Samsung A11 Price In Kenya 2023 (Comparing Leading Stores!)

Samsung A11 Price In Kenya 2023 (Comparing Leading Stores!)

Samsung continues its Galaxy midrange smartphone with the Samsung Galaxy A11, which promises quality photos, adequate storage, and more battery capacity, among other specs. But what is the Samsung A11 price in Kenya?

Samsung Galaxy A11 costs Ksh 14,200 – Ksh 15,999 on Jumia Kenya. Note, however, that the price slightly differs on other stores such as Masoko, Kilimall, and Phone Place Kenya.

I will help you compare the prices in all these stores to help you know where you can get it at the right price. More importantly, you should buy the real thing.   

But is this phone worth it? Should you spend such an amount, or would it be better to get a cheaper option or save up for a costlier one?

I will help you answer that critical question.

Samsung A11 price in Kenya Jumia

Samsung A11 Price in Kenya Jumia and Other Retail Stores

Like I mentioned earlier, Samsung A11 goes for Ksh 14,299 – Ksh 15,999 on Jumia. You’ll, however, get it for Ksh 14,800 on Phone Store Kenya, Ksh 14,999 on Masoko, and Ksh 15,799 on Kilimall.

Below is a breakdown of the phone’s price in the four stores when creating this post.

Store Price
JumiaKsh 14,200 –  Ksh 15,999
Masoko Ksh 14,599
Kilimall Ksh 15,799
Phone Store Kenya Ksh 14,800

Overall, you are likely to get this phone cheaper on Jumia, but that’s not the only advantage. You could spend much less if you shop around a big sale like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Samsung A11 Specs – Best Features

Now that you know the Samsung A11 price in Kenya, the question is: is it worth it? Well, here are the phone’s specs that you pay for:

a) Android 10 with Octa-Core 1.8GHz Processor

Samsung A11 Octa-Core processor allows you to run multiple applications in the phone’s background. On the other hand, its Android 10 operating system enable you to conveniently stream different media and give you access to the latest android software and security update.

b) 6.40-inch HD+ Touchscreen

You want a phone that offers you a better view, and that’s what Samsung A11 promises.

Its 6.40 touchscreen is more than you can ever ask for, given that it provides you with a wider aspect ratio that fills it with content. It’s thus perfect for streaming.

Meanwhile, the screen enjoys a 720x1560p resolution, which promises decent pictures and videos in HD.

c) Three Rear Cameras (13MP+5MP + 2MP) + 8MP Front Camera

Samsung A11 might not have the most impressive rear camera set, but it’s hard to complain about the trial when you consider what you get.

Its 13MP (F1.8) camera promises brighter and clearer images all day, while the 5MP ultra-wide Camera promises a 115-degree human eye view.

The 2MP Camera, on the other hand, allows you to adjust the depth of the field of view. So, collectively, the three cameras promise quality images when recording live moments 

Samsung Galaxy A11 also allows you to take decent selfies, thanks to its 8MP Camera.

If you compare the Samsung A11s 8MP selfie camera to Samsung A51s 32 MP camera, it’s irrefutably that Samsung A11 is inferior. But since this phone is a budget smartphone by Samsung standard, you cannot complain about the Samsung Galaxy A11 price in Kenya.

d) 2GB Ram + 32GB Inbuilt Storage

Samsung Galaxy A11 only comes with 2GB RAM, which is not the highest by Samsung but enough to allow you to multitask.

But what’s more impressive is that you get up to 32GB of internal storage, which you can expand to about 512 GB with a micro SD card.

e) Non-Removable Li-Po 4,000mAh Battery

Samsung A11s 4000mAh battery is just as high capacity as what you get on more high-end Samsung galaxies such as Samsung A51. The battery allows you to stream, browse the internet, and play video games for long hours without draining too fast.

The best bit is that it’s non-removable and allows you to continue using the phone while connecting it to the charger.

Samsung Galaxy A11 price in Kenya

Other Specs of the Samsung Galaxy A11 That Influence its Price in Kenya

Here are the other fantastic specs:

1. Camera Features

Samsung A11’s cameras feature an LED Flash that allows you to shoot low-light images and enjoy uniform illumination. On the other hand, the HDR functionality lets you view more details in every shot you take.

2. Connectivity

Samsung Galaxy A11 enjoys Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to wireless connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices and share media and files.

