Mash Poa Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fair Prices

Mash Poa Online Booking 2023: Regional Routes & Fair Prices

Mash Poa isn’t a perfect travel agency in the country, but their comfortable seating and occasional discount prices make it worth a mention. And with the Mash Poa online booking now available, you can reserve a seat right from the comfort of your home.

You can book a Mash Poa seat via the agency’s official website. Or, you can use the Android app to apply for the same. Whether you use the web browser or the dedicated app itself, you’ll need to first register for an account for easy booking.

On the company’s website, for example, you can choose your departure point, select a destination, and pick your travel date. Then when you click the “search” button, the agency’s system will let you know whether there’s a bus suitable for your needs.

mash poa online booking

About Mash Poa Travel Agency

Formerly Mash East, Mash Poa is a travel agency established in 2002 to offer transportation services to passengers who travel to the farthest parts of the country.

Apart from, Kampala in Uganda and Kigali in Rwanda, Mash Poa is looking forward to spreading out to major cities in East Africa.

Mash Poa only employs professionals with specialized training in transport, not to mention that all their buses come fitted with speed governors that align drivers to know if they’re off the speed limits.

Mash Poa buses also have tracking systems, which, in my opinion, is good for customer safety. At the hardware level, these tracking systems keep drivers from competitive driving, and this goes a long way to ensure passenger safety.

The identity of the person behind Mash East Africa remains hidden. The little I’ve researched about the agency’s ownership led me to learn that Mash Poa is under the management of Mash East African Limited. 

Mash Poa Online Booking Process

Booking a seat on Mash Poa is easy and fast.

It doesn’t matter if you want to travel from Nairobi to Kampala, Mombasa to Kisumu, Mombasa to Migori, Nairobi to Malindi, Mombasa to Kitui, or Nairobi to Mombasa, the booking process is the same.  

And it’s as follows:

  • Navigate to their main site (
  • Select where you would like to board the bus from and your destination.
  • Click on the calendar and enter the date and month you wish to schedule your journey and hit search.
  • You also have the option to schedule a return if you would like to use the same traveling agency.
  • Click the Search button and allow the Mash Poa system to scan its database to check for the available business.

The system will direct you to the next screen where you can see the available buses scheduled to travel from your point of departure to your destination.

  • Click on “View Seats and pick any seat with blue color as these are available to reserve
  • Select your boarding point and dropping point and then click continue.
  • A trip review receipt will pop up. Review the information and edit if necessary, otherwise click continue.

The system will ask you to sign in, sign up, or continues as a guest. You can sign in if you already have an account with them or continue as guest if you don’t want to go through the registration process.

Next, you will enter passenger detail (email, name, gender, age, phone number with the country code, nationality, and identity number) and then click Proceed to Pay.

The system will direct you to the payment page where you will confirm your number. Click on Make Payment and wait for a prompt from M-pesa to enter your PIN to complete the payment.

Note that you should make the payment within 10 minutes. If you fail to make a payment during this time, the system will cancel your reservation and give the seat to someone else.

Note that the booking process is the same even if you use the Mash Poa app. The only disadvantage is that the app is available only to Android users.

How Much is Mash Poa Online Booking Prices

  Standard Rate (Ksh)VIP Rates (Ksh)Business Rate (Ksh)
1.Nairobi – Kisumu3,0003,5003,800
2.Mombasa – Kitui1,9002,0002,300
3.Mombasa – Busia3,0003,5003,800
4.Mombasa – Nakuru – Mumias2,8003,2003,500
5.Mombasa – Migori2,8003,2003,500
6.Malindi – Nairobi2,0002,3002,500

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change based on the current season as well as adjustments in fuel prices.  

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Top Mash Poa Routes in Kenya

The following are the top Mash Poa routes in Kenya:

Departing From Nairobi

  • Nairobi – Mombasa
  • Nairobi – Kigali
  • Nairobi – Kampala
  • Nairobi – Malindi

Traveling From Mombasa

  • Mombasa – Nairobi
  • Mombasa – Kisumu
  • Mombasa – Mumias
  • Mombasa – Migori

Departing From Kitui

  • Kitui – Mombasa

Mash Poa Fleet & Amenities

Unlike most coaches that include buses, vans, and truck in their fleet, Mash Poa/Mash Cool only has buses. All the buses in their fleets are idea for safety, luxury, and comfort.

In each bus Mash Poa bus, you will find three classes of seats varying in price. These seats include the normal class seats, business class seats, and VIP class seats.

Mash Poa even goes as far as to offer its passengers up to 6 amenities.

The amenities are:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Water
  • Air conditioning
  • GPS tracking
  • DVD player
  • Phone charging

Let’s slightly touch on each of these amenities in the following section:

1. On Board Wi-Fi

Once you aboard, you will be able to access Wi-Fi on the bus for free to watch your favorite shows on YouTube and to keep in touch with your family and friends.

The Wi-Fi connection is fast enough to get everyone connected. 

2. Power Outlets

You don’t have to worry about your phone dying while you are on Mash Poa. That’s because each passenger has a charging spot close to his or her seat.

You only need to bring your charger along.

3. Air Conditioning

The entire space on the Mash Poa bus is air-conditioned (from the driver to the passenger at the back).

You get the opportunity to enjoy cool and dry air throughout the journey.

4. DVD Player

Mash Poa installs DVD players on every passenger seat. Therefore, as your phone charges, plug your headsets into the DVD player and stay entertained.

5. Water

While aboard Mash Poa, you don’t have to worry about third because the agency ensures there is enough water for the passengers to stay hydrated.

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Mash Poa Online Booking Contacts

You can pay them a visit at their headquarters in Mombasa, send them a mail at P.O. Box 81613-80100, or send them an email at

Alternatively, head over to their website ( and leave them a message from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much is it From Nairobi to Kampala by Mash Poa Bus?

If you choose to use Mash Poa bus to travel from Nairobi to Kampala, you will pay Ksh 3,700 for the normal seat and Ksh 4,000 for a VIP seat.

2. How Much is Mash Poa from Mombasa to Malaba?

If you’re traveling from Mombasa to Malaba on Mash Poa, you will pay Ksh 2,000 for a normal seat, Ksh 2,300 for a business seat, and Ksh 2,500 for a VIP seat.

3. How Much is Mash Poa from Mombasa to Busia?

With Mash Poa, you will pay Ksh 2,800for a normal seat, Ksh 3,200 for a business seat and Ksh 3,500 for a VIP seat to travel from Mombasa to Busia.

Final Thoughts

The one thing I love about Mash Poa online book is how easy the process is.

I particularly love how they let you know beforehand if there are no buses scheduled to travel to your destination at the time of your travel. That makes it easy for you to consider an alternative such as Dreamline Coach.

Yu Team

Our mission is to educate, inspire and make your life easier by providing well researched authentic information. Cheers!

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