How To Make 10k Fast In 2022 (17 Smart Ways to Make $10,000)

Most people believe that one must sell drugs, con people, steal, have a godfather, or be very smart to make $10K (equivalent to Ksh 1M or thereabout). Well, not necessarily, and to prove that, I’m going to share how to make 10k fast without rubbing anyone the wrong way or owing favors. 

You can make 10K fast by signing up for affiliate marketing, blogging, investing in real estate, selling online courses, renting space, freelancing, renting out your car, tutoring online, to name a few ideas.

Some techniques may earn you the cash in a day or week, and others may take months. Others require patience. And of course, some require skill or just industrial knowledge, which means they favor some people over others.

If you are in for some financial discoveries, let’s begin with the list!

how to make 10k in a day

How to Make 10k Fast in 6 Months

Here are ways to make $10,000 in 6 months:

1. Sign Up for Affiliate Marketing

The online market allows you to earn commissions from referring products and brands to friends, relatives, and even your audience if you run a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

Locally, you can sign up with a Platform like Jumia and earn from product recommendations. However, the quickest way to make $10K in 6 months is by signing up with an international affiliate program like Amazon and getting to recommend the products to your global audience.

2. Start Blogging

I mentioned a blog earlier as a channel for making money through affiliate marketing. Note, however, that there are many ways to earn from blogging in Kenya other than affiliate marketing.

You could make $10K from ads, as it’s the case of some of the highest-earning Kenyan blogs like,, and  

I, however, combine affiliate marketing with paid ads, and I cannot complain about the earnings. My average monthly earnings on my blogs are about $2K-$3K, but I know several blogs that make ten times that.

Let’s say you make $2K monthly; then you’ll reach your $10K target in 5 months.

3. Invest in Real Estate

The Kenyan and global real estate sector is growing fast and offering many opportunities for investors. Nowadays, you don’t even need to invest in real estate, and you can invest anywhere in the world and not just in Kenya.

Take Fundrise, for example. The real estate crowdfunding platform allows you to hold shares in the real estate for only $500 and earn dividends that could quickly amount to $10K or thereabout.

You could even invest money in a physical property or pool money as a group and start collecting rent. If the property is prime, you could make your 10K sooner.

How can I make $10000 fast

4. Sell Online Courses

You can trade private lessons for extra dollars. Platforms like Udemy and Teachable allow you to create online courses and sell them on a subscription basis.

Mark you; the courses can be about anything, ranging from academic disciplines to non-academic subjects like music, cooking, and DIY.   

Overall, the average earning per online course sale on a platform like Teachable is $200. That means you only need 50 buyers to make 10000 dollars fast. In 6 months or less, that is possible if your content is excellent and you don’t limit yourself to the Kenyan audience.

5. Space Renting

According to an analysis by All the Rooms, the average Airbnb earning per room per night is about $64. If you do the math, that means you can make $10K in 156 days, which is just under six months.

So, do you have a well-furnished apartment or room that you rarely use? Then it’s time you let the space make you money.

How about you also rent out your empty basement as a parking space or storage? That allows you to add the earnings to what you get from Airbnb hosting. Before you know it, you’ll be making $10K sooner.

6. Start Freelancing

Are you an expert web designer, programmer, writer, graphic designer, project manager, virtual assistant, voice-over artist, or consultant? If so, you can sign up as a freelancer on a platform like Upwork. That enables you to make $20-$100 per hour or project, depending on your expertise.

Let’s say you are a good writer and you find a client who can pay you $20 an hour. Then, you can make $100 a day working 5 hours a day, which means you’ll need 100 days (less than four months) to make $10K.

But if you are a programmer, voice-over actor, or web developer, you may make $10K sooner. Overall, the rarer your skill, the more in-demand your services will be, and the more money you’ll likely make.

how to make 10k in a week

7. Rent Out Your Car

Although it pays better to drive your car, you can still rent out your car and make good cash. While most car owners lend to ridesharing platforms like Uber and Bolt, it pays much better to use a car-renting platform or run privately.

Overall, the more cars you have for renting out, the more money you will make and reach your goal fast. For example, if you have two vehicles, each making you $1000 a month, you’ll earn $10K in 5-6 months.

8. Become a Tasker ‘Handyman’

Gone are the days when manual work was only considered a job for the illiterate and school dropouts. Today, it’s a job like any other and a well-paying one as such.

There is a lot to do full time and earn decently, from landscaping and plumbing jobs to electrical works and cleaning services.

If, for example, you brand yourself as a cleaning company and get a few people to help you, you could charge up to $2000 per home or office unit, and you can clean as many units as time can allow.

So, it’s within reach to make $10K in 6 months.

How to Make 10k in 3 Months

Here are ideas on making $10K in 3 months:

9. Tutor Online for 10K in 3 Months

Did you know that you don’t have to be a trained tutor to teach online and make money? Ironically, you can make more money than someone on TSC’s payroll.

A platform like Preply, which most Kenyans are a part of, allows you to sign up without any certificate though it’s good to show one. You can teach grade school or even college students there, and you get to set your rates.