And when it comes to Wi-Fi- connectivity, it enjoys Wi-Fi 802.11, hotspot, and Wi-Fi direct. Plus, there is GPS for easy tracking and Type-C 1.0 USB port for easy USB pairing.

Furthermore, it comes with an FM radio for catching up with the latest news and listening to your favorite FM station with this phone.

3. Security and Privacy

Samsung employs two major features to boost Samsung Galaxy A11’s privacy and safety. First, the phone uses a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that allows you to secure it with your fingerprint.

Secondly, the phone maker employs face recognition technology, which you can use to step up the phone security measure by enabling its face recognition function. However, you must use the feature under adequate light if you don’t want it to fail.

4. The Micro SD Slot

The feature allows you to insert a micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 512GB. With such memory expansion, you can store as many videos and photos as you want.

5. Loud Speaker

The phone comes with a powerful loudspeaker that amplifies the sound when you don’t want to use the phone next to your ear.

6. 1080p @ 30 fps Video

At 30 frames per second and obtaining 1080pixel quality footage, it’s hard to complain about the quality of the videos.

7. Dual SIM

Samsung A11 allows you to slot in two SIM cards, saving you from having to buy an extra phone.

Should You Get Samsung Galaxy A11 At Such A Price in Kenya?

With the price of Samsung A11 in Kenya retailing at around Ksh 14,200 – Ksh 15,999, it’s normal to ask if it’s worth it.

For some Kenyans, a phone that costs under Ksh 16,000 is a budget phone. For others, that’s pretty expensive. So, why would you spend such an amount on Galaxy A11 when you could get something cheaper?

Well, the answer is that you pay for the specs. It’s not often that you get a Samsung smartphone under Ksh 16,000 that offers you 32 GB inbuilt storage, an 8MP selfie camera, triple rear cameras with LED flash, and dual SIM.

It is also not often that you get a Samsung smartphone of such a budget with advanced security features like face recognition and fingerprint sensor.

Plus, there is the phone’s powerful battery, massive 6.40-inch touchscreen, and 1080p video capability.

So, you pay for all that, and given that the brand in question is Samsung, you could quickly call the price a bargain.

how much is Samsung A11

Where Can You Buy Samsung Galaxy A11 At A Fair Price In Kenya?

Right now, you can get a genuine Samsung Galaxy A11 on Jumia, Kilimall, Masoko, Phone store Kenya and other leading online retail stores. 

But considering the kind of crazy offers Jumia usually has on Cyber Monday and Easter, the store is worth checking out for the finest products, including Galaxy A11.

Besides, they have an excellent customer desk and offer good after-sale service. 

People Also Ask (About Samsung Galaxy A11 Price in Kenya)

1. How Much Is Samsung A11?

Depending on where you buy Samsung A11, it’ll cost you Ksh 14,299 – Ksh 15.799. However, you may pay less with a coupon code or if you shop around Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or any other major sale.

2. Is There A Samsung Galaxy A11?

Yes, there is a Samsung Galaxy A11. This smartphone came out in March 2020, and it’s one of the most popular Samsung phones in Kenya today.

3. What Can Samsung A11 Do?

Samsung A11 can shoot quality images under low light, store files amounting to 32GB or up to 512 with an expandable SD card, and support dual SIMs. This phone also comes with a wider screen with good resolution and a powerful battery to allow you to play games, stream, and browse for long hours.

4. Is Samsung A11 AMOLED?

Sadly, Samsung A11 is not AMOLED. If you want an AMOLED Samsung Galaxy, consider the Samsung A51.

5. Does Samsung A11 Have Fingerprints?

Yes, Samsung A11 comes with a rear-mount fingerprint sensor that allows you to lock, unlock, and privately access it.

6. When Was The Samsung A11 Released?

Samsung A11 was released on 1st March 2020.

7. Is Samsung A11 4G or 5G?

Samsung A11 is a 4G phone, given that it supports 4G-LTE. 

8. How Many Cameras Does Samsung A11 Have?

Samsung A11 comes with a set of 3 rear cameras (13MP+5MP+2MP) and one 8MP selfie camera.


Closing Thought on Samsung A11 Price in Kenya:

Now you know the Samsung A11 price in Kenya. Given what you get from the smartphone, it’s hard to complain about the price. After all, Samsung rarely disappoints, and the Galaxy A11 is proof of that.

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