Samsung A12 Price In Kenya In 2023 (Plus Phone Specs!)

Samsung A12 Price In Kenya In 2023 (Plus Phone Specs!)

Android 10, HD+ display, four rear cameras, fingerprint sensor, dual SIM, and face recognition! Those are some of the specs that come with the new Samsung Galaxy A12. But what is the Samsung A12 price in Kenya?

You can get Samsung A12 64GB for Ksh 15,720-Ksh 18,599 on Jumia and its 128GB equivalent for Ksh 17,999-Ksh 20,999.

So, it’s worth noting that Samsung A12 comes in two options depending on the inbuilt storage. We’ve 64GB and 128GB options, of which the latter is the costlier choice.

I’ll discuss the average prices of both sets on leading retail stores and not just Jumia.  I’ll also explain the specs that make them cost that much and why this phone is worth the money.

Samsung Galaxy A12

Samsung A12 Price In Kenya By Leading Online Retailers

As I mentioned, Samsung A12 comes in 64GB and 12GB ROM, and the storage capacity difference has a massive impact on the price, as shown in the table below.

1. Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB Price In Kenya

Different retailers have different prices for Samsung A12, but overall, the difference is slight, perhaps by Ksh 1K-2K.

Starting with Jumia;

The Samsung A12 price in Kenya Jumia is about Ksh 15,720-ksh 18,599, depending on who sells to you via the platform.

Kilimall, on the other hand, sells for Ksh 15,299-Ksh 17,460 while the price range at Jiji is about Ksh 15,400-Ksh 18,400.  

I couldn’t get this product on Masoko, apart from its 128GB version. But upon checking Gadget Leo, the average price was Ksh 16,999.

Here are Samsung A12’s prices on those stores:

Online StoreAverage Price
JumiaKsh 15,720-Ksh 18,599
KilimallKsh 15,299-Ksh 17,460
JijiKsh 15,400-Ksh 18,400
Gadgets LeoKsh 16,999

2. Samsung Galaxy A12 128GB Price In Kenya

Just like it’s the case of Samsung A12 64GB, different stores in Kenya price Samsung A12 128GB differently. Its price on Jumia, for example, ranges between Ksh 17,999 and Ksh 20,999.

What strikes me the most is paying Ksh 20,999 earns you a free smartphone on Jumia, which makes up for the price difference.

However, you’ll spend Ksh 17,999-Ksh 19,368 on Kilimall, Ksh 15,999 on Masoko, Ksh 17,499-Ksh 19,000 on Jiji, and Ksh 18,999 on Gadget Leo.

Here’s a table showing Samsung A12’s prices on the five leading retail stores.

Online StoreAverage Price
JumiaKsh 17,999-Ksh 20,999
KilimallKsh 17,999-Ksh 19,368
MasokoKsh 15,999
JijiKsh 17,499-Ksh 19,000
Gadgets LeoKsh 18,999

Samsung A12 Specs Explained.

Let’s face it, spending Ksh 15,400-Ksh 18,599 on a Samsung A12 64GB or Ksh 15,999-Ksh 20,999 on a Samsung A12 128GB is not cheap. So, why pay such a high price?

Well, here are the specs that influence the smartphone’s price:

a) Android 10 with Octa-Core Processor

Samsung A12 runs on Android 10, which supports many features such as gesture navigation, shared memory, life caption, and lots of privacy and security features.

And when it comes to the processor, Galaxy A2 features Octa-Core, which enables it to handle heavy graphics, high-resolution videos, among other advanced tasks.

b) 6.5-Inch HD+ Display

Samsung A12 comes with a giant 6.5-inch touchscreen that offers you a broad view of your phone’s content.

The best part about it is its display technology, which is HD+. With HD+ resolution, images look clearer, crisper, and sharper.

Generally, you want a phone screen with high resolution when streaming and browsing, and that’s what you get from Samsung A12.

Samsung A12 price in Kenya Jumia

c) 4 Rear Cameras (48MP+ 5MP + 2MP +2MP) and 8MP Front Camera

Samsung A12 comes with a set of four amazing rear cameras as follows:

  • 48MP (F2.0) main camera
  • 5MP (F2.2) ultra-wide camera
  • 2MP (F2.4) macro camera
  • 2MP (F2.0) depth camera

The main camera (48MP) and ultra-wide camera (5MP) offers you an ultra-wide view, while the 2MP macro camera allows you to capture the details as the 2MP depth camera allows you to adjust the image depth.

