches across the country.

Cash can be withdrawn from Equity ATM’s anywhere you will be in Kenya.

2.      Postbank

Another deal was struck with Postbank in 2012 which would open the Yu Cash customers to do transactions at all branches of Postbank.

3.      Jambopay

It is very much possible for Yu Cash subscribers to make payments for products online. Jambopay offers that secure platform for Yu customers.

4.      PesaPal

The other partner trading with Yu is PesaPal. You can easily and conveniently buy and sell products online using Yu cash.

PesaPal offers a great payment option where Yu subscribers can pay without issues.

In Conclusion

It’s great to understand that Yu doesn’t exist on its own today. In 2017, the telecommunications firm was acquired by Airtel.

The firm combined with Airtel in one of the largest mergers in the corporate world in the country.

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