With the average hourly earnings being $20, you need to work for 6 hours a day for three months to make $10. Other excellent tutoring platforms include SkimaTalk and Outschool.

how to make 10k in a month

10. Share a Ride

So many ridesharing apps are available in Kenya, such as Little Cab, Taxify, Bolt, and Uber. On average, drivers on Uber make $10-$16 sharing a ride, according to Glassdoor. That means you only need to work 7 hours a day, earning $16 an hour to make $10K in 3 months.

Let’s say that you make $10 an hour in Kenya! Then you’ll need 10 hours a day to make $100 and up to 100 days to make $10K.

Overall, it’s more rewarding to ride your car on a ridesharing platform than to get hired as a driver.

11. Sign Up for Delivery Jobs

No one saw it coming, but more Kenyans, especially in towns and affluent neighborhoods, rely on food delivery services such as Uber Eats. There are also grocery delivery services such as Glovo, which are increasingly popular.

So, do you have a car or motorcycle and would want to make quick cash? Then consider signing up with a delivery service. UberEats, for example, allows you to make up to $16 an hour. That means you can work 7 hours a day for three months to reach $10K.

12. Lend Money

We are living at a time when so many people are desperate for emergency loans in Kenya. You probably have heard of Tala, Zenka, Zash, and other best loan apps.

Behind these mobile-money apps are investors like you who lend money and receive dividends. So, you could also join them as an investor, or you can launch your mobile-lending app and start lending.  

Since Kenyans are uncontrollably borrowing, the chances of making $10K in 3 months are higher. Overall, the capital is intensive, but the profits make it worthwhile.

how to make 10k in 3 months

How to Make 10k in A Month

Here are ways to make $10K in one month:

13. Dropshipping for 10K

Imagine being able to sell products online without inventory. That’s what Dropshipping is all about, and so many Kenyans are earning that way.

And did I mention that you don’t need to have money to do it? Well, that’s right! You can start Dropshipping in Kenya with zero investment.

Here is how it goes:

  • Advertise online products of a third party, which could be a wholesaler, manufacturer, or a more established retailer
  • Ensure you add your profit to the third party’s wholesale price when quoting to your target market
  • Wait for a customer to make an order and pay for the product
  • Pass the order to the third party for fulfillment
  • Pay the third party the wholesale price and keep the difference as your profit

That’s it, and you could make your $10k in a month if you sell the right product. In Kenya, you could promote the products on social media or create an online store.

14. Launch a YouTube Channel

You probably have heard about comedians like Njugush, Jalang’o, Flaqo Raz, and Churchill or musical sensations Sauti Sol, Otile Brown, and Bahati. They are among the top-earning YouTubers in Kenya today, pocketing millions monthly.

Overall, they are only a fraction of tens of thousands of YouTubers making a kill globally and proving that YouTube pays.

So, why don’t you try it? It’s free after all, and you can do it with just your phone’s camera and get to earn from views.

15. Try Surrogacy

It sounds outrageous or even laughable to conceive such an idea, but surrogacy is real in Kenya. Apparently, there are no laws governing Surrogacy in Kenya which makes it complicated.

For your information, surrogacy is an arrangement where one woman (the surrogate mother) agrees to carry and give birth to a baby on behalf of another.

Wondering how much you can make as a surrogate? According to IVF Conceptions, the average earnings for surrogates in Kenya is $10,000-$15,000. You, however, must be 22-35 years and healthy, among other strict requirements.

How can I make 10000 dollars in 6 months

How to Make 10k in A Week

16. Sell Your Stuff

The truth is that it’s not easy to make $10K in a week in Kenya. However, if you have something of substantial value, there is no quicker way to do it than that.

Some of the things that can fetch you $10K include cars, high-end bikes, heavy machinery, and even land. Though you may not make $10K from one sale, you could earn it from multiple.

How to Make 10k in A Day

17. Try Sports Betting to Make 10K

I couldn’t find a practical way to make $10K in a day than sports betting. The keyword here is ‘try,’ which means it’s a matter of chance.

Betting firms like SportPesa, Sporty Bet, MozzartBet, and BetKing offer millions on their weekend jackpots, but you can bet daily. So, if you are the lucky type, you should try it.

After all, placing stakes for a jackpot cost you Ksh 50 – Ksh 100, and you have the chance at making a million or so.

Note: I don’t advocate betting and gabbling as their negative consequence outweighs the benefits.

People Also Ask

1. How Can I Make $10000 Fast?

You can make $1000 fast using any of these ideas:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Online courses
  • Real estate investing
  • Space renting
  • Freelancing online tutoring Dropshipping
  • YouTube channel
  • Among others

2. How Can I Make 10000 Dollars in 6 Months?

Here are clever ways to make a thousand dollars in six months:

  • Sign up for affiliate marketing
  • Start a blog
  • Invest in real estate
  • Sell an online course
  • Rent a space
  • Start freelancing rent your car
  • Become a tasker

Closing Remarks On How to Make 10k Fast!

Now you know how to make $10K fast without committing a crime or doing something ridiculous. Most Kenyans are doing it, and you have no reason not to try any of the ideas.