Collectively, the four rear cameras come with the following features that improve the image quality:

  • LED flash to allow you to take clear shots under low light
  • HDR to enable you to focus on the details
  • Panorama functionality for letting you take wide-angle (landscape) shots

And when it comes to the video quality, you can take them in full HD (1080p) at a rate of 30 frames per second, which is fantastic. That explains the Samsung Galaxy A12 price in Kenya.

d) 4GB RAM + 64GB/128GB ROM

A good smartphone allows you to multitask, support ultra-HD, and improve battery life. Essentially, that depends on its Random Access Memory (RAM), and you get up to 4GB from Samsung A12.

Meanwhile, this phone offers you the option of 64GB or 128GB inbuilt storage, what’s known as Read-Only Memory (ROM).

Overall, you can store a lot of information on a phone with 64GB, let alone 128GB storage.

e) 1TB Micro SD Support

Samsung A12 doesn’t just offer you up to 128GB storage but allows you to expand it to ITB using an SD card. So, if 128GB is not adequate for you, you can always stretch it to 1TB.

Overall, there is so much that you can store in terms of files on a phone with 1TB storage.

f) Non-Removable 5,000mAh Battery

The phone’s 5,000mAH battery generally enjoys a longer life, something you don’t get from most batteries.

For example, its capacity is enough for 109 hours of audio playback, 34 hours of talk time, 21 hours of video playback, or up to 19 hours of Wi-Fi usage.

That’s how powerful the battery is. You wouldn’t have to charge it all the time and the other advantage is that it’s non-removable.

Other Samsung A12 Specs That Influence Its Price in Kenya

Other specs that influence the Galaxy A12 price include:

  • Dual-SIM functionality
  • 2G, 3G, and 4G connectivity
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Face recognition
  • FM radio
  • Connectivity  like GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, and Hotspot
  • USB 2.0 Type-C
  • Accelerometer

Is Samsung A12 Worth the Price in Kenya?

Samsung A12 is undeniably a quality phone. For starters, its 48MP main rear camera is only matched by a few when taking quality pictures.

The fact that the camera enjoys HDR, LED flash, and panorama view means you are likely to capture the details. The best part is that you get a set of four rear cameras and an excellent 8MP selfie camera.

I also cannot forget to mention its massive expandable storage, fast processor, and HD+ 6.2-inch display.

Indeed, that’s everything you want from a phone that costs close to Ksh 20,000, and that’s what you get from Samsung A12. So, yes, this smartphone is worth it.

how much is Samsung A12

Where Can You Get Samsung A12 Best Price In Kenya?

Many retailers in Kenya sell Samsung phones, including Samsung A12. Here are among the most reputable ones:

  • Jumia
  • Kilimall
  • Masoko
  • Jiji
  • Gadgets Leo

But if you want the best offer, including a free smartwatch, check out Samsung A12 price on Jumia.

People Also Ask (About Samsung Galaxy A12 and Its Price in Kenya)

1. How Much Is Samsung A12 On Safaricom?

Samsung A12 currently retails at Ksh 15,999 on Safaricom’s Masoko. You may, however, pay more if you visit a Safaricom shop.

2. How Much is Samsung A12 128GB in Kenya?

Samsung A12 128GB retails at Ksh 17,999-Ksh 20,999 on Jumia and about the same price on Jiji.

3. How Much is Samsung A12 64GB in Kenya?

Samsung A12 64Gb retails at Ksh 16,720-ksh 18,599 on Jumia and about the same price on Kilimall, Jiji, and other major phone sellers.

4. Is Samsung A12 3G or 4G?

Samsung A12 enjoys both 3G and 4G configurations. Additionally, it enjoys 2G connectivity.

5. Does A12 Have Fingerprint Technology?

Samsung A12, like most recent Samsung Galaxy releases, comes with rear fingerprint sensors to enable you to lock and unlock it with your fingerprint. This advanced privacy and security feature makes the phone one of the safest on the market.

6. Does Samsung A12 Have Dual SIM?

Samsung A12 supports Dual Nano-SIM, making it a fantastic choice for users with two mobile lines. Generally, the capability saves you from having to purchase an extra smartphone.

7. Is Galaxy A12 Waterproof?

The manufacturer doesn’t mention that Galaxy A12 is waterproof. However, you can boost its waterproofness by using a waterproof Galaxy A12 phone case.

8. Is Samsung A12 Fast-Charging?

Samsung A12 employs fast-charge technology, which ensures you don’t continuously plug it into the power source. Besides, the phone’s 5000mAh battery has a more extensive runtime to allow you to operate it for hours without charging.

9. Does Samsung A12 Have Face Unlock?

Samsung A12, like most recent Samsung Galaxy releases, employs face recognition technology for locking and unlocking the screen.

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Closing Thought On Samsung A12 Price In Kenya:

The price of the Samsung A12 is a revelation of what it means to pay for quality and performance. This phone is all about speed, camera quality, and massive storage, and those are the three pillars of which a smartphone’s performance is built, and that’s what you pay for.    